All About Dumbo Rat: Facts, Behavior and Care

One of the most famous pets belonging to the rodent family is Dumbo rats. They are one of the most friendly, tender and affectionate pets. They are the result of mutation of the fancy rats. Normally identified as domesticated Norwegian brown rats, they are the cutest pets out there for you and your family. In… VIEW MORE

The 5 Best Mouse Cages Reviews 2021

A common misconception that people have is that mice are gross or creepy. The truth is that they are very cute, and very intelligent as well. They are capable of experiencing complex emotions like love. Basically, they make surprisingly great pets if you are willing to give them a chance! Taking care of mice is… VIEW MORE

The 7 Best Rat Beddings for Reducing Odor 2021

Rats like to stay comfortable and make nests in their cages. Good bedding will not only make them relax; it will also control odor and absorb waste materials in the cage. After getting the appropriate cage and providing your rat with a healthy diet, bedding is the next most important thing in your pet’s life.… VIEW MORE

The 8 Best Rat Cages 2021 Updated

If you’re a real animal lover, you’ll find love for all kinds of pets rather than a specific one. You’ll find some animals that deserve to get love like rats. It may sound eccentric to somebody, but it’s a matter to know that rats can make your around fun if you take them to care… VIEW MORE

The 5 Best Rat Toys – Buying Guide & FAQs 2021

When rats were simple pets, they had lots of stigmas against them. But, they’re getting familiarity as the loving, smart, and fun pieces these days. Owning rats as domestic animals like dogs and cats is the latest trend and its popularity is growing gradually. Regardless of this popularity, many rat owners still don’t know what… VIEW MORE

The 5 Best Rat Foods 2021

A pet lover should keep knowledge about nutrition and be conscious of a pet’s health care. Specifically, you must identify what types of food will support to get the healthy body of your pet. It is an important matter which will be beneficial to your pet. If you are an owner of a rat, you… VIEW MORE

Top 10 Best Hamster Cages 2021

Hamsters are a nice type of pets that kids like them very much. Indeed, they’re a great pet for the people of the most age groups. Hamsters are extremely ideal for small houses and for those people who don’t have enough time to look after a cat or dog. It’s because they’re simple to take… VIEW MORE

The Best Rat Wheels in 2021: Choosing the Best One

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding rats in general as they can be divided into different sub-categories. Well, most people think that rats are those that cause destruction in your house, but the truth is that there are pet rats that are pretty sophisticated and smart. Having a pet rat in your house… VIEW MORE

The 5 Best Rat Water Bottles 2021

It’s very vital to consider water bottles as a quite important thing while feeding your pet rats. If you don’t use a good quality water bottle, you have just one option of using a dish. But, using a dish to feed water to your rats might a messy task. It’s because rats are likely to… VIEW MORE

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