Can Dogs Eat Smarties? Are they Dangerous?

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Smarties: a popular, colorful chocolate-coated candy that is loved by humans both young and old.

But can dogs eat smarties too?

If your pup is showing interest in your stash of candy, you need to know the risks associated with sharing those sugary treats with your furry friend.

Can dogs eat Smarties?

Whilst dogs are unlikely to experience significant harm from eating a small amount of chocolate Smarties, they are not recommended as dog-safe because they contain chocolate that can be toxic to canines and other animals if eaten in large quantities. Smarties also contain high levels of sugar that should only be given to dogs in moderation.

Can dogs eat Smarties?

How many Smarties can dogs eat?

It’s unlikely that dogs who eat a few smarties will develop chocolate poisoning as milk chocolate contains less theobromine than dark chocolate, however this potentially harmful ingredient found in Smarties can still make canines very poorly and lead to sickness and an upset stomach.

Can Smarties kill dogs?

In severe cases, chocolate poisoning from eating smarties could be life-threatening. This will depend on the size of the dog and how many Smarties were consumed. A chocolate toxicity calculator for dogs should be used to find out whether your pooch is at risk. Your veterinarian will treat chocolate poisoning as an emergency and ask you to bring your dog in for medical assistance if they have ingested an amount that is considered dangerous.

Is Smarties bad for dogs?

In addition to containing levels of theobromine, Smarties contain lots of sugar. If too many are eaten, dogs can become overweight and suffer from obesity-related health issues in the same way as humans can. A dog’s digestive system is not designed to digest sugar and can cause gas, discomfort and even diarrhea and vomiting. Excessive sugar consumption can also lead to problems with a dog’s teeth and diabetes.

Is Smarties bad for dogs?

Symptoms of chocolate toxicity in dogs

It’s important that dog owners are aware of the symptoms of chocolate toxicity, including:

• Tremors

• Diarrhea

• Vomiting

• Increased thirst

• Excessive urination

• Increased heart rate

• Restlessness

• Panting

In some dogs, it can take hours or sometimes days to show symptoms of toxic poisoning. You should call your vet immediately if you think your dog has ingested dangerous levels of chocolate.

Symptoms of chocolate toxicity in dogs

Can puppies eat Smarties?

The same health risks of eating smarties apply to puppies. A puppy’s digestive system is even more sensitive than a grown dog’s. Sugar can make your pup sick and experience diarrhea so it’s best to avoid giving it to your developing pooch.

What kind of sweets can dogs eat?

Here’s a list of candy treats that won’t cause your dog any harm if given in moderation (less than 10 grams).

• Jolly Ranchers
• Skittles
• Blow Pops
• Candy Corn
• Starburst smarties
• Lemonheads
• Sour candy

Consider alternative naturally sweet doggy treats such as apples, bananas, watermelon or cooked sweet potatoes instead. Sugar-free treats are also available in pet stores.

What kind of sweets can dogs eat?

Dogs and Smarties

So if your pooch decides to help himself to a whole tube of Smarties, don’t panic. Keep a close eye on him and check for any symptoms of chocolate toxicity. Don’t forget to burn off all that extra sugar during playtime.

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