Can Dogs Eat Whipped Cream: What You Need to Know

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It’s natural to want to find fun and yummy treats for your dog. However, dog’s digestive systems are very different to humans, so you need to be wary about what foods they give your dog. 

So, what about whipped cream? Is it safe? Let’s find out…

Can Dogs Eat Whipped Cream?

Yes, dogs can eat whipped cream, but only in moderation. Like humans, small amounts of whipped cream in moderation are perfectly safe for most healthy dogs. However, dogs with dairy allergies, lactose intolerance, diabetes, etc., should avoid whipped cream because it is a dairy product.

Whipped cream can be a fun treat for many dogs. However, it should not become a part of a dog’s regular diet. Pet owners can find healthier snack alternatives to give to their dog every day. Moreover, dogs should get most of their calories from dog food (dry, wet, homemade, etc.), not snacks like whipped cream.

can dogs eat whipped cream

What Are the Benefits of Whipped Cream for Dogs?

There are no health benefits to giving dogs whipped cream. Whether it is homemade whipped cream or a can, all kinds of whipped cream are not part of a dog’s natural diet because dairy is not something wild dogs would consume. Therefore, a dog would technically not get any health benefits from whipped cream.

can dogs have cool whip

However, it could be a good motivator for dogs. Dogs are highly motivated by food, so using it as a treat after a training session can be a fantastic motivator. However, whipped cream should not be given as a regular treat. It would be best to find other snacks to motivate a dog to listen and behave.

One potential benefit is that it may simply make a dog happy. Dogs may enjoy the airy texture of whipped cream. Dogs have fewer taste buds than humans, but they can still taste different flavors, including sweet flavors. 

What Are the Side Effects of Whipped Cream for Dogs?

Firstly, whipped cream is a very calorie-dense food product. Dog obesity is a huge problem in the United States, with 36.9% overweight and 18.9% obese dogs in America alone. Whipped cream can easily fill up a dog’s calorie intake without providing any nutritional benefits. A dog needs to get most of its normal diet of dog food, not human snacks. Therefore, it would be a waste of room in a dog’s stomach if it is regularly given to a dog. 

Furthermore, it is not ideal for overweight dogs because of what whipped cream contains. Let’s say that a dog needs about 500 calories, and one cup of whipped cream usually contains about 150 calories. Feeding a dog one cup of whipped cream would take a huge amount of their recommended caloric intake, making them too full for their normal meals. It could also make a dog overweight because whipped cream can easily make a dog eat more calories than they need.

Next, most brands of whipped cream contain sugar, which is not good for dogs. Foods with added sugar are bad for dogs, similar to how added sugars are bad for humans. Sugar can contribute to diseases in dogs, such as heart disease and diabetes. Sugar also contributes to tooth decay and hyperactivity in dogs, which is highly avoidable if pet owners do not give them sugar.

can dogs eat whipped cream

Whipped cream is made out of milk, and unfortunately, most dogs are lactose intolerant. Lactose intolerance means that a person or animal cannot tolerate lactose well, a sugar that is found in dairy products. When a lactose-intolerant dog consumes dairy, they will likely experience diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain, gas, etc. In rarer circumstances, dogs with dairy allergies will likely experience worse symptoms. 

If a dog tries a dairy product and experiences any negative symptoms, that means that the dog is lactose intolerant. Therefore, the dog should not have whipped cream. However, if there are no adverse reactions when the dog eats whipped cream, it is fine to give the dog whipped cream as a rare treat.

Keep in mind that many commercial brands of whipped cream contain additives that can be harmful to dogs. For instance, a lot of store-bought whipped cream has vanilla extract, which is toxic to dogs. Vanilla extract contains a lot of alcohol that can cause serious health concerns, particularly in smaller dogs. If a dog ingests too much alcohol, it can lead to alcohol poisoning and liver issues. 

How Much Whipped Cream Can a Dog Have?

As a rare treat, most dogs can have 1-2 tablespoons of whipped cream if they are not allergic to dairy or lactose intolerant. Otherwise, it would be best for pet owners to find healthier snacks to give their dogs regularly. Even if a dog tolerates dairy well, it may only be okay to give dogs a small amount of whipped cream once a month. However, it would be better to give it to dogs every other month or never give it to the dog. 

is whipped cream bad for dogs

Can Puppies Eat Whipped Cream?

Ideally, dog owners should not give puppies whipped cream. Puppies are more vulnerable to the potential side effects of whipped cream than adult dogs, so they could have worse symptoms. Additionally, whipped cream will not give puppies the nutritional content that they need. Therefore, giving a puppy whipped cream instead of a healthier snack would be empty, unhealthy calories.

It would be best to stick to a puppy’s regular diet, so they get all the nutrients and proper calories from the right kinds of food. Healthy snack alternatives pet owners can give their puppies include finely chopped carrots, apples (without the seeds), unsweetened natural peanut butter, etc.

What Kinds of Whipped Cream Can Dogs Eat?

It is not wise for dogs to eat commercial whipped cream like a cool whip. These commercial whipped cream brands often contain a lot of added sugars and other additives that are harmful to dogs. Certain brands of whipped cream that people can squeeze out of a can contain nitrous oxide or laughing gas, which can make dogs feel dizzy or nauseous. 

One of the most popular forms of whipped cream dogs can eat is a Puppuccino. A Puppuccino is a drink from Starbucks that is safe for dogs. It is a small cup of whipped cream that is specially made for dogs. Therefore, it is safe for most dogs to eat in moderation. However, dogs with lactose intolerance or dairy allergies should avoid Puppuccinos.

is whipped cream good for dogs

Pet owners can give their dogs homemade whipped cream. However, the whipped cream should not contain harmful ingredients for dogs, like sugar or vanilla extract. Using plain milk or cream to make whipped cream for a dog is ok.

In Conclusion

Whipped cream is an ok treat for healthy dogs if the dog is not allergic to dairy or lactose intolerant. However, it should be a rare treat, and the whipped cream should not contain additives that can harm a dog’s health. It would be best to stick to a dog’s normal diet or find other treats to give to a dog.

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