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Veronica Jones

My name is Veronica Jones, owner and the writer of VetGuru.

For as long as I can remember I have had pets! I have had so many pets during my lifetime, and many more to come I hope.

For the most part, I will be writing about dogs and cats, but I also have experience with other pets as well.

If you are interested in certain topics about pets that I have not covered so far, make sure that you leave a comment or write me an email about the topics that you would like to read about and that are about pets.

Also, feel free to comment, leave your thoughts and opinions under each of my posts, as they are more than welcome!

Veronica Jones

About previous owner of VetGuru: Dr. Kramer

Dr. Kramer

Biography For Veterinarian Douglas Kramer

Having worked several years as a fully licensed Veterinarian in the Los Angeles area, Dr. Douglas Kramer built up a loyal following of clientele by practicing high quality medicine and never compromising on patient care.

He encouraged owners to become actively involved in the decision making process by offering a range of possible treatment options based on the pets’ and owners’ individual circumstances.

In order to facilitate active participation, and to help educate his clients about pet health care issues, Dr. Kramer produced and distributed informational “handouts” for owners to take home and use as reference guides.

The Vet Guru Website was born out of desire to more easily distribute that same information to his clientele in a digital format. Over time, Dr. Kramer became acutely aware of his clients’ strong desire to explore “alternative” treatment options for their pets.

Increasingly, he received inquiries about all-natural, herbal (botanical) treatments and medications. Frustrated by a lack of online resources exploring these specialized fields of veterinary medicine, Dr. Kramer began to post information on the Vet Guru website.

His Clients now have an online source of information exploring natural herbal therapeutics for their pets. In addition, the Vet Guru website offers general information relating to pet health care; much like the paper handouts of old.

Rather than relying solely on pharmaceutical medications alone, Dr. Kramer believes strongly in a more holistic and comprehensive approach. The combination of both modern medications and traditional therapeutics produces the best clinical results.

We must remain open-minded to all forms of healing, young and old alike, for the welfare of our beloved companions.

Following this line of thought, Dr Kramer has developed a Vet Guru pet product line based on herbal and holistic formulations.

The focus of the company now also includes incorporating natural therapeutics into novel delivery systems that make administration to pets more effective and convenient.