The 5 Best Rat Water Bottles 2021

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It’s very vital to consider water bottles as a quite important thing while feeding your pet rats. If you don’t use a good quality water bottle, you have just one option of using a dish. But, using a dish to feed water to your rats might a messy task.

It’s because rats are likely to throw various stuff in their provided water. Also, they chuck the dish that makes the whole thing stressful. So, the simple solution is to use the best water bottles for your rats and we’re here to help you find the right one.

Moreover, we have added a buying guide about rat’s water bottle and some related frequently asked questions (FAQs) that will help you to make things much transparent to choose the exact water bottle.

Top 5 Best Rat Water Bottles

1. ChocoNose No Drip Water Bottle

As a rat owner, you know that rats tend to spill while playing and roaming if you put their water on the open things.

No one likes to be a damp player for their wet rats. When this is your issue, there is a simple solution for you. Just use the top-rated water bottle like the ChocoNose.

This is a great solution for the habitat of your rats, which is a bottle with a 10mm smaller nozzle, is suitable for the most types of small pets.

The bottle comes with a leakproof design that helps a rat to get its required amount of water without making any messes or spills.

You’ll find the bottle has made from high-quality plastic that’s free of BPA. As a result, it doesn’t make any harm to your rat and can use for a long time.

Also, it comes with a convenient screw on its cap that lets you attach it with the inner walls of the cage.

Even you have the option to use the nail on it to fix out there. Besides, it’s very simple to maintain. What you have to do is just tap its nozzle and wait for the water to come out that will help you to take out the inside’s air bubbles.

When it comes to clean the bottle, it’s easy to wash and rinse the nozzle, which will allow you to get possible dirt out that remains inside the bottle. You’ll find the bottle in 3 different, cute colors such as blue, green, and pink.


  • Easy to wash
  • Doesn’t leak
  • Inexpensive
  • Made from user-friendly material


  • Can’t use hot water

2. Kordon Oasis Bell Water Bottle

This value water bottle set comes from the Kordon, which has made from solid plastic and an essential hold guard.

With special design, the bottle serves properly and safely. It can keep water when it stands up to fracture and has made of crystal styrene.

The bottle has a rounded top that’s very useful to discourage your rat from chewing it and keeping the water of the bottle inside intact. You’ll find an adjustable strap that lets you hang it on the top side edges of most wire cages and aquariums.

Although the bottle is a bright color, you can see through the water level clearly. These things indicate that it’s worth and could be the best investment because it sustains for an extended period.

The best thing about the bottle is that it’s quite suitable for small animals like rats, mice, hamsters, and gerbils.

Also, the bottle is rounded in shape that prevents your pet from chewing to damage it. This 4-ounce bottle comes in two packs such as single and dual packs while the second one is a value deal.

Its hold-guard prevents the bottle from toppling or moving over when a pet uses it. As you already know this is a rounded and bell-shaped bottle that has made with clear styrene. This is why it prevents all types of breakage.

If you own multiple rats you can buy their value pack, which is a combination of two bottles. You can set them in a larger cage while having multiple rats. Apart from being simple to hang, the bottle is durable.


  • Perfect for small animals
  • Easy to change the water
  • Affordable in price
  • Round shaped bottle


  • A bit smaller size of the bottle

3. Kaytee Chew-Proof Water Bottle | 4.5X3.5X15-Inch, 26-Ounce

Kaytee is a renowned manufacturer of small pets. Likewise, their chew-proof water bottle is also a great product for your rat.

The item has made from durable, high-quality glass that lasts for an extended period. As an owner of the rat, you know that it likes to chew everything. It means that domesticated rats also can bite.

So, you have to choose the items that are safe to chew. This is why this product is completely safe for chewing because it has made with the top-rated glass material.

It does not just prevent chewing; it also lets you monitor the levels of the water easily.

You can put up to 6 ounces of water that make sense to use for your rat and other small animals in the ideal. Because of coming with a hanger, the bottle is great to use by suspending.

Another good thing about the bottle is that you can put it with fitting regardless of smaller or bigger cages.

Also, the bottle comes with a fun feature: a duck is floating inside it. Yes, it’s right that you’re hearing about it.

This floating duck helps you to monitor the levels of the water and replace it if needed. So, this is frankly an ideal and great deal for your adored pet rat.

In addition, the bottle is good to use if you have a hamster that is fond of chewing. Since the manufacturer has paid deep attention to its design, it ensures your rat will get enough water that it needs.


  • Easy to clean & refill
  • The water remains fresh & clean
  • Rubber made, non-toxic stopper
  • Durable bracket


  • Some users may find the design uncomfortable.

4. Little Giant Farm Water Bottle

Monitoring water levels of a bottle are very crucial when it comes to your rat’s feeding. Well, if you issue with some other bottles to check the water levels then you have got the solution.

The Little Giant presents a crystal clear water bottle that ensures to keep an eye on water consumption.

This is not just about the bottle; there are some more things to know. Among other great features, the bottle was designed with a great leak-proof model.

Like any other user, you also might not like to get a damp playpen. In this issue, a bottle with leak-proof is a nice blessing for you and all rat owners.

You can choose your desired one from two different colors: natural clear color and a purple plus blue design. That means you can buy the perfect one matches your interior.

This is a good quality water bottle for your indoor use that helps your rat to lead a vigorous life.

It’s because water is very essential for all living beings and rats are also one of them. You’ll get a ballpoint tube made of stainless-steel that makes sure the pureness of the outcoming water for your little buddy.

This is a nicely designed water bottle that ensures avoiding leaks and you can stay care-free of keeping your cage dry. The body of the bottle has printed some nice images of different animals to entertain your rat while coming to drink water.


  • Extremely affordable in price
  • Easy to monitor the water levels
  • Leakage preventing design
  • Great water holding capacity


  • Not much durable due to plastic

5. Lixit Wide-Mouth Water Bottle

Lixit presents a fun looking water bottle that’s liked by lots of rat owners and rats themselves. It comes with a hanger made of wire that incorporates a tip of stainless steel.

Regardless of being quite undersized, the bottle holds up to 16-ounces of water, which is a great amount for a rat.

It means that you don’t need to change the water several times and can keep it for a long time to drink. This is why it’s noticed those who like to order the bottle; they get one dozen of such bottles at a time.

It ensures instant replacement of the old bottle when you need without waiting for the new bottles to arrive. According to the comments of the users, this one is the most suitable water bottle for your rats and any other small animals.

Apart from these advantages, the bottle is affordable in price that makes sense to invest in the best returns. Another good thing about the bottle is that it has an appealing design.

As a result, it’s widely suitable for those who like to make their rats cage funny looking and comfortable for their pets.


  • Perfect in size
  • Weather-resistant
  • Simple to clean & refills
  • BPA free plastic


  • The larger bottle makes issue with water freshness

Buying Guide For The Best Rat Water Bottle

Selecting the best rat water bottle could be a bit tricky because of a myriad of products. But, if you keep some specific things in mind, you’ll be able to find the right one. What the things are you should follow while buying a water bottle for you rat are below:

Size Of The Bottle

Firstly, bottle size matters much while coming to feeding your rat. If you find the right size of a water bottle, you’ll have to check two things out. The first one is its tube size and the second one is its nozzle size.

You keep liquids for your rat in the tube and the nozzle supply the water to the mount of a rat to consume. This is why you have to pay attention to the tube size that needs to be a bit bigger to hold more water.

If you choose a large tube, you’ll be able to give more water for a long time drinking. And you have to get the ideal size of a nozzle that should fit your rat’s mouth.

Check The Resistance Features

It’s time to search and find out related features for proofing and robustness. Such as, your preferred water bottle should be coming with a scratch-proof feature. It’s because rats have large nails and they like to scratch on everything.

Apart from being scratch proof, the bottle should be chew proof because your rat likes to chew as well. Also, look at the nozzle and it should not be at the size that may hurt your little buddy.

Look For Ease Of Use

User-friendliness is another highly considerable thing while going to buy a rat water bottle. The bottle should be enough convenient without feeling to use it.

This is why you should ensure that the bottle needs to come with a strap, hook, or stand to attach or tie it on the rat cage using some wood or any other things.

Get Temperature Maintenance Of Water

If you like to maintain the temperature of the water in the bottle, you have to buy a temperature proof bottle. It means while look for using the bottle inside or outside of your house at the right temperature that’s endurable by your rat.

It should not be affected by hot or cold temperatures. The bottle should maintain the desired temperature of your pet regardless it’s burning hot or cold outside.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Required Amount Of Water For My Rat?

You should give 10mm of water to drink your adult rat every day.

Can My Rats Live Without Water?

Its true rats consume a smaller amount of water (10mm), but it doesn’t mean they can live without it. As they get water from their foods, they can go a long time without drinking water.

Can My Rats Sip Out Of An Entire Bowl Of Water?

Rats can drink an entire bowl of water. But, they drink some of them and make dirty the remaining part. So, the bowl should clean several times.

Could I Use Rabbit Water Bottle For My Rat?

Yes, you can use a rabbit or guinea pig’s water bottle for your rat. It’s because most of the manufacturers provide water bottles that are suitable for the most little animals like rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas.


Hopefully, you have found all the questions regarding the best rat water bottle. Also, you’ll find things simpler as you have read the content entirely that has taught you many things.

These were included with a list of the high-quality rat water bottles, a buying guide about them, and FAQs section. Apart from these things, if you have any more things to know, you can knock us through the comment section.

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