The 5 Best Chinchilla Food in 2021

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Among the bizarre and interesting pets, chinchillas are great ones that you can own.

They’re small packets of energy with an attractive and unique personality that keep continuing to entertain you.

While they’re doing much for you, it’s crucial to keep them healthy and happy as much as possible.

To keep them healthy, providing the best chinchilla food is just one and the greatest way.

So, you should look for high-quality foods that are good for your pets. Also, your little power pack should love to eat the food you’re going to buy.

After a wide range of research, we have found some of the best and top-notch food products.

These foods are as popular as recommended by lots of pet owners. Well, let’s take a look at them.

Top 5 Best Chinchilla Food

1. Supreme Petfoods | Science Selective Chinchilla Food

You’ll feel a shortage of finding the right pellet with nutritionally balanced plus healthy food when you look for high-quality pellet food.

But, the issue has been solved by the Supreme Petfoods with their scientifically selected chinchilla food.

The manufacturer has used a large scale of though with careful consideration to make the food. As a result, it meets the most requirements of the particular nutrients that need for small pets like a chinchilla.

The food is the right choice for your pet’s needs because it has made with protein (16%), fiber (19%), and fat (3%).

Although it has made with some limited ingredients, they’re extremely wholesome. They have focused on Soya hulls, wheat, and alfalfa.

It’s out of artificial stuff like added sugar and colors. This is why the food works nicely to improve and maintain a healthy digestive system and skin plus a coat of chinchilla.

These good features have made it the most suitable food that a chinchilla needs to consume other than hay.

Also, you’ll find lots of positive reviews from the breeders and owners of chinchilla for this one.

Most owners have stated that it’s a type of food that’s extremely easy to chew plus digest for the chinchilla.

It helps to keep their perceptive digestive tracks smooth working. Even if you have a picky one, it also will love the food to eat without making any issue.


  • ​Huge protein, fiber, and fat
  • ​​Extremely appealing taste
  • Nutritionally-dense
  • Selected ingredients


  • ​A few chinchillas may dislike it

2. Oxbow Essentials For Chinchilla | 3lb’s Pack

Oxbow is another leading pet food manufacturer and this product is also great as chinchilla pellets from their production house.

This is not surprising that the item is top in quality and reliability that has won the heart of lots of happy chinchilla owners.

Like other best-graded foods in the markets, this one is made with nutrients and comes as tasty as healthy for your pet.

When it comes to the nutrition profile of the food, it’s a great one for your chinchilla. It’s because the food comes with a higher amount of protein (18%), fiber (20%), and fat (2.5%).

If you compare with the previous one of the Supreme Petfoods, you’ll find Oxbow contains more protein and fiber.

That means this food also keeps the capability to take the first position in this and any other list.

Likewise, the food is also similarly popular and well appreciated by thousands of chinchilla owners across the world. The best thing about the food is that the pellet is alfalfa-based.

Because of this, the food is as nutritious as healthy since the fiber promotes better digestive health.

Also, it contains vitamins A and D3 along with vitamin E and phosphorous. If you choose this food for your one like many other chinchilla owners, you’ll be continuing it for an indefinite time.


  • ​No artificial filler
  • Fills the exact dietary needs
  • ​Great taste & texture
  • Affordable in price


  • A smaller amount of chinchilla doesn’t like it

3. Supreme Petfoods | Tiny Friends Farm Charlie Chinchilla Food

This is another product from the Supreme Petfoods because the manufacturer has made thousands of chinchilla owners happy.

They’re also keeping alive the perfect foods trend that has helped them to make an amazing accumulation to the diet of your chinchilla.

The producer has taken a similar approach to the food that we have mentioned above. The food is full of nutritional pellets while it’s keeping a focus on flaxseed, carrots, oats, maize, and timothy hay.

It also can fill all the needs of your chinchilla with boasting of a higher amount of protein (20%), fiber (18%), and fat (3%).

As a result, the food is the powerhouse for the needs of your chinchilla. Also, this item comes with tasty linseed that helps your chinchilla’s skin as well as a coat in the best condition.

Your pet indeed needs lots of fresh food every day, it also needs a tasty mix like this food. Apart from making the food tasty, it’s also healthy.

And it meets the need of essential nutritional elements. All these things help your little buddy promote its digestive system by improving gastrointestinal activity.

As a chinchilla owner, you’ll feel pleasant while feeding this food for many more reasons.

For example, chinchilla is a great fan of the whole ingredients and the food provides higher nutritional value.

Also, the food comes with a great taste for your chinchilla that helps it to empty the bowl.

If you take a look at the user’s reviews, you’ll find some chinchilla owners are feeding this food for many years. They just found the benefits without any issue.


  • ​Additional live probiotics
  • ​A large number of nutrients
  • ​Greatly palatable
  • Very appetizing


  • Expensive

4. Vitakraft’s Vitanature Chinchilla Food | Natural Timothy Formula

This is definitely one of the great and original chinchilla foods on this list.

The food is not just a unique item; the pellets are full of nutrition and antioxidants that promote your chinchilla strong immune system. Also, it has a great variety of essential ingredients.

Among many advantages, the stunning one is that it helps foraging your pet as it has diverse ingredients selection.

As a result, it keeps the item tasty and interesting unlike uniform and common pellets.

Like other high-quality products, this one also has a higher amount of protein (16%), fiber (15%), and fat (3%).

It might be a bit lower than some top-rated foods like Supreme and Oxbow. But, the food is still good enough and healthy for your chinchilla.

Moreover, the item is full of some other crucial ingredients like natural herbs, veggies, greens, flowers, berries, and grains.

These things have made the food a tasty blend that your pet will love definitely.

Likewise, chinchilla loves this food as the mixture of the selected and natural ingredients encourage them for foraging behavior.

It also makes the pet more motivated about eating food. The food does not just provide enough energy; it also keeps the pet happy and healthy as it should be.

There is bound to get some that your chinchilla simply doesn’t prefer with the many ingredients in the product.


  • Healthy & diverse ingredient list
  • ​Helps foraging
  • ​Big appealing taste
  • Full of nutrition and antioxidants


  • A bit less amount of protein & fiber

​5. Kaytee Chinchilla Food Blend

This food of Kaytee is the right option if you’re in search of a budget-friendly chinchilla food.

As you know Kaytee is a renowned brand in the arena of small pet items. They have kept a similar quality in chinchilla food that they offer for other products.

It doesn’t matter that the food comes at an affordable price. But, it didn’t compromise with the higher quality and the wholesome state of food for your chinchilla.

Like the other four foods of this list, it a high-quality product that comes with a higher amount of protein (16%), fiber (22%), and fat (2.5%).

It could be a bit lower in protein, but it has the exact amount that your chinchilla requires in its food.

Also to that, the food has probiotics that help to digest food for better health. It doesn’t have sugary fruits or loose seeds that can make a chinchilla sick.

The food also has natural timothy hay that’s very essential for the chinchilla diet because of its large health benefits.

As a chinchilla owner, you’ll really like to buy this food because your loving pet will empty the bowl instantly.

A large number of chinchillas love to eat this food without showing any issue or complaint. Instead, they show the signs of overall demeanor and increased energy.


  • Great value
  • ​Excellent nutritional profile
  • ​Focused on timothy hay
  • The higher amount of fiber


  • Comes with molasses

Buying Guide Of The Best Chinchilla Food

Firstly, you’ll get a huge responsibility while taking a chinchilla as your tiny furry friend.

Always keep in mind that this one is the most sensitive and pretentious among other rodents out there.

If you give them too much food, they can be chubby. So, you should consider some factors before you buy food for them.

Below are some crucial aspects that you have to get into deep consideration while purchasing chinchilla food.

Type Of Food

Initially, you need to know about the differences in the types of foods you’re going to provide for your chinchilla.

And other ones that use as treats, which is given just one time after a while. Treats are indeed a type of tasty food, but they’re given just as rewards.

Also, they come with extra sugars and fats. Besides, if you provide them whole foods, they represent the high-quality and daily option of food that you can consider for your chinchilla.

Most of these foods are full of vitamins plus minerals that make it a balanced and healthy diet. So, you have to choose top-rated food for your chinchilla of the premium brand.

Nutrition & Ingredients

A very essential factor to consider is providing the right proportion of nutrients and ingredients in the food.

Before you buy food you should ensure if it’s perfect for the sensitive body of your chinchilla.

An Adult chin should provide food with 18-20% of fiber, 16-28% of protein, and 2-5% of fat. Also, you have to look for foods that are made from top-quality and natural ingredients.

You always should stay away from feeding foods that come with extra sugars as well as fat. It’s because they’ll make fatal diseases like diabetes.

Food Quality

Your small pets like chinchillas want a standard to the large size fibers to intakes every day that indeed comes from food.

This is why you have to provide them all-natural and best quality foods to avail them healthy and longer life.

It means that you have to avoid providing them foods that come with added preservatives and colors.

As a result, you have to spend a bit more time to read the label of the food carefully where all things have written in detail.


Indeed, brands of food are not definitely everything. But, it tells about the quality of the food.

Cheap foods that have made by non-reliable manufacturers come with a lack of healthy and high-quality ingredients.

Also, they’re filled with fillers that may result in undernourishment. On the contrary, famous brands provide all-natural and top quality ingredients without any harmful preservatives or colors.

Flavor & Packaging

Chinchillas are very picky and want just delicious foods. To find out the tasty foods, you have to keep an eye on the previous user’s reviews as they already have fed the food their chins.

So, while buying food for them, get a smaller pack first. If they like to eat the food then buy more in quantity.

When it comes to the packaging of food, you should choose the resealable bags that will keep the food fresh for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I give chinchilla my rabbit’s foot?

Some pet owners can feel to give their chinchilla the same foodstuff that they offer their rabbits as their herbivores. But, this is not a good decision to do because they have some dissimilarities.

For example, chinchillas come with a very sensitive digestive track than rabbits. So, it’s better to avoid giving them the same food you feed your rabbits.

How Many Hours/ Days Can My Chinchilla Live Without Food?

As an owner of the chinchilla, you have to know how sensitive it’s in terms of their digestive tract. This is because it can’t go for a long time without eating food.

It doesn’t matter if you keep alone with food for several hours. But, it matters much if you leave them without food for some hours. It’ll be a great issue for your chin if you don’t provide food for 24 hours.

Can I Give My Chinchilla Guinea Pig’s Food?

Like rabbit foods, guinea pig’s foods are also not perfect for your chin. It’s because foods are made for guinea pigs contains a higher amount of vitamin C, but lower in calcium.

A chinchilla needs a lower amount of vitamin C and a bit higher amount of calcium. So, guinea pig’s foods can malnutrition for your chin.

Is There Any Human Food That I Can Feed My Chinchillas?

Chinchilla foods indeed come with different human food items like carrots, oats, wheat, and others.

But, it’s not good to give them directly because the digestive system of a chinchilla is quite different than human beings.


Giving your small dude the best chinchilla food is the best way to maintain their healthy growth.

Also, food with a balanced diet provides enough energy that will help them to be happy and entertain you all day long. So, always avoid them feeding the same food that you feed your rabbits or guinea pigs.

It’s because the digestive system of a chinchilla is quite different than other pets and animals. To avoid all the issues, just choose one from food from the above-said list and you’re free of stress.

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