The 5 Best Rat Toys – Buying Guide & FAQs 2021

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Best Rat ToysWhen rats were simple pets, they had lots of stigmas against them. But, they’re getting familiarity as the loving, smart, and fun pieces these days. Owning rats as domestic animals like dogs and cats is the latest trend and its popularity is growing gradually.

Regardless of this popularity, many rat owners still don’t know what they need to make their rats happy. It’s because most people don’t have enough experience with their rats. No worries, we’re here to help you in the issue of their fun and entertainment with toys.

Providing them the best rat toys is one of the great ways to keep them happy. This is why we’re going to share some best and popular rat toys with their buying guides and FAQs.

Top 5 Best Rat Toys

1. Rosewood’s Pet Activity Suspension Bridge

It’s an interesting and fun suspension bridge that’s easy to add to the cage of your rat. Also, you can set it to their playing area without a hassle.

The fun toy is a product of a famous brand that’s well known for the wide selection of accessories for most types of pets.

This is a type of suspension bridge that has made from safe wood with simple to assemble. Moreover, the producer has used harmless glue, so you can keep it together.

Even you can use it without applying glue if you’re not annoyed about its getting held together permanently.

When it comes to the weight of the toy, it’s much lighter and measures just 3.9 X 11 X 7.9. That’s why the product is in the first position on the list.

Your rats will feel affection for a run inside it if you set it in their cage if there is enough space. Since it’s a large toy, you can put it inside the cage.

If you give it to your rats, it’ll help you to prevent their boredom and will stimulate them for a healthy life. This rat toy is much interactive in different ways to make it fun. Your rats will get the super stimulation while climbing and chewing the toy.

Moreover, you can set the toy in any place and even inside the cage together very easily. Indeed, because of made from safe wood, you’re out of getting stress about your rats being sick from chewing the toy. Overall, lots of people are using the toy to keep their little buddy happy and inspired.


  • Climbable and chewable toy
  • Simple to fit in a cage
  • ​Made from Safe wood
  • Lightweight


  • Chips in due course

2. Pevor Natural Wooden Pine Chew Toys, Set of 5

It’s a multipurpose pet toy that you can use for your rats along with your other animals. These include your rabbit, guinea pig, and some other small-sized pets. The toy is a set of 5 chewable toys that have made from pine stuff. This is because it’s a pack of innate resin.

Your rats will love it to play with and chew on the toys. These toys come with some stunning features to impress you and your rats. With each toy, you’ll get some perks like watermelon ball, different sized bell rollers, small unicycle, and small dumbbell.

These toys are not just beautiful to see and your pets will love to have fun with them. Like the previous one, these toys also have made with a coating of anti-corrosion and non-toxic. As a result, they last long without making a safety issue to your rats or any other pets.

If you provide these toys, they’ll help your pet keeping healthy plus active and keeping them happy to play around the cage. Also, the toys will ensure the perfect way to work out and playing opportunities for your small dudes.

These toys help to get functions like entertainment, grinding teeth, and decompression for your rats. With the delicate appearance and lovely shape, the toys are great to use grinding their teeth.

It’ll ensure your rats’ life happier and comfortable. Another good thing about these rat’s toys is they come with 5 different shapes in a single set. And their natural made materials will keep you stress-free.


  • 5 toys in 1 set
  • Chewable
  • ​Safe & non-toxic
  • Big worth for money


  • Smaller in size

3. Niteangel’s Cotton Rope Nets

While having a suitable spot to set the toys up, they’ll ensure their better sleep and fun. That’s why these nets are very perfect hammock to get fun for the rats. You can choose the toys from the two different colors such as purple and green.

These two are very playful colors and most rats love to play with them. Because of made with high-quality materials, these rope nets are as durable and attractive for your rats. The nets come with four metal-made clips on their all edges.

This is why you can connect them with every edge of your cage. Your rats will like to play happily with them when you’ll set them in place. Even you’ll not feel an issue while having suspended and larger space to connect them.

The measurement of these cotton made rope nets are 13.4-inchX8.3-inch respectively in long and wide. This is the right size to set into the most sorts of pet cages. As you already know the nets have created from natural cotton rope, multiple pets like rats can play together in ease.

If you can motivate your rats for doing more exercise and climbing, they’ll avail of some health benefits. These health advantages include preventing nails overgrown, getting obese, etc.

The best thing about these rat toys is that you can take the proper look after the pet because of their cotton made rope. While they’ll climb on the nets, it’ll be rough to them, especially for their nails. This way, you can keep them a bit more in check.


  • Simple to put up
  • Easy to create mega-bridge
  • Sturdy & safe
  • Keep in check of nails


  • Issues with hooks

4. WINOMO’s Hanging Pet Hammock

It’s a rat toy that’s a type of hanging a hammock and easy to keep in the rat’s cage to help get your rats fun. You can swing it around the cage along with anywhere in it for sleep, rest, and cuddle up. It’ll make you able to see your rats are getting fun on the toy and everybody likes it.

The measurement of the brown hanging rat toy is (8 X 8 X 4.7)-inch along with chains that are thirteen inches. Also, you have the option to adjust the chains’ length according to your requirements. As a result, you can keep it hanging in your desired length.

This hammock has featured with 4 clip chains covered with anti-corrosion and anti-rust agents. Because of having the clips, it’s very easy to hang and move around as you want. These things have made it the right rats hut.

Also, you can use it for other pets like chinchilla, squirrel, guinea pig, and any smaller animals. The toy comes with a very soft texture because of its flexible material. It helps your pets to enjoy a comfortable touch.

The hammock has equipped with portable and convenient hanging because of its user-friendliness. Besides, its high-quality materials have made the structure sturdy with improved stitching that ensures durability.

This hammock works like a bed and toy for the little buddy. Another great thing about the toy is you can wash it when it gets dirty. You just need to unclip it from the cage by taking off the hooks and toss it to your washer.


  • Multiple rats can cuddle in
  • Super soft
  • Simple setting method
  • Durable and comfortable


  • Many rats don’t enjoy the toy

5. Niteangel’s Wooden Teeth-Grinding Chew Toy

Finally, we have this toy that was created to help your rats for teeth-grinding safely. Also, your rats and other small animals will love it. If you’re a bit confused about whether your rats will like them or not, let’s make the matter clear why they’ll love it.

The toys are harmless to your rats if they chew on because they have been made from natural materials. While complete setting their cage, you’ll find they’re playing with them and chewing comfortably.

Moreover, they might be trying to get on the top of the toy by climbing. The toys not just have made from natural wood; it also has a shape of nice corn. They’re good for your rats’ health as the toys are chewable and teeth grinding.

Apart from the right choice of your rat, the toys are also perfect for hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and most other smaller animals. Due to the platform of height adjustability, they fit just in one inch of space with a measurement of 1- ¾-inch diameter and 4- ¾-inch length.

Another attractive feature of these toys is its great value. If you buy it, you’ll get two small chewable toys in its kit. Besides, it’s very simple to set and move comfortably when you need.


  • Simple setting process
  • Easy to move around
  • Climbable and chewable
  • Sate for chewing


  • They disappear faster

Things to consider before buying a Rat Toy

So, you’re going to buy the best rat toy, but don’t know where to start from. You might be confused thinking whether they have any special sections or better to purchase from online.

Don’t worry, we’re here with the things that need to consider while shopping for a rat toy that loves it. That’s why before you finalize the shopping, check the below tips out to ensure the best one for your rats.


Many kinds of toys are out there for your rats. These include digging toys, chewing toys, climbing toys, sleeping toys, running toys (like a rat wheel), cuddling toys, and eating toys. So, you can be stressful thinking about which kinds of toys are most suitable for your pet.

But, its easy answer is you don’t have a specific type of toy to offer them. Rats like to play with different types and colors of toys. This is the key thing about the rat toys when you’re confused.

That means you have to buy different sizes, shapes, and kinds of toys for your rats to ensure their maximum entertainment.


In any case, safety is the most considerable thing while choosing rat toys. You have to confirm that your rats should not find any part of their toys hard to chew off when they try to eat them.

So, you always choose the toys that are very soft for them. Also, know about the made materials that ensure the toys harmless for your rats.


Selecting the right size of rat toys usually doesn’t issue much if they don’t come very smaller or larger. You’ll need to ensure that they’re all broad enough for the rats to suit rightly without being stuck when you get things like digging boxes, hammocks, and tubes.


The main materials for making rat hammocks are from three things like soft fabric, safe plastic, and silicone. All of these materials are very safe for your rats if you’re sure they have made with maintaining the right safety guidelines. So, check the label of the toys to make sure what they’re made from.


If you prefer any specific theme for the rats’ accordance with their cage, you have to note whether your dog will love it or not. You should alter and check out which one they prefer more if they don’t love the design or color that you like to get for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Keep Toys In Cage of Rat Mom?

While having a rat that has given her juniors, congratulations! You’ll get up to 15 baby rats to tack the right care of. No worries, their mom will do the most for them. The baby rats need some days to grow up. So, they can play or touch with toys after their birth.

What Toys Can I Provide My Rat?

Your rat needs toys of two major areas for chewing and climbing. Search for toys that are heading to confront your rat and with toys to climb. You can attach them to various surfaces. So, you can use hanging toys because they’re nice to see and your rats will love them.

Can I Offer My Rat Toilet’s Paper Rolls?

Yes, it’s nothing wrong to give the rats of the paper tolls to play with. Indeed, they like it and they’re cheap as well. They like to chew them and hide on the side while playing with happiness.

How Can I Disinfect My Rat Toys?

You’ll find essential instructions on the labels of the toys. However, it depends on the toys’ types. You always disinfectant and clean them once for every week right way. It’ll help you to keep them away from health issues.


Now, you know almost everything about the best rat toys from the brands and models to buying guides to FAQs. Hopefully, these things will enable you to find out your preferred rat toys. Also, you’re all set if you choose any of the toys from our reviewed list.

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