The 8 Best Rat Cages 2021 Updated

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If you’re a real animal lover, you’ll find love for all kinds of pets rather than a specific one. You’ll find some animals that deserve to get love like rats. It may sound eccentric to somebody, but it’s a matter to know that rats can make your around fun if you take them to care properly. They’re as social as full of peculiarities and smart.

When you domesticate rats, they’re far away from getting the vermin that’s thought by most people about them. But, it’s not so easy to domesticate rats as it sounds. Instead, these small animals are much tougher to care than the other bigger ones.

In the process of domestication of a rat, buying the right type of cage is the initial step. So, before you get confused by different brands and products out there, simply go with the below best rage cages to make things simple.

Top 8 Best Cages for Rats

1. MidWest 162 Critter Nation Double Unit with Stand

This rat cage from the MidWest and it could be your perfect choice for your little friend. The reasons are many like this is specially calibrated for smaller pets like a rat. You can choose it as a single to triple story unit that depends on how many rats you have. Those who have taken the double one, they have shown love for it.

The 162 comes with a width and length respectively of 24-inch and 36-inch. That’s why the cage is not just commodious, it’s also accommodating for rats. Also, it allows you to place some decorations, a hammock, and toys along with other peripherals that will keep your little rat cheerfully busy.

As the hutch stands about 5.2-inch, you’ll be able to be perfectly tailored to your desired height. Also, its shelves are adjustable with full-width, so it’s easy to set it consistent with your rat’s preferences. Besides, the cage comes with non-skid strong ramps that allow your beloved rat to climb up of it and get down again.

Moreover, the 162 of MidWest has narrow spaces between the wire bars. Also, the rat will not be able to play out in just ½ inches of space. This is also the same for the very young, baby rats and some other smaller kittens. Other features of the cage are it’s durable, stain-resistant, chew-proof, and thick.


  • Easy & swift configuration
  • Spacious for ground and height
  • Simple to transport
  • Stability & feet protection


  • Expensive rat cage

2. Prevue Hendryx Feisty Ferret Cage

Honestly, the cage has crafted actually for ferrets, but rat owners will be using it as a rat cage for its lovely features. It comes with a large compartment that’s like icing on a homemade cake. As rats are originally forest animals, they need stimulators for their mental and physical satisfaction. So, this cage is suitable for them.

It’s because this is a large rat cage where you can keep many of its toys. And still, you’ll find some more space out there to chase and hop with its cage-mate. Additionally, this cage has a well-built and nice hammock. So, it’ll save you some money because you don’t need to buy the hammock separately.

Besides, the unit completely stands on a plastic tray along with 2 metal grillers and 3 sturdy plastic made ramps. Also, it comes with 2 metal grillers and you can remove all of its parts separately to clean. You’ll find storage space at its bottom that allows you to place the essentials of your pet.

Moreover, the cage has the feature of two large doors with escape-proof that has locks of stainless steel and they’re rust-resistant. Each inch of the cage has made from stainless steel that’s powered-coated. That’s why this cage is as durable as you can use it for years and the perfect housing for the small and big rats.


  • Iron cage with four-story
  • Two times larger than other cages
  • Two doors at the top plus down
  • Provide a complimentary hammock


  • Ground base wired

3. MidWest 182 Ferret Nation

Another rat cage from MidWest, the 182 is the suitable rat housing if you want a house for more three rats. So, you can guess this is a giant-type of rat cage, which is a great living place for your pet. You can accommodate some rats in it and they’ll also live in peace and happiness in it with their friends.

If you like to separate inside of the cage, you block its middle part that will save you some bucks. Still, you’ll get enough space in each compartment where you can place accessories and toys. While doing this, you can make the cage cleaning process much simpler by making them in a separate group to clean in sequences.

This 182 from MidWest comes with the measurement of 32-inch long, 25-inch width, and 62.5-inch height. As it’s bigger, it may need more effort. But, its setting doesn’t require any nuts, bolts, or screws.

You just need to slide its pegs in the right slots with your hands and then apply a bit more force to lock securely in their places. Thanks to its locking casters, you’re all set to keep the cage stationed and safe.

Additionally, this rat accommodation has 2 full-width floor pans that are plastic made and durable. It helps you to provide your pet with a solid flooring system that maximizes the playing area for them. Also, these features allow your rats to prevent a big fall and some deadly accidents with its 2 shelves, and 3 non-skid types of ramps.


  • Accommodation with lots of space
  • Lockable casters
  • Non-skid type of ramps
  • Durable wire construction


  • Needs more time to setup

4. Prevue Hendryx Earthtone Dusted Rose Cage

This rat cage is a valuable investment regardless of you are in a tight budget or like to go in a greenway. As it saves you from being plasticky, it has the grate at its bottom and whatever it has in the cage has made of durable metal. Indeed, this is not heavy-duty like the cages of Critter Nation. But, it’s strong enough without being weighty.

Besides, this 31-inch long, 20.5-inch width and 40-inch height cage are very trouble-free to assemble. Also, it has a ¼-inches space between the bars that prevent the escape of your tiny friends. This rat accommodation comes with a large space with 3 levels to run and explore by your rats. And you can put some of your rats at a time.

As the cage has ridges across, this cage’s ramps are very solid and wide. That’s why it’s quite ideal for your weak small rats that will get a sure footing. Simply use a safe adhesive, you can use a covering cloth on the ramp if want your rats to walk and run more comfortably on the surface instead of a ramp of cold metal.

But, the drawback of the cage is that it comes with a small door that has made it challenging to clean. The whole of the cage has made from metal instead of plastic. As a result, the cage is so durable that you can use it for years and the perfect shelter for some of your rats.


  • The spacing of the small wire
  • Solid & wide ramps
  • Enclosure bottom grille
  • Realistic design & sleek finish


  • Smaller door and bared floor

5. MidWest 161 Critter Nation Single Unit with Stand

Amazingly, this is the third entry of the MidWest brand. The 161 of the brand comes with a 2 double-door with full width that has made it a type of enjoyable cage to buy. As you’re certainly able to open its all 4 doors, you can decorate the rat’s cage inside with supplies and toys that are essential for your rats.

The most useful feature is that the cage is very simple to clean. It’s because its shelves and doors are easy to take out from the cage for a good cleanup. As the shelves have made from durable plastic, it’s the right choice to prevent your rat’s small feet from getting foot injuries.

Also, there are bars under its shelves that allow you to hang toys and hammock. This is a pretty solid cage with a measurement of 5’4-inch tall, 36-inch long and 23-inch width. Thanks to its strong buildup, the cage is a bit heavier than other ones. But, things have made it easy for its casters to push and pull it when needed.

If you consider its price, it’s as higher in quality as easy to assemble. Moreover, it has an exemplary locking mechanism that prevents the escaping of a clever rat. Besides, it’s also safe for young, baby rats as it has a very smaller bar spacing. But, when you need to configure the cage, you should request for two additional hands.


  • Feel and look exclusive
  • 2 double doors with full-width
  • Adjustable and removable parts
  • Locking features of casters
  • Very smaller bar spacing


  • A bit heavier

6. Prevue Rat and Chinchilla Cage 495 Earthtone Dusted Rose


  • Durable metal ramps and platforms
  • Secure locks
  • Can be used for different animals
  • Multiple levels.

This product is made of very durable metal. Once you buy it you won’t have to worry about buying another cage for many years.

A durable cage is important because these cages are used to take rats from one place to another, and they often fall or bump into things on the way. Such things can cause a lot of damage, so it is good that this cage will be able to handle it.

It can be very frustrating to keep your rats safe and sound only to find that the lock was not tight enough. This can lead to your pets escaping.

Thankfully, this cage has an excellent locking mechanism that is so secure it will never get randomly unlocked.

Rats are very social animals, so you would want to give your pet rat a friend. This is the best cage for two rats because it has multiple levels with ramps that you can use if you wish.

This will give your pet rats enough room to play around and have their own space. This much space also helps your rats get enough exercise

Rats are great pets, but this rat cage can be used for other kinds of pets as well such as chinchillas and ferrets.

You won’t mind working hard for your pets, but this rat cage can sometimes be too difficult to assemble because it has so many complex parts.


  • Very durable
  • Highly secure
  • Multiple levels
  • Can be used for different animals


  • Difficult to assemble

7. Kaytee Multi-Level Cage W/Removable Casters


  • Very easy to clean
  • Plenty of activities
  • Easy to assemble
  • Colorful.

This product is easy clean rat cage because it is is made of smooth plastic. This material is easy to clean. All you will have to do is dust off any crumbs that might be present and then wash with warm water and soap. The plastic is a lot more comfortable for your pet rats too.

It has so many fun slides and tunnels for your rats. Rats love to play around, and this cage gives them fun stuff to do at no extra charge.

A lot of rat cages are very expensive. This cage has a lot of positive features which might make you think it costs a lot of money but it’s actually one of the most affordable rat cages out there.

If you have two or more rats, this cage will be perfect for them. This three story rat cage in the market because it is quite roomy and comfortable. Each level has its own special feature as well, and your rats will enjoy all of them.

The platforms inside this cage are made of plastic, which is easy to clean but not very durable. You should be careful while using this cage because it can suddenly break even if you weren’t using it roughly.

This product is tall but it’s not wide enough to give your rats space to move around. They will have to move up and down which might get boring.


  • Easy to clean
  • Lots of activities
  • Good value for price
  • Multiple levels


  • Not durable
  • Horizontally cramped

8. Kaytee My First Home Multi-Level Habitat for Exotics


  • Extra narrow wire spacing
  • Chew proof locks
  • Multiple levels.

The narrow wires are impossible to get through, and they are made of tough material so your rat won’t be able to chew through them either. The locks are also made of a chew proof material.

There are curvy slides and three separate levels in this rat cage. This gives your rat a lot of different fun games that it can play, although it won’t be able to share this space with a friend because it’s too small.

This is the best budget cage out there, possibly one of the most affordable products around.

The cheap rat cage won’t be made of very good materials. This means that you can’t let this cage fall or go through rough treatment, otherwise you will have to end up buying a new one again and again.

Even if you have one rat, it will feel a little cramped in this cage because there’s not a lot of space. You will have to let your pet out if you want it to be happy, so this cage isn’t big enough to be perfect.


  • Prevents pets from escaping
  • Multiple levels
  • Affordable


  • Not durable
  • Cramped

Things to Consider Before Buying A Rat Cage

If you want to give your little buddy the highest comfort with its cage, you have to choose it very carefully. Some effecting factors influence the ease of your pets.

So, when you buy a cage, but it makes harm to them, you always like to avoid this situation. That’s why you should know and obey these factors accordingly to get the best thing for your pets. Some of the considering factors are below:


The owners of the rats suggest a minimum size of space should be two cubic feet for a single rate. So, if you have more than one rat then you’ll have to choose a cage accordingly. As the small critter will live in this a cage forever, it should be a place that it feels happy and comfortable.

As a result, if you choose a large and long cage with more space, it’ll feel more comfortable than a smaller cage. That’s why it’s a great and single way to make the cage more enjoyable for your small friend. Besides, a male rat needs more space than a female one.

Accessibility & Cleaning Effort

Before you buy a cage, check its doors closely. You should choose the cage that comes with wider doors, so you can reach to the pets easily. The better thing is that you take the cage that has a door with full width.

It’ll prevent you from getting squeezed yourself when you interact with the pets. Also, large and full-width doors allow you easy and quick cleanup of the cage.

Ventilation & Visibility

Plastic enclosures and fish tanks are the most awful dwellings that you can give your pets. It’s because of these things buildup air contaminations and ammonia easily.

As a result, it affects the respiratory system of your pets. This is why a cage should have better ventilation for a better deal with smells and possible contaminants along with good visibility.


A rat cage can often be quite large, especially if you have a cage meant for multiple rats. You need to find something that can be easily disassembled. This will help make it more portable.

If you have to travel, you can just fold the cage up and take it along with you. This is also useful for when you are moving house. You probably plan to move at some point, so getting a rat cage that would make it easier to do that is a good idea.

A large rat cage also needs to have wheels on it. You can’t take your rats out every time you need to move the cage. Wheels let you move it without having to take them out. This is an important feature that a lot of cages don’t have, so try to avoid those.


The design of a cage is not a simple issue because it determines the comfort levels of your pets. A hard flooring system is very essential to hold fleece betting or paper. So, you should choose durable PVC or plastic-covered metal. Also, a solid floor is more beneficial than wire grates.

Moreover, a cage with the design of wire floors that increases the chances of slipping the feet of your pets. This could be a serious issue for them, so always choose the cage with a solid floor instead of wired ones.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Rat Cage

What Type Of Cages Are The Best For My Rat?

A cage made with metal is the best option for your pets when you think about their housing. A metal cage is comfortable as proper ventilation, so it’s highly recommended.

How Large Should My Rat Cage Need To Be?

When you go to purchase a rage cage, you should consider buying a large size of the cage. So, if you have enough budget and space then buy a cage that provides a minimum of 2 feet by 2 feet of space for every rate.

How Frequently Should I Clean My Rat Cage?

It usually depends on the number of pets you have. Some of the cleaning tasks should be performed daily. These include floor cover removing, solid waste eliminating, bedding replacement, and removing the spilled food. Also, you have to clean with a good disinfectant at least one time per week.

What Things Should I Put Inside A Rat’s Cage?

Things you should put inside your rat’s cage include warm beddings, food bowl, water bottle, some toys, and a hammock.


Figuring out the best rat cage is quite essential than you think about it. It’s because in this place your rat will do everything like eating, sleeping, and playing. That’s why we have made a list with a review that will help you find the best one.

We have discussed the best product so far available in the market along with a buying guide and some frequently asked questions. So, you can choose any one of the lists that will give you the best results. Thus, you can provide the best thing to your beloved rats.

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