The 5 Best Hay For Rabbits 2021

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Hay For RabbitsBecause of a lot of options out there on the rabbit hay market, it’s a bit tricky to choose the best one for your pet. This is not just difficult to find out the suitable product for your rabbit, it’s sometimes confusing as well. As a result, many buyers are buying inappropriate items as they don’t know about them.

But, we’re sure you don’t want to be one of them who goes with the wrong products. So, we’re with this post of the top 5 best hay for rabbits with a buying guide and FAQs. It’ll help you find the right products along with educating you on how to choose and what the buyers ask about them.

Top 5 Best Hay For Rabbits

1. Kaytee Timothy Hay Plus Carrots

This is the better rabbit hay that comes with the combination of timothy hay. As the hay has texture and flavor variety, it works great with the rabbit food of the Kaytee brand.

The product is full of high-quality fiber that supports your rabbit’s digestive system, it’s ideal for your pet’s age over 7 months.

However, it’s lower in calcium and protein than the hay type of alfalfa. Apart from using it with the regular food of your pet, you also can use it to keep the place dry and cool. Depending on the animal’s size the feeding amount may vary and it needs to change food plus put in freshwater every day.

Since the product has timothy, it provides a balanced and different taste and feels. This is how it has enriched and stability when you’ll use it with the food of the same manufacturer.

Small animals need hay to help their digestive system, to trim their teeth, and satisfy their chew. Also, it has 75% of their everyday diet.

Another best thing about the hay is that it’s natural, free of added chemical, and simply made with timothy hay. Moreover, it comes with dried carrots that are full of beta carotene along with some other vitamins.

That’s why your rabbit gets a more tricky chew rather than usual bale hay. so, you can offer the hay several times every day regularly.


  • Hand-selected hay
  • The higher amount of fiber
  • Lower calcium & protein
  • All-natural stuff


  • It has small particles, sharp, and dusty hay.

2. Small Pet Select-Sampler Box

If you’re trying to find out what works most excellent for your pet then this is the suitable brand you’re looking for. Also, it’ll end up your look for the everyday hay with a more interesting way.

As the right choice for your rabbit, it comes with 2ND cutting timothy hay with the perfect blend.

Also, it has a 3rd cutting timothy hay with super soft along with oat hay and orchard hay. When it comes to the timothy hay with 2nd cutting, it’s the type that most people love to give their pets.

These include your rabbits plus guinea pigs. Your pet will get the appropriate amount of fiber and protein from this brand of hay.

To prevent your pet’s digestive issues and GI stasis, you always should provide them fresh hay. This fresh hay will help you to keep them beyond the veterinarian office.

When you’ll give this hay to your pet, it’ll keep their teeth grind down. So, this hay is for every one of your rabbits as it’s soft, leafy, and smaller stems.

This product is great for the rotation of your regular hay that keeps the food interesting for your pet. You can serve it alone occasionally and mix them with other food as per the timothy rations. Even it’s a nice choice for your pet if it has an issue with allergies by eating timothy hays. You just need to feed it with a reasonable amount.


  • Included 4 different & best hays
  • Suitable for your pet
  • Natural stuff with small batches
  • High-quality premium hay


  • Doesn’t last a long time

3. Small Pet Select Second Cutting Timothy Hay

The brand is so reliable that this is another product of the same brand on this list. As a result, this item has thousands of users across the world that have made it a popular brand these days.

The product comes with the premium timothy hay. So, it’s the right choice for your pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas.

Moreover, the hay has stored in a rigid box that’s easy to open and close. It ensures the freshness of the hay for a long time in the container.

This is the 2nd cutting of selected timothy hay that’s packed with some essential nutrients that are very useful for your pet. Also, it has the right ratio of seed head and the stem.

Besides, the hay is not just soft, it’s also mostly green. That’s why if you want to invest in the best and right hay then this is the perfect choice for you.

As it’s great and high in quality, you’ll waste very little amount of the hay. This is the big plus point of matter that you can think from all the viewpoints while shopping hay for your pet.

If you ask some other users or see the reviews, you’ll find most of them are happy with this product. This hay should be a very essential part of your pet’s diet because your pet loves it very much.

The small pets are picky enough when it comes to eating. So, this hay has made with the highest care that your pets will love to eat.


  • Premium quality timothy hay
  • Suitable for the small pet owners
  • Fresh & handled
  • Easy to open & close container


  • Complaining about dirt and shredded hay

4. Kaytee Timothy Hay Flavor Variety Multi-Pack

It’s another product from the Kaytee Brand. This rabbit hay comes with timothy hay along with a great texture and flavor variety.

So, this hay works nicely with the rabbit food of the same brand. The hay is full of high-quality fiber that supports your rabbit’s digestive system, it’s ideal for your pet’s age more than seven months.

The product has not just packed with essential fiber; it also has calcium and protein in a smaller amount. As a result, it’s better than the alfalfa hay and supports best for urinary health.

This western quality timothy hay comes with a complement of great touch with a range of variety like other hays of the Kaytee brand.

As the hay is hand-picked, it guarantees the top nutritional value. Also, it kept in some highly protected areas to maintain its consistency and excellent quality.

Apart from helping with digestive and urinary issues, you’ll be able to free your pet from dental problems as well. The hay is also suitable for chinchillas and guinea pigs.

Because the hay has selected manually, it has a proper ratio of stem and leaf. It has a special cut that will help you to feed your pet easily.

While buying this product, you’ll get very soft and mostly green hay that has cut cleanly and consistently. Besides, you’ll not be disappointed with the support service from Kaytee if you need it.


  • The right ratio of stem & leaf
  • Very soft & mostly green
  • No added flavors or colors
  • The higher amount of fiber


  • Not suitable for animals under 7 months

5. Orchard Grass Hay | Small Pet Select

Finally, we have this hay that’s top in quality and come from the brand of Small Pet Select. If you check the users’ reviews and ask some people who feed their rabbits, they’ll reply to you positively.

It’s because the users of this item are happy with the hay and the brand. The brand offers the selected soft Orchard hay that the pets like.

The manufacturer searches of the best hay to make the highest in quality for your pets such as rabbits, chinchillas, and guinea pigs.

This is one of the freshest and best hays that you can get to your doorstep. As an owner of the small animal, you know that hay is a very essential portion of your pet’s diet.

Besides, small animals are picky eaters when you offer them hay. This product has made from premium quality hay with very carefully for your pet.

Like other hays of this list, this one is also has selected by hand. That’s why this hay is not just soft; it also comes with the balance proportion of stem and leaves.

Like hand-selected, the hay is also hand packed and it comes with a strong corrugated box. As a result, the freshness and quality of the hay remain unchanged up to the end of the box.

Apart from this, the product is free of dust and dirt. So, it’s very safe for your pet with freshness and cleanness that keeps you free of stress.


  • Suitably best orchard hay
  • Hand-selected hay
  • Packed with tough Corrugated Box
  • Remain fresh up to the end


  • Issues of thorny dried branches and leaves

Things To Consider While Choosing Hay for Rabbits

As you always like to offer you, little buddy, the best hay, you have to consider many factors before you buy it. These considering factors will help you to find out the perfect product for your pet.

This is why we’re going to share some topics that will be very helpful to you when it comes to select the hay from a myriad of items and brands.


Don’t forget one thing about hays that they’re available at various prices. Now, the question is whether you’ll spend a bit more or less on the hays. If can spend more money on the pet’s hay, you can ignore this factor. But, when you’re on a budget, you should stick on the price that you have determined to be.

It doesn’t mean we’re suggesting you be fooled by purchasing cheap priced products. It’s because if you choose cheap products, you’ll find them as lower in quality as it’s dangerous for your pets. So, always go with the top brands that we have suggested above.


Consistency is a vital point when you feed a young rabbit. The reason is that the digestive system of baby rabbits is very sensitive. They feel it tough to change the food and they often experience the issues. As a result, it may go down faster if it becomes sick.

So, you should ask what types of foods it eats when you take the pet. And you should feed it the same product from the same brands for the best results. That’s why if you’re not sure what to feed your pet then just start feeding it with water and hay. After that, you should gradually introduce some other foods.


It’s another important factor to consider while shopping hay for your pet and it depends on how old it is. For example, if it’s still a baby and young, consider offering them smaller hay. But, when it’ll be old enough, you should give a larger hay that’s essential for your pet’s growth.


This is the most vital factor that you always should consider before you buy hay for your rabbit. Rabbits like to eat fresh hay because they’re very tasty. For this reason, you’ll find the rabbits don’t like to eat dry or some other hays that are not fresh.

So, check the package whether it’s breathable or not because fresh hay comes with the breathable packaging. Apart from these, you also should consider the factors like brand, dust-free, and the value of the hay.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rabbit Hay

Which One Is The Best Hay For My Rabbit?

It depends on your rabbit’s age. When your rabbit is very young and less than 7 months of age, you can give it alfalfa hay. But, when it’s old enough, give it timothy hay or both. However, you can’t give alfalfa hay to a rabbit overnight. It needs to test some different types of hays and find out which one it likes most.

Where Can I Buy The Best Hay For My Rabbit?

For the best result, visit your nearest pet shops where you’ll find many types of hay for your rabbit. If you don’t find shops near you then it’s simple to order your desired hay online. Either way, buy a small quantity of hay and try your pet whether they like it to eat.

Should I Give To Eat Unlimited Pellets?

Some books suggested that you can give unlimited pellets to your young rabbits. But, practically it found that this is making problems later on. As the experts suggest, you should form good habits of your pet from an early age.

And it’s very vital because your pet will go for its life at the way you’ll make it habituate. However, don’t forget to avoid giving it a higher amount of pellets if it feels uneasy.

When Should My Baby Rabbit Have Fresh Foods?

You might have read in an old book that it suggested not giving your rabbit the fresh foods before 6 months of its age. It’s a very simple approach to go with because if you feed foods like carrot and lettuce to a baby rabbit, it’ll not be able to digest them.

As a result, they’ll be sick. So, know the food that they can eat by providing them a smaller quantity. When you’ll find they don’t have any issue with the given foods, give them regularly.


The products we have reviewed above are very suitable for your rabbits. Also, they’re not just safe to feed; they also are packed with essential nutrients. So, when you’re giving one of the said rabbit hays, you’re ensuring them a happy, energetic, and healthy life.

Hopefully, this post will help you to find the best rabbit hay for your pet because we have discussed the most points that need to learn before shopping the right hay for your pet. Despite this huge effort, if we missed something then add them below comment section.

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