The 5 Best Rabbit Toys 2021

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Rabbit ToysRabbits always love to run and play that’s an essential part of their daily activities. This is a type of exercise along with social communication with other rabbits. As play is an intellectually stimulating activity and makes sense of achievement, toys play a role as a channel of normal behaviors.

Also, while offering them the best rabbit toys, they chew, dig, burrow, and shred them. This is a very effective way to protect them from doing the same things with some wrong things. To keep them well physically plus mentally, playing with the right toys is very crucial.

This is why we’re here with some best toys for your beloved pet that will ensure their proper growth. For the best result, you also will find a buying guide and some FAQs with the reviews.

Top 5 Best Toys for Rabbit

1. Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel | Collapsible 3 Way Play Toy

Although rabbits are naturally curious animals, they’re a bit playful as well. If you like to give them security and intrigue, a tunnel-type toy is a right choice for them.

It ensures your rabbits to run through, hide, and relax with the tunnel that they feel very fun to do. This toy has certainly made for your pet to keep them active.

You’ll like the toy due to its good quality construction, size, and the hanging toy. As the tunnel has made from very sturdy polyester, it’s tear-resistant and surprisingly durable.

It has an amazing design with three tunnels and its middle has an opening to head out. Also, it doesn’t gather hairs as it’s made of polyester.

Also, you can fold the whole tunnel for storage and there is a hanging toy-cat that your pet can keep occupied. The tunnel comes with different colors along with the expediency of the foldable steel frame.

So, it’s easy to take out wherever you go. The manufacturer also provides complete satisfaction with the money-back guarantee.

The toy is so popular that has won the Choice Award of Amazon with a higher rating of 4.8 stars out of 3,350 happy customer reviews.

As a buyer, you’ll love its built quality and different colors. So, the most attractive things about this tunnel are its high-quality material, durability, folding option, and different colors.


  • Tunnel with swinging bell
  • It doesn’t gather fur
  • Built-in peephole
  • Durable steel frame


  • Crinkly material may be annoying

2. Original Activity Zone Rabbit Toy

This is the perfect rabbit toy that has many great options to choose from. These include it encourages your pet to exercise, chewing habit, and stimulate the physical as well as mental growth.

Also, it has made from some high-quality and non-toxic stuff that is not just safe for your pet, they’re also durable to provide the best value.

Besides, this toy meets the most points of the criteria to select the rabbit toy. With this toy, your rabbit will get some wood made and non-toxic hanging toys to chew.

The width, depth, and height of the toy respectively are 12-inch, 16-inch, and 11-inch. So, your pet can jump and run inside the toy easily.

You’ll be able to use this toy for months to entertain and exercise your pet. Also, you can choose this toy to fit it inside your rabbit cage.

When it comes to the top and favorite toys, they should come with different textures, toys, and a small activity zone. These all qualities are available in this rabbit toy.

For these high-quality characteristics, this toy has lots of happy users who have rated it 4.5-star on Amazon with so many reviews.

The attraction to this has increased due to the small activity zone that indicates this is the best toy among many other models and brands. So, while choosing this toy, you’re going to the right track.


  • Wood made & non-toxic
  • Used colors are non-toxic
  • Higher in quality
  • The USA made a toy


  • A bit more expensive than many other toys

3. Natural Woven Grass Play Ball for Small Animals

As the teeth of your rabbit grow continuously, they need to trim down or filed back occasionally. If you provide your pet some chewable toys, they’ll help it to file its teeth down in a natural way.

Also, it’ll prevent the overgrowth of its teeth. The wooden chewable tops are good options, but edible material made toys are the best.

This is why we recommend this toy because it’s made of grass or hay. Since this toy has made from completely natural hay, it’s the right choice for your pet.

Apart from chewing these grass made toys, the rabbit will play with them by tossing or rolling around it. The toy was designed with very tight-woven, so it lasts a long time.

After playing with them for a few days, your rabbit will break the toy eventually. This may make a bit messy their bedding and cage.

But, it’ll be not harmful to them as it’s made of natural hay. Thus, the overall performance of the toy is very satisfactory. And your rabbit can chew the toy without getting any issue.

That’s why this toy is very popular with pet lovers. This ball is large enough, but not take lots of space in the cage and very safe for the most sizes of rabbits.

Another good thing about this ball is that this is hollow, so, it allows you to fill it with some treats. There are multiple sizes along with two packs of this ball toy.


  • Build from natural grass
  • Safe and chewable
  • Designed with tight-woven
  • Simply effective for entertainment


  • It may be a mess for hollow inside

4. Rosewood Pet Bunny Fun Tree -Rabbit Toy

When a rabbit is wild, it can run up to 3 miles every day while searching for their food. But, when you put it in a cage, it’s possibly not got enough freedom to go a long distance that they need for exercise.

If you allow it outside for some hours every day, you should give it some type of toys that will encourage its activities.

So, here ends up your search for further items to entertain your pet, simply get this toy and you’re all set. This is a fun tree, which has made from safe materials like corn leaf and seagrass.

There are woven made grass carrot toys hanging in the branches of the tree. Also, its wide base offers enough constancy for your pet.

As the rabbit will finally chew the toys that are hanging on the tree, you can treat it with its favorite food. You also think about to buy some replacement toys that will help it to continue the fun.

Moreover, the tree helps your pet to stimulate it to be active and stretch apart from providing it a secured outlet for its chewing instincts.

Besides, this fun free comes with a wide roundup of the Open Pets of the premium products for your pets. Most users are happy with this toy as they have reviewed it positively.

But, some of them have commented that the toy gets exposed to its glue. However, it’s safe to supervise your pet hewn it plays with the toy;


  • Completely biodegradable
  • Suitable for rabbits
  • Made from dried & natural yucca
  • Doesn’t splinter


  • Not appealing to all rabbits

5. Trixie Snack Board Logic Toy for Rabbits

Wild pets like rabbits spend their most time of the day in hunt of food. Thus they avail themselves of the essential nutrition that gives a workout to their brain as well. But, when they’re captive, they get food on a bowl and thy feel need of many things.

You can meet their needs providing them some toys like the Trixie Snack Board. It’ll help your rabbit to stimulate their mental health.

These are a logic toy that is nice options as they put challenges to your rabbits. Thus, when they’ll remain busy with something, they’ll be remaining less destructive.

The toys come with the features of lightweight lids made of plastics with seven holes and a stable rubber base. Apart from keeping in some challenges, the toys also provide your pet with some tasty treats. As a result, your rabbits will not feel bored in the cage.

Also, you can use these toys for the most types, ages, breeds, and sizes of rabbits. Moreover, you can add some assorted types of treats with these toys.

Although these logic toys are great for the beginners, you can use them even after as the toys of enrichment and enjoyment.


  • Stable bottom with rubber
  • Stimulate their mental health
  • Easy to assemble
  • Seven treating holes


  • Slightly costlier than other toys

Things To Consider Before Buying Rabbit Toys

You must be a practical customer if you like to avoid fake advertising. That’s why you have to consider some essential factors to buy the best rabbit toys.

It might be a confusing matter, but no worries; we’re here to help you. Below are some very important considerable factors that you need to consider before you buy a rabbit toy.


The safety is an uncompromised matter when it comes to buying toys for your pet like a rabbit. Along with safety and fun, you also should consider the well-being of your pet. So, always consider the materials of the toys are rabbit-friendly.

Moreover, there are some more things relate to their safety like the weight of the toys. If you give a toy to your rabbit that’s very heavy, it may hurt the pet while playing. That means always give them some lightweight toys.

Easily Chewable

The chewing ability of rabbits is very famous. Indeed, they like to chew everything up to their teeth support to chewable as well as edible. That’s why it’s very much considerable factor before you buy toys.

Always consider choosing the rabbit-friendly toys that will ensure them chewing without getting hurt or damaging teeth. Although rabbits like to bite and chew, their owners should choose the safe to chew toys.


If you always give your pets the same model toys then they might be bored easily. This is why consider buying various models, varieties, and shapes toys. It’ll allow them to enjoy the toys most.

So, when you’ll look for the best toys for them, you’ll find many types of toys out there. Check all of them and determine which one is the most suitable for your little buddy.


You can choose a wide range of different types of toys. But, it’s important to consider the specs of your pet’s toys in the choosing process. Avoid that ones are very complicated to settle for you as well as for your pet.

So, when it comes to specs, choose the type of toys that make your rabbit able to move and run. It’ll not just keep them busy, it’ll also make them happy and hyper.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Woods Are Suitable For My Rabbit Toys?

The matter is safety that always is an uncompromised thing when you buy toys for your pet. Experts suggest non-toxic wood like maple, birch, beech, oak, and dried pine. But, be cautious when you find oak bark out there because they’re dangerous for the rabbits.

Can I Use Pine Toys For My Rabbits?

Yes. But, there are wide ranges of toys that have made from the kiln and dried pine. As shaved pine has a large number of oils, it’s dangerous for rabbit bedding. So, when they’re dried the toxin and oils go out. As a result, they’re not harmful to small pets like a rabbit.

What Type Of Rope Is Safe For My Rabbits Toys?

Usually, sisal rope is used to rabbit’s toys because it’s just known as safe. While using this rope it’s as safe as it chews hay. Also, sisal becomes small pieces when the rabbit chews it. So, it’s not difficult to digest.

Are The Colors Of The Toys Safe For My Rabbits?

Yes, most of the toy brands provide safe and non-toxic colors that are food grade. So, if your rabbits chew and eat the colors, they’ll not encounter any health issue.


Playing with toys for rabbits is a kind of exercise and interaction. It’s very essential for their physical and mental growth. But, there are many things to consider before purchasing the right toys for them. Although you’ll find lots of toys for your rabbits out there, all of them are not made equally.

So, they can make you confused. But, we have provided you top 5 best rabbits toys that you can select from them because all of them are from the top and popular brands. Also, you’ll get from the buying guide and FAQs. Thus by now, you’re all set to get the best product for your little buddy.

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