Can Dogs Eat Cooked Cow Tongue? Everything You Need to Know

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Cow tongue can be very large and unappealing. But did you know that it can be one of the best snacks that you can give your dog? Can dogs eat cooked cow tongue? What are the health benefits of a beef tongue? How much beef tongue can you give your dog? Let’s find out…

Can Dogs Eat Cow Tongue? Is Beef Tongue Safe for Them?

Dogs can eat cow tongue, also known as beef tongue or ox tongue, as part of their meal. Dogs love the taste of beef tongue the way they love other meat.  A tongue is rich in proteins, zinc, iron, choline, calories, fatty acids, and vitamin B12. It is considered healthier for dogs because beef tongue contains 20 percent less fat than other beef products.

Though it contains tons of vitamins and essential fatty acids, it is still cheaper than other cow’s organs or muscle meat. Cow tongue is safe for dogs as long as they are not eating too much and the tongue is cleaned properly before giving it to them.

Can Dogs Eat Cow Tongue

How Much Cow Tongue Can Dogs Eat? 

How Do I Prepare Cow Tongue for My Dog

Cow tongues can be very appealing to your pup’s taste buds. However, dogs can only eat 5 to 10 percent  mixed with their diet. If it is mixed with other organs, you can add up to 25% percent of it to your dog’s diet. Feeding too much organ meat, especially for smaller and younger dogs, can be dangerous.

Can Cow Tongue Kill Dogs?

Tongue is not considered deadly for your dogs. It can only harm your dog if it is not prepared, washed, or cooked properly. A beef tongue can also be dangerous to your dog if given in high amounts. Feeding your dog beef tongue can pose no harm if given correctly.

Is Cow Tongue Bad for Dogs? 

Cow tongue is not bad for dogs. In fact, if you feed it to your dog, they can gain many nutrients without having too much fat in their diet. It can only be bad for dogs if you overfeed them or you give to them unclean.

How Much Cow Tongue Can Dogs Eat

How Do I Prepare Cow Tongue for My Dog? 

Tongue is easy to prepare and less time-consuming compared to other homemade treats that you can give to your dogs. Here’s a step-by-step process on how to prepare a beef tongue treat for your dog.

Step 1: Washing

You have to wash and clean it properly to remove the blood and other dirt or bacteria that it has come in contact with. Cow tongues are usually squishy underneath and you need to clean them, too.

Step 2: Boiling

Put the beef tongue in a large pot with water. Add a pinch of salt to add taste to the tongue and allow to simmer for about 2 to 3 hours. If it is still hard, let it boil again for another 20 to 30 minutes or until it’s tender.

Step 3: Peeling

When the beef tongue is already tender, you may now remove it from the water. Allow it to cool and when it is cold enough to hold, peel the outer layer of the tongue skin.

You can use a sharp knife to remove the outer skin of the tongue until you reach the soft texture of the tongue meat. Slice the tongue into bite-size pieces then give it to your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Tongue?

Feeding raw tongues to your dog can give them the nutrients that they need. Just make sure to clean the tongue properly and peel the skin of it. You can grind it up and store it in the freezer. Get a small portion when it’s time to feed your dog.

However, there’s an issue regarding raw meat like beef heart, pork tongue, beef tongue, sheep, lamb shank, and even chicken hearts. Raw organ meats can have salmonella that can affect both dogs and dog owners.  Dogs with organ diseases and cancer should not be fed any raw meat.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Tongue

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Cow Tongue?

Yes. Dogs can eat cooked cow tongues. If you’re not a fan of raw meat or treats, another option is to cook your own treats for your dogs. Cooking or freezing is the best way to preserve the meat and prevent bacterial build-up on it.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Cow Tongue

Will Cow Tongue Make My Dog Sick?

The only thing that can cause sickness to your dog when eating beef tongue is the presence of salmonella. Salmonella in raw meat can cause fever, anorexia, diarrhea, and nausea to your dog. Salmonella infection can also cause weight loss due to poor appetite and fluid loss.

Can Puppies Eat Cow Tongue?

Puppies can eat organ meat, like beef tongue, in small amounts only. Puppies should only eat cooked beef tongues because they can easily get infected if the organ is raw and has salmonella. Slice the cooked tongue into smaller bits so that they can easily eat and digest it.

Can Puppies Eat Cow Tongue

What Can I Feed My Dog Instead of Tongue?

There are other meats and organs that can be eaten by your pup than just beef tongue. Giving them several kinds of food can ensure that they can get the right amount of nutrition that their body needs. Here’s some of the other nutritious food for your dog.

  • Beef Cheek
  • Beef and chicken livers
  • Beef and chicken kidneys
  • Flank Steak (cow’s abdominal muscle)
  • Raw beef bones

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