Can Dogs Eat Pomelo Fruit?

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Dogs are omnivores. While they heavily rely on meat, they can still eat some human foods. However, not all human foods are safe for your dog to eat. So, can dogs eat citrus fruits, specifically pomelos?

Can Dogs Eat Pomelo Fruit?

Yes, dogs can eat pomelo fruit in moderation. It is a healthy snack that is great for a fun treat. However, it should not become a regular treat because it contains sugar, and excess sugar consumption in dogs can cause many medical issues.

Can Dogs Eat Pomelo Fruit

What Is a Pomelo?

What Is a Pomelo

Pomelo is part of the citrus fruits family, and it is often called a Chinese grapefruit. This citrus fruit can grow to be almost as large as a grapefruit, or even bigger. It has a sweet but lemony taste, but it is sweeter than a grapefruit.

Is It Safe to Feed Pomelo to Dogs?

Yes, it is safe to give dogs a bit of pomelo on occasion. However, you should not give dogs too much pomelo and pomelo cannot replace meat or dog food in your dog’s diet. Moreover, dogs can only eat pomelo flesh because the skin, leaves and seeds are toxic.

Is It Safe to Feed Pomelo to Dogs

The Health Benefits of Giving Dogs Pomelo

Pomelo is surprisingly rich in nutrients like protein. As we know, protein is crucial for your dogs because it is an essential source of energy. However, dogs will benefit more from animal protein, and animal protein cannot be replaced with plant protein. Regardless, it is a nice small boost for a healthy treat for your dog.

Pomelos also have a lot of dietary fiber. Feeding pomelo to constipated dogs can help alleviate their symptoms. Dog owners can also give their pooches a bit of pomelo if they are not constipated because it can keep their dog’s digestive system healthy.

This fruit also has a lot of antioxidants, like vitamin C. Vitamin C keeps your dog’s immune system healthy, which can help fight off infections. Moreover, the antioxidants like vitamin C can fight off free radicals, which can slow aging and prevent disease.

The Side Effects of Letting Dogs Eat Pomelo

Firstly, pomelo is still a fruit, so it has sugar. Even though it is “healthy” sugar, too much sugar can still be bad for your dog. Dogs do not normally eat fruit, so they can be more sensitive to the sugar in fruits than humans. Feeding your dog a lot of sugar can lead to obesity, diabetes, etc.

Moreover, it is possible for your dog to get poisoned by pomelo, but only if they eat other parts of the fruit. The leaves, skin and seeds of the pomelo are toxic to dogs, so they can only consume the flesh of the fruit.

Can Puppies Eat Pomelo

What Part of the Pomelo Fruit Can Dogs Eat?

If you feed your dog pomelo, you should offer only the flesh of this large citrus fruit. The seeds, leaves and skin of the pomelo are toxic. Additionally, those parts of the fruit are difficult to digest, which can cause stomach pain.

Can Dogs Be Allergic to Pomelo?

Dogs can develop an allergy to anything. So, it is possible for your dog to be allergic to pomelo, but it is not a common allergy. You can give them a small bite of pomelo flesh. If they do not have any negative reactions after 24 hours, they are likely not allergic.

Can Dogs Be Allergic to Pomelo


Pomelo is a healthy fruit that you can give to your dog on occasion. Your dog can eat citrus fruit like pomelo every now and then, but they can only have a few bites of the flesh, free of pomelo seeds, skin and leaves.

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