The 5 Best Rabbit Foods 2021

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Rabbit FoodsIt’s pretty rewarding to have a rabbit in your home. They’re very cute small animals can run faster all around the garden.

You can pet them with easy effort as they likely to be quite friendly in manner. Indeed, it said that rabbits tend to be the best domestic animal to keep at your home. Also, they’re good with cats and dogs.

But, they don’t bring up themselves. You have to consider them almost the same way you take care of your kids. You should think about a sequence of various factors while taking a rabbit in your home.

In this sequence, high-quality food is a largely considerable one that you should choose wisely.

But, things might be confusing when you’ll search on the web regarding the best rabbit food. It’s because there are assorted types of food from different brands.

No worries as we’re here with the top quality food that will make you free of getting stressed.

Top 5 Best Foods for Rabbit

1. Small Pet Select Rabbit Food Pellets

Regardless of being a niche and new brand, the Small Pet has gained its popularity within a short time. The product caters to their particular target audience.

The largest reason is that they always consider getting high-quality rabbit food instead of picking some mass products. Thus, these pellets become quite obvious for many people.

The manufacturer produces less than five hundred packets in some small batches for every month.

It assures its users the freshest batches with the top quality, which is lacking in the batches of mass production.

Your pet will find it very soft and will like to take them instantly for many times. It’s because the main ingredient of the product is the timothy hay that makes the food is a great source of pretty indigestible fiber.

Apart from this, the item comes with soy ingredients with a blend of fat and vitamins for better health.

The food is packed with different types of vitamins and minerals. These include vitamin A and D along with E and B vitamins plus proteins, calcium, and phosphorus.

This is the USA-made product that comes from a small business of family-based where works just 4 employees and offers a 100% guarantee of money back.


  • Small batches with fresher ingredients
  • Tasty pellets that your pet likes
  • 100% guarantee of money back
  • Healthy vitamin and mineral blend


  • Unavailable in the regular pet stores

2. Kaytee Supreme Food for Rabbit

It could be a pride for the producer that asking somewhere for a portion of better rabbit food, you’ll find the Kaytee brand is the first choice of the sellers.

It’s hands down to the largest used and the most popular rabbit pellet across the world. And some good reasons have made food famous and obvious to pet lovers.

First off, the pellets are as soft as fresh and your rabbits will instant eat greedily it with no hesitation. Also, you’ll find a significant difference in their poop color if you’re using some other food brands.

The difference indicates the Kaytee freshness of the used ingredients that are very special than many other top brands.

The main source of used ingredients is seeds and grains that have stated to the official website of the Kaytee. But, their supreme food formulation comes with oat hay, which is one of the primary elements with alfalfa.

If your pet is contraindicated to eat alfalfa then you may look at some other products of our list that have not this ingredient.

Along with Rosemary, the product has some more healthy and essential vitamins and minerals. These include Vitamin A, E, and B-vitamins with Niacin and Folic acid.

Thus, it makes sure its users the healthiest and freshest food that comes with the top quality that you’ll not find in many other brands of rabbit foods.


  • World’s most popular rabbit food pellets
  • Oat hay pellets with alfalfa
  • Healthier and fresher
  • No added colors or flavors


  • A bit pricey

3. Sherwood Adult Rabbit Food

Many rabbit lovers don’t like to feed their little buddy the type of foods that are made with grain or soy. If you also want to do the same, this is the best fit for your rabbit.

The source stuff of this food is the Timothy Hay of western. Also, the food is entirely free of food grains and soy, so it’s pretty suitable as your rabbit food.

These ingredients are easy to digest due to the nutrient and healthy blend of different vitamins and minerals. The good thing about this food is that it has a nice aroma of timothy hay that your rabbit will like very much.

Apart from this, the food is free of any added flavors and colors that have made very especially for your bunnies.

The freshness is the indication of the higher quality of the Sherwood that has made it proud across the world. If you find your pet is like to eat this food, you can but it in bulk amount that will save you some bucks.

Besides, you’ll find two types of food that have offered by the brand that has made it easy to choose from.

The first one is its professional pellets that are ideal for your rabbit if it compromises diet about 50% for the timothy hay.

The other pellets are that complete one that’s perfect for rabbits that eat less than fifty percent. These are good options for you that you can select a suitable one for the pet when it comes to the issue.


  • Fresh and tasty pellets
  • No grain and soy
  • Based on timothy hay
  • No added colors & flavor


  • Not suitable for rabbits with a digestive issue

4. Manna Pro Small World Rabbit Feed

Mann Pro is an ideal rabbit food with the formulation of no-corn. If you have a rabbit with digestive issues for powerful grains in its pellets then this product is the right choice for your little friend.

The card issue usually happens for the corn endosperm, but this item has not any similar ingredient to make the issue.

The pellet of Manna Pro comes with the content of a higher fiber amount blended with a combination of vitamins and some minerals.

When it comes to the key ingredients, the source of the product is wheat, alfalfa, rice bran, soybean hulls, soybean mills, and some dried grains that have made it very special.

The food is easy and firm to chew, so your rabbit will enjoy it very much. Also, you can feed your pet of all age range from baby bunnies to adult rabbits.

If you ask some Manna Pro users, you’ll understand why it’s their pet’s key dried food. Most of them will reply that their pets like to eat the pellets very much.

Some other people use this food as a secondary choice if they end up the availability of their favorite dried food.

This is another proof of being the best choice for the pets to feed them as their both primary and secondary dried food across the world. Besides, you’ll find it without any artificial flavor and colors, unlike other brands.


  • Affordable price
  • Formulated without corn
  • Packed with vitamins & minerals
  • Perfect for all age ranges of rabbits


  • Users’ reports it’s not as the same it said

5. Oxbow Animal Health Essentials

Most veterinarians recommend this food for most small animals like rabbits. Also, the product is the first choice for many pet owners.

It’s because the pellets of this food are full of different essential ingredients for your little buddy. These elements help you to keep it as strong as healthy and happy as well.

The hidden secret is the formulation of timothy hay that makes the food aromatic and tasty. As a result, you’re free of stress when it comes to feeding your leisure companion.

This is very ideal to provide your rabbit with a reasonable portion of protein along with a balanced amount of calcium as well as the essential phosphorus.

Besides, the Oxbow comes with all fiber contents that are very essential for the better digestion of your rabbit. Thus, it’ll provide smooth motility of your bunny’s digestive system.

Because of having the wheat element, this is a better source of energy and carbohydrates. Moreover, there is a basic formulation of vitamins & minerals.

Hence, the combination of different types of essential healthy ingredients, the pellet of the food is quite suitable for your small friend.

For the same reason, you’ll be able to develop it strongly without any health issue. As the food comes with a soy product, it offers the highest level of healthy protein. So, the body function of the pet will run smoothly and properly.


  • Veterinarians recommended food
  • Aromatic and tasty
  • Packed with fiber contents
  • All-natural ingredients


  • Some rabbits don’t like to eat this food

Things To Consider Before You Buy Rabbit Food

By now you have understood that shopping the best rabbit food is not something like you just click on the web from a random search. Indeed, it’s somewhat a bit tricky to choose the best one.

But, if you know what are the considering factors to buy rabbit food then it’s a very simple task for you. That’s why we’re going to share some things that you should think about strongly to select the right product.

Pellet Quality

The high-quality pellet comes with some different nutrients that are very essential for your little ally. As the rabbits are small animals, they need good quality food.

This is almost like the human being. If you think it like a man or woman then you’ll find the right quality food for it.

So, before you buy a packet of rabbit food, you must read the formulation of its ingredients.

Look for the basic formulation of vitamins (A, D, E), calcium, and minerals in the package along with other essential nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, and some others.

Size & Pellets Consistency

The breed types of your rabbit that you own will affect the suitable pellet size for it. Don’t forget one thing that a young rabbit is unable to bite a large pellet at the way an adult rabbit can.

That means you should bear in mind the consistency of your pet’s pellets regarding how quickly they’re able to break down. It’s easy to find the size of the food pellets described on the packages of the food.


Importantly you have to know about the rough points for the rabbit regarding the dosage of their food according to their weight.

Although the recommendation is quite broad, there are some other particular needs that you should take on your account when it comes to your rabbit.

But, you always should follow the instructions of your assigned veterinarian. It’s very specifically essential if you have a hard time with your rabbit.

So, your veterinarian is just the person who can tell you the perfect dosage of the food for the pet.


Very viral factor to consider before you buy a package of rabbit food. As they’re very delicate, you can’t provide them all types and the same type of food that you give your adult ones. It’ll harm your pets with the difficulties of their digestive system.

So, if you should use common sense then you’ll realize that a baby rabbit can drink the liquid and eat less dried food other than the hard and dried ones.

Even the food package may come with the instructions if the food is suitable for the kitties.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Foods My Rabbits Can Eat?

Fresh hay, fruits, vegetables, and grass are the favorite foods of rabbits. When they eat hay, it provides them the most essential vitamins and nutrients.

In the same way, fresh foods are very important to them because they have nutrients as well. Also, they like to get food with different tastes and textures.

Can My Rabbits Eat Food Of Guinea Pig?

The answer is yes for some cases as this is a debatable issue. Because of being these two animals are very different; you should not make a habit of eating the food of guinea pigs. Both of them have different needs and choices as well.

How Long My Rabbits Can Go Without Eating Food?

As the food is very essential for us, in the same way, it’s vital for your pets too. We get health issues due to the lack of foods and your pets also go in the same way.

In any case, they’re good enough without eating food. But, it may vary depending on age and other situations.

Can My Rabbits Eat The Cat Food?

You can think it’s OK to feed the same food to your cat and rabbit. But, it’s not a good idea because they’re different animals and they need their food.

If you feed your rabbit a cat food, it’ll make different health issues for it. It’s because cat’s foods are designed differently.


Finding the right food for your rabbit might be a bit of challenging tasks as it relates to many things like their breeds, age, and personalities.

Also, the most common thing is that each rabbit comes with its individual needs and tastes. So, you can’t provide them any type of animal food.

But, we have made things easy for you with the above-said reviews and the points of consideration. As a result, you can choose any of the food that we have reviewed that will make a great sense.

But, don’t forget to remember the deciding factors and also if your pet has any special requirements. Now, it’s your turn to choose the right product and let us know in the comment section if we missed some topics.

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