The 6 Best Hedgehog Bedding 2021 Reviews

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Hedgehog BeddingFor pets like hedgehogs, bedding is the most important part of their life in their cage.

Hedgehogs are moody animals. In order to keep them happy, you must provide them with things according to their desires.

A happy hedgehog will get along very well with you and your family. When it comes to making a hedgehog happy and relaxed, you need an appropriate cage, some toys, a healthy diet, and good bedding.

You can find a lot of options available in the market. Some people are of the view that you can also make beddings for your small pets at home using baby clothes or fleece.

While it is a good idea, when it comes to saving cost, it may not be a great idea professionally. Bedding is one such thing which should never be compromised.

In this review for best bedding for hedgehogs, we will be discussing some of the best beddings that you can get in the market, buying guide to help you make the best possible decision.

Apart from these two, we will also cover some of the frequently asked questions related to bedding for hedgehogs and a user’s guide as well. We aim to solve every query in your mind regarding bedding for your exotic hedgehog.

Selecting the best bedding for your hamsters is a difficult and confusing task. We are here to help and make your life easy.

Let’s give your hedgehog the love back by providing them with great beddings.

Top 6 Best Beddings for Hedgehogs

After a careful analysis of the beddings available in the market, we have selected the following beddings for you to buy.

1. Monster Pets Carefresh Natural Premium Soft Pet Bedding

At the top of our list is the Carefresh natural bedding. This bedding is made from natural fibre extracted from wood pulp. This company is producing the best bedding for hedgehogs and other small pets.

They claim that it is the safest and healthiest bedding available in the market at the moment. The reason behind this is the highly industrialized manufacturing process which eliminated any chances of contamination.

It is totally natural and organic and is completely free from all the inks, chemicals, dyes or clays. These features will give your hedgehog comfort and bring peace of mind for you as you are giving the best to your pet.

As far as the absorption strength and odour control are concerned, they are also extraordinary. It can control odour up to 4x of its weight and odour control strength is excellent as well.

The amazing qualities of this bedding will make you forget that you have to change the bedding. However, you should not be negligent and change it on a timely basis.

Another amazing feature of this bedding is its ability to expand, so you get more and pay less. This bedding is totally safe for your hedgehog as it is organic and free from any additives.

It will not disturb the little fellow’s health and respiratory system. People who use this bedding are highly satisfied with it. Keep in mind that it is a bit expensive as good things do not come cheap.

2. Kaytee Aspen Bedding Bag

Next up is the Kaytee Aspen Bedding. It is made from naturally occurring aspen shavings and is soft, comfortable and healthy for your pet.

The makers have paid special attention to remove any kind of dust and wood debris to make this bedding state of the art. The industrialized process used in manufacturing ensures that you get nothing but the best for your beloved pet.

There is no addition of aromatic oil or colours which gives the bedding an edge over other ordinary beddings. This bedding is also perfect for all types of habitats.

If you are using a cage, aquarium or a critter tray, you can rely on Kaytee aspen bedding with full confidence. It is easy to clean. Being biodegradable, it does not add any pollution to the environment.

It can absorb up to 4x liquid and is very good when comes to the odour control mechanism. If you have a well-trained hedgehog, you can easily use this bedding for 4-5 days.

There are some problems with this bedding when it comes to packing. The packing material used is not of high quality, so you might need to use a bag of your own to store it properly.

3. Small Pet Select Unbleached White Paper Bedding

This bedding is a great option for people who are extremely concerned about the health of their hedgehogs. We know all of you are, but some people are more concerned.

It has special hypoallergenic qualities which ensure that the hedgehog does not catch any allergies from the bedding. It is 99% dust free and this percentage is the highest of all the manufacturers.

It offers up to 3x absorption power and moderate odour control qualities. It is made from unbleached fibre; you do not need to worry about the use of any additional chemicals or inks.

Since it is white in colour, this makes it easy to spot the dirt and clean only the messy areas. Hence, this bedding provides a great chance to save cost while using it.

It is expensive, but the price hike can be covered through savings. Another reason behind its high price is the use of untreated paper which has never been recycled before.

One issue reported by the users is that the paper spreads a lot around the cage as well.

4. Carefresh Complete Natural Paper Bedding Confetti

If you are looking to color up things for your little fellow, then the confetti bedding from Carefresh is the best option you can select.

We know that you might be thinking that why we have included colored bedding in our list, but we have done our research on this product.

The coloring process is completely natural and all the colors used are obtained from natural extracts.

It offers amazing 10 days odor control and is absorbent up to 3 times of its weight. It is 99% dust free and comfortable for your pet.

It is also a safe and healthy option for your pet as it does not contain any chemicals or dyes. It is expandable and can expand to twice its stated volume.

Users report that his bedding is costly, but the price is justified by the value you are getting from this product.

5. FiberCore Eco-Bedding Natural

Another reliable bedding s from fiber core, it is made from recycled paper and is totally dust-free. You do not need to worry about the health of your hedgehog if you are using this bedding.

It is hypoallergenic and is specifically designed to ensure that all the ammonia and other harmful gases do not leave the bedding, so you and your pet stay safe from all the allergies.

It is easy to clean as it is made from paper and does not leave any spots on the base of the cage. It has the ability to last for at least 5-6 days which is good as compared to other products.

This bedding can absorb up to 3 times its weight and can retain the smell for moderate periods of time.

6. Dr Hemp All Natural Pet Bedding Bag

We feel that we must include hemp bedding in our list. It takes the last spot because it is different from all the above beddings.

It is costly bedding, so if you are on a limited budget for your pet care, you will have problems adjusting to its price range. It is industrially grown under strict quality control to eliminate dust and chemicals in it.

A very limited amount of insecticides and pesticides is used in the manufacturing process to ensure the health of your hedgehog.

The manufacturers take pride in providing you with environmentally friendly bedding which will take care of your pet and your home by controlling odor.

It can absorb up to 4 times of its own weight.  The only issue reported by the users is its high price.

Bedding Hedgehogs: Buying Guide

After going through the best options for hedgehog beddings, it is important to scrutinize them with the lenses of buying guide.

Our buying guide is crafted by keeping in view all the important factors that you need to consider while making the final decision.

It will add value to your purchase by making sure that the bedding you buy makes your pet comfortable and feel safe.

It should also be healthy for your pet and dense enough so your hedgehog can dig in and makes nests to enjoy a somewhat natural habitat.

Liquid Absorption Power

Try to get the bedding which offers optimum absorption strength. Hence, you should not compromise on other features like odor control, safety, and material of the bedding.

Most manufacturers are now offering up to 4 times the absorption strength of the weight of the bedding.

Odor Control

Another key factor to consider while buying bedding is the power of odor control it is offering. Most bedding which offers good absorption strength is also good in odor control.

We recommend that you do not go with scented beddings because they contain chemicals which are harmful to your hedgehog’s respiratory system.


Selecting the right type of material from which the bedding is made is also of paramount consideration.

Organic beddings are safe for your hedgehog. It is healthy and even if your hamster eats some of the bedding, he will be safe and you will not need to worry and rush to a vet.

We recommend that you avoid the following materials at all costs

  • Pine and Cedar Wood Bedding are sharp and pointy. Such beddings can hurt your hedgehog’s sensitive and fragile feet. Aspen wood beddings are safe as they are soft and do not hurt your pet.
  • Newspaper Bedding is cheap and easy to replace but the ink is harmful to your pet and they have zero odor control. So, if you want to avoid smell around your little fellow’s home, you better keep the newspaper away from his cage.
  • Fluffy Bedding: A lot of companies are offering inorganic fluffy beddings. They are soft, fluffy and comfortable for your pet. Since they are inorganic, they can be problematic for your pet in case they chew it.
  • Cat Litter is very dangerous for the stomach of your hedgehog. If your pet eats it, cat litter will form jumbles in the stomach and your pet will be in a lot of pain.
  • Corn Cob bedding is an inexpensive option to go with. The problem with it is that it has zero absorption power, zero odor control and is easily attached by fungus and mold.
  • Scented Bedding: Another type of bedding to avoid is the scented beddings. Scented beddings have chemicals in them which give them aromas to overcome the smell in the cage. These aromas are harmful to your pet.
  • Cotton is also cheap and easy to clean. It can absorb fairly well but has no odor control mechanism. Secondly, it is also harmful to your pet to ingest.
  • Sawdust beddings are full of dust. Dust will heavily impact your pet’s breathing.


All of the pet owners have had some questions in their mind regarding the use of bedding for their pets. We are saving your time by listing some of the frequently asked questions in our review.

What is the frequency to change bedding?

You should change your hedgehog’s bedding after 8-10 days. This is the maximum time considering the fact that you have a very trained and well-behaved pet.

In case, the bedding is dirty and is starting to smell, you should change it in a couple of hours. This ensures that your pet stays healthy.

Can the bedding be reused?

Yes, you can re-use the bedding in flower pots. You can fill also garden holes with the used bedding.

Is this bedding good for other small pets?

Yes, you can use this bedding for other small pets like hamsters, rats, and chinchillas.

My hedgehog has the habit of eating bedding. What should I do?

You should get organic bedding. Natural and organic bedding is safe for hedgehogs to eat.

I have a big cage and my bedding expenses are increasing. What can I do to control this?

You must buy bedding in bulk quantities. Bigger bags have more volume and fewer prices.

Is colored bedding safe for my hedgehog?

Natural beddings are white in color and they are the safest option. Colored beddings are mostly recycled paper.

If you want colored bedding, you should read the description properly. If the colors used are natural extracts, then it is safe for your pet.


The importance of bedding for a hedgehog is the same as it is for you. You want a comfortable and nice bed to sleep, so does hedgehogs.

We recommend that you do not shy from spending some extra dollars on your little fellow and get the best bedding available. The top three beddings in our list are the best.

A happy hedgehog will easily develop a bond of love with you. Happiness, for him, greatly depends on his bedding.

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