Top 5 Best Hamster Foods 2021

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Hamsters are great fun pets for many people around the world. They need something more than just getting food.  Along with the right things, you must serve it the high-quality, suitable, and the best hamster food. Another reason is that these little buddies lead a short period of life.

This is why you have to provide them the suitable food that will help them make longer their lives. In return, they’ll be making you as well as your family fun and entertaining for an extended time.

It’s the reason that has led us to share your top five best hamster foods that will keep your pet healthy and happy. Also, you’ll get a buying guide and some frequently asked questions with the reviews that will help you to find the right food for your hamster.

Top 5 Best Hamster Foods

1. Kaytee’s Forti Diet Pro Health Hamster Food

Hamsters are little creatures, but they need the best and right food. If you provide them the suitable and healthy food, they’ll be remaining as energetic as active.

This is because Kaytee presents pet foods and other pet-related things for more than 50 years.

The manufacturer knows what is best and perfect for your little buddy to keep them healthy, happy, and live longer lives.

The food of Kaytee comes with the selected natural ingredients that have fortified with essential vitamins as well as minerals.

This is how it ensures your hamster remains fit for playing and make fun for you. Also, this food has pre plus probiotics that make sure your pet’s digestive health. With various sizes of textures, it provides the right amount of ground while keeping sharp and healthy teeth.

Moreover, you’ll avail your hamster some other added things like essential antioxidants. They’ll help you to make promote the strong immune system of your pet. As a result, your small pet will enjoy a happy life in their cage.

At the same time, you can make sure that you’re providing them the best food they need to live well. The pack of the food will bring you five pounds of high-quality food where the weight is mostly constant.

This food for your hamster doesn’t come by shorting from the seeds of sunflowers like some other brands. Apart from the above-said advantages, the price of the food is much reasonable. This is because we can say that the food is the best buy for your little entertainer.


  • Best & trusted brand
  • No extracted from the sunflower’s seeds
  • Affordable in price
  • Food with pre plus probiotics


  • Freshness issue with 25lbs bag

2. Oxbow Animal Health Hamster & Gerbil Fortified Feeds

Oxbow offers thirty meals in every bag while supplying the whole thing that your pet needs to make satisfied at each time you feed it.

With every bite, the food provides oats and barley along with another secret ingredient, Timothy Hay, to make your hamster wild.

It’ll clean your pet’s teeth with every nibble. Not just this, it also doesn’t come with sugars or fruit that can make the issue of teeth decay while eating too much. Thus, the food prevents the sweet teeth of your little friend.

As a replacement for sugars and fruit, this high-quality food contains additional fiver. This is why it helps you to keep the digestive system well enough by this food that ensures perfect health.

If you give the food to your pet, you’re also free of stress thinking about added colors, artificial ingredients, and additives.

Because these harmful things have not added to this food, they can’t do any negative affect on the health of your hamster. So, you can feed your pet this food without any anxiety as it comes with all-natural things.

Also, these things have selected manually to ensure the best quality and healthy along with the happy life of the hamster. When it comes to the essential minerals and vitamins, it contains most of them with enough calcium.

You’ll get the food that’s completely suitable for the pet to keep them in the state of tip-top. The food is indeed a bit expensive, but it’ll ensure the best things for your beloved pet that make you entertain all the time.


  • Provides oats and barley
  • Very appetizing
  • Nutritional
  • Natural ingredients


  • A bit expensive

3. Wild Harvest | WH-83543 Advanced Nutrition Food for Hamsters

This favorite hamster food comes with about five pounds treats in a flip-top pack. The food is simple to dig out just about the exact amount of pet food that needs it daily basis.

With this food, you’ll be able to provide your pet the blend of fruits, grains, and vegetables.

It means that this is a properly balanced diet to make sure endurance, strong bones, and better vision. Also, it indicates that this food does not just keep your hamster healthy; it’ll make it energetic and happy while eating a meal.

As a result, you can ensure that your pet is getting an appropriate amount of fiber, vitamins, protein, and other essential things that need to keep them strong. Apart from keeping your hamster healthy, these ingredients help them lead a longer life.

And it’s simple to understand if your pet is happy and healthy enough; it’ll live some extended number of days to years.

Because of having important minerals with other ingredients, you can keep your pet playful. Likewise, you’ll be able to lead a fun life with your pet with you.

Also, you’ll not need to care for any on the earth to keep happy. It’s because this hamster diet has consisted of the whole thing that your little friend needs.

That means if you give this food to your hamster, you’ll find it finished in the morning. And it might need a bit more of the amount you served last night. So, we can say that this is the best hamster food among many other brands.


  • Comes with a flip-top pack
  • Food remains fresh longer
  • Selected ingredients
  • Enriched all essential nutrients


  • Somewhat expensive

4. Kaytee Fiesta Hamster Food

This is another ideal food for your loving hamster, which is a blend of fruit, grains, and veggies. It has nice textures to avail of essential nutrition to the little one. At the same time, the food is as tasty as it likes to get treat several times a day.

Also, this whole natural food contains most of the essential stuff like vitamins, probiotics, minerals, and whatever is needed for the healthy life of the hamster. If you keep it in sound health, it’ll also give enough fun and pleasure to reduce your mental stress.

This is how you as well as your little buddy can go together for many years for lots of exciting activities. While the pack comes with sealed, you can keep the food fresh for a longer time. And when you’ll open the pack, you’ll understand that this food is really suitable for your pet.

Because of having important antioxidants, the food is very vital for the right functionality of the immune system. Moreover, it doesn’t contain sugar or its additives that’s why it has no issue of shortening the life expectancy of your pet.

Instead, the food will bring brim of vim and prepare to entertain and play with you and your kids if you like. Among the ingredients, your pet will get things like carrots, dried bananas, safflower, and flaxseed.

Also, it contains ground oats, dried papaya, ground rice, sweet potatoes, and apples. These things have made the food one of the first choices for most hamster owners.


  • Food with fruit, grains & veggies
  • Extremely appetizing
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Essential nutrients


  • Your pet’s face color may be changed

5. Vitakraft Vita Prima | Sunscription Hamster Food

Finally, we have this food for your dwarf hamster. The food has made a bit different way because this type of hamsters needs some special nutrition other than their larger ones.

So, if you have this type of pet, you need an especially formulated pet food that has essential nutrients for your pet.

Regardless of what the pet needs, you’re all set to feed it this food while it’s having the most types of minerals and vitamins.

Also, it has calcium and all other vital things for the hamster, which is why the food provides extended energy to meet the need for a higher metabolic rate.

Moreover, VitaKraft is full of Omega-3 fatty acids that help to protect and regulate free radicals, which might make impairment of its healthy living.

This is a type of food that has a mixture of the whole things that are essential for your dwarf type of hamster’s needs and like to get in its diet.

It’s because we can say that this one is another great food that your pet will love to get every day. To conclude, it’ll give a bit different textures of veggies with this food.

This food is very suitable for a pet when you’re tired of feeding it with the vet recommended pellet. If we say specifically, this food will prefer the hamsters of Russian, Chinese, and Robo.


  • No added sugar
  • Included minerals & vitamins
  • Very tasty food
  • Many vegetable ingredients


  • A bit more grainy food

Buying Guide For The Best Hamster Foods

The needs of nutrition for the hamsters are not the same at the same amount as it differs in sizes. So, the food you’ll give them should be very effective for their particular needs.

This is why you should know about some factors that influence effectiveness. Below are some essential factors that will help you to choose the right type of food.

Basic Needs Of Hamsters

Like other animals, hamsters also need a better combination of vitamins, protein, minerals, fats, water, and carbohydrates. If you give them food without proper proportion, your hamsters will not be live healthy and happily.

Because of being rodents, their teeth grow continuously. To make their teeth strong with the proper length, you should give them food that they can chew constantly. It could be food or some toys that are chewable.

The Balanced Diet

The formula of a balanced diet for feeding an adult pet is here. For a hamster kid, a pregnant, and a lactating mother need a bit more protein-rich food. The standard protein intake is between 12% – 15% that defers for age groups. Protein is the major player to boost their growth with healthy muscles.

Also, it can be the origin of vegetables and animals. When it comes to the hamsters, it’s better to give them vegetable protein. These may include grains, nuts, and soya.

Some blends come with mixed proteins. But, the notable thing is that mixed proteins are tough to digest for adult pets. Also, they can contain lots of fat that can make them obese. Indeed, the amount of fat in protein should be 3% to 6%.

Ingredients’ Quality

From the beginning, you should ensure that the food has made from healthy and high-quality ingredients. You always should avoid the foods that come with fillers and artificial ingredients.

Also, don’t give them foods that have a big number of corn along with dried foods like raisins. Instead, you can feed the fruits like bananas, grapes, raspberries, and blueberries. But, don’t feed them excessively that will affect their digestive systems.

Food Formulation

Like other pet foods, hamsters’ food should be made with the standard formulation to meet all needs of a balanced diet and nutrients. You have to give them food carefully to ensure their longer lifespan.

Vegan hamsters will rarely nourish on meat and insects. Most of them will consume more foodstuff than other ones. Because they eat at nighttime, it could be challenging to observe their eating habits.

Also, they have a habit of hiding foods when they’re fully in the tummy. So, providing them the right formulated food is very vital.


Regardless of how much your pets like sugary stuff, you always should avoid feeding these things. They don’t need added sugar because they get it from fruits and veggies such as apples, berries, and carrots.

Thus, they get essential sugar content from these things automatically. If you give them extra-sugary items, they’ll make your pet just fat plus sick.


Unlike sugar, hamsters need an amount of salt along with their diet. It helps them to get from thrashing mineral rocks. This is why it’s better to give them a mineral licking. This will ensure getting the essential salt that they need.

Frequently Asked Questions Of The Best Hamster Food

How Much Should I Feed My Hamster?

It depends on their sizes. For example, Dwarf Hamsters and Syrian Hamsters’ daily need is about 10 to 15 grams of food along with 30ml of water every day.

What Can I Do If My Hamster Is Fat?

You always have to keep an eye on the weight change of your pet. It’s important to ensure your pet’s stomach is not getting too round while they’re fairly round naturally. You should begin feeding them less if they do.

When Should I Feed My Hamster?

Most hamster lovers and owners ask the questions commonly. Many people think evening is the best time to feed hamsters because they’re very active at this time.

But, it doesn’t have any proven evidence. Like the domestic ones, wild pets also collect food and store it in pouches. So, you can feed them at any time and it’s best to keep food and they’ll eat when they hungry.


You have found the best hamster food above with the considering factors that you should follow while buying them.

So, you can choose your preferred food from the market and even you can get one from the above-said list. It’s because all of the enlisted foods are great enough and suitable for your loving hamsters.

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