The 5 Best Toys For Hamsters 2021

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Best Toys For HamstersYou might need to choose the best toys for hamsters, but you don’t have enough time to visit the market physically. This is why we’re here to help you to bring back from the occupied situation. We’re going to share the top five best hamster toys that are as popular as favorite of the pets.

In this case, we have taken a keen look at lots of websites and buyers’ reviews regarding this issue to offer you the best ones. Providing toys and colorful props to your hamsters are very essential.

It’s because these things help them remain happy and healthy. So, if you’re one of the hamsters’ owners, keep reading on and learn lots about toys and its related topics.

Top 5 Best Toys For Hamsters

1. Rainbow Play Bridge Toy For Hamster

This is a multicolored bridge toy to make great fun for your small pets while playing with it. The toy can fit many small creatures due to their flexibility.

Also, you can give it your pet for fun that will help them keep the boredom away. In addition, it has made from harmless materials.

As a result, your pet can chew it on and this way it helps to keep the teeth of your pet healthy while completing the need of the chewing.

The measurement of the toy is about (3.2X2.8X5.5) inches and it’s big enough for your feathery pets to sleep under this one while getting tired.

In its given dimensions, the interesting point is that the toy is enough size to make use of your pets like hamsters and gerbils along with mice.

This is why it makes sense of safety to put it inside the cage. Moreover, it comes with a rainbow option in design that has been drawn on the bridge’s arc.

So, it can get an advantage of colorful surroundings for the most enclosure. Because of being very appealing and colorful, the toy can be a vivid pop that will make your pet’s home more comfortable and nicer to live in.

Besides, the toy will help your pet to avail requirement of gnawing as it has made with natural stuff. That’s why the toy is safe for your pet even if chew it.

Also, these hamster toys come with an unrivaled collection with something for all types of pets form larger ones to very large at heart.


  • Colorful & fun toy
  • Pets can get asleep under it
  • Safe to chew
  • Ideal for the most types of small pets


  • Some pets may not be interested in it

2. Activity Suspension Bridge From Rosewood Pet For Hamster Toy

Rosewood Pet presents another great designed hamster toy that your pet will like to do different activities.

Since the item has constructed wisely, most types of pets like to use it for playing, exercising, and many more activities. The toy has an intricate design, which is why it’s very tempting to your pet.

As a result, it’ll help your little friend keep busy for a longer time on end and it’ll not be feeling bored.

Like other hamster toys of the manufacturer, the bridge has made from safe and natural materials like wood. This is why you can allow them to chew the toy that will not make any harm.

Instead, it’ll help them fill the need of getting some ways of chewing and making their teeth stronger. It doesn’t matter the toy comes without assembled; you can do it easily by keeping the whole thing together.

The recommendation for your pet’s good health is that you always should avoid using toxic glues when you’ll assemble the bridge toy.

This is a very flexible bridge that measures (3.9x 11x 7.9) inches. While looking for suspending it from your cage’s roof, it’ll allow your pet climbing and clambering across the toy regularly.

The best thing about the toy is if you take to look at the reviews of the item, you’ll find most buyers of this toy are happy to use for their pet.

This is why we recommend this item for your hamster because of its easy accessibility and plenty of props to do different activities. These all will keep your little buddy busy and happy as well.


  • Prepared from safe wood
  • Simple to assemble
  • Fuel up your pet
  • Lots of scope of activities


  • Some pets are scared of this toy

3. Sleep ‘n’ Play Cheese Hamster & Small Animal Toy

This toy comes with a nice design for your hamster that your hamster will like to do different activities. Also, other types of pets will like to use the toy for different activities because of the item has made with great design. The largest benefit of the product is that it’s very big in dimension.

Just with 4.7-inch of height, the toy could the right choice for most types of smaller pets. The toy has made with two parts that are very easy to assemble and anybody can do it.

Moreover, there are many ways to assemble it that depend on your pet’s preference and the space they have in the cage.

Like other similar items, this one is also made versatility that allows you to make the toy look as it’s a cube. If you build it in this shape, it’ll provide your pet a private and safe space where it’ll feel very secure and comfortable.

The made materials are also safe enough to chew and they help your hamster to stimulate the need for chewing to make teeth stronger.

This fun and the rustic alternative are great and suitable for most types of small pets, like hamsters, mice, and gerbils.

If you avail of this item to your pet-loving friends, they’ll think it as the best gift from their small pets. Another great thing about the toy is that it’s as non-toxic as very sizable.


  • Larger in dimension
  • Very flexible item
  • Fits for the most pet
  • Great design


  • Sharp edges of the item

4. Ware Manufacturing Fun Tunnels Playing Tube for Small Pets

Most hamsters are fond of running and hiding. If your pet is one of them, this is the right product for it to keep them busy and contended.

This toy is about 30-inch long and you can avail it to the most types of small pets. These include hamsters, dwarf bunnies, and guinea pigs.

The item has made from tough plastic, so it doesn’t stain very soon. Because of its higher flexibility, you can get it for the pet that you have without any stress.

You also can store the product when your hamster has done its playing with the toy. The measure of the tunnels is (30X4X4) inches.

While providing this item to your pets, it’ll allow them to hide plus run inside. This is a very good thing because it motivates them to remain busy with different activities. Thus, you can keep the boredom of your pet away using this item.

To use it safely, it’s advised you have to read the user’s manual that comes with the toys before you use the toy for the first time. As it may incite intestinal obstructions, you should avoid allowing your pets to gnaw it.

Regardless of your hamster’s size, it’s a nice addition to make it happy with simple effort. It doesn’t matter the toy has made with plastic; it’ll not lose the original shape. Also, it resists the items from staining and you can give it to more than a single pet at a time.


  • Good for the most types of pets
  • Made from a durable plastic
  • Washable while dirty
  • Easy to bend & store


  • Can’t chew the toy

5. Kaytee’s Igloo Hideaway Colors Vary

This is an item that is a cool place to hide and run along with many other activities. The useful and attractive toy has come from the renowned pet product producer Kaytee.

This product has made of durable plastic that’s hard to tear with simple effort. Also, it’s very easy to clean when gets dirty because of this material.

You just need to rinse with enough water sometimes while getting filthy. Moreover, it has made with the feature of stain-resistant.

As a result, it allows you to use without getting the stress of discoloring the toy. With its given design, the item can motivate your pet to make a natural nest that it has.

You don’t need to spend extra time assembling the toy because it comes with the construction of one single piece. This 8-inch long product is largely suitable for most types of small pets like a hamster, rats, gerbils, and many more.

But, you also can choose from some other sizes according to your pet’s right accommodation. Apart from the availability of various sizes, it also comes in different colors. This is why it’s easy to match with the common theme of your pet’s habit.


  • Made of clear plastic
  • Durable model
  • Quite affordable
  • Stain-resistant


  • Not safe for chewing

Buying Guide Of The Best Hamster Toys

You need to be very careful while going to choose toys for your hamster. But, you’re all set if you know some considerable things regarding pet’s toys. Well, let’s know what you should know about before you go shopping for toys for your little buddy.


This factor should always consider as the first and foremost one. You have to do some researches on the items that you’re going to buy. Check the reviews of the previous users of the same product where you’ll be able to know about the safety and security of the item.

If you find some users have reported about the issues and dangers of the toy, it’ll make you able to find out the right and safe toy for your hamster.


Usually, hamster’s toys are made of natural, safe, and harmless materials. If you find any type of ingredients and substance has added that are toxic, simply avoid that one. Toxic materials are very harmful to your pets and even they can life-threatening.

Because hamsters are extremely food sensitive, you have to encircle them with the plaything that is safe to chew and edible. Your hamster will be in the hazard zone if it’s made materials contain dangerous things to consume.


You don’t buy playthings for your hamster every week. So, it doesn’t matter what type of toys you’re going to buy, ensure the longer durability of the toys.

Like other factors, check the reviews of the previous users where you’ll be able to know about the durability of the item. The best thing while it’s the issue of durability is that chooses the toys that have enough warranty. You always should avoid buying cheaper toys that don’t last long.


Of course, size matters for hamster toys. Getting the right size of toys is very crucial to motivate your pet to interact right away.

If you shop the very bigger or smaller toys in contrast to their size, they’ll not respond positively. So, choose the right size of toys that your hamster feel good to play with.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Frequently Should I Have Fun With My Pet Like Hamster?

Like other pets and your babies, hamsters also need your attention. So, it’s important to get some time to spend with these little friends when they show you the signals. There is no restriction of time to play and make fun with your hamsters.

How Regularly Should I Replace The Chews Your Hamsters Consumes?

Hamsters like to chew their toys like they eat food and the toys become damp. When they’re damp, they attract nearby bacteria, which is why your pet may befall in infections. But, if you change the toys every month, you can prevent the issue.

What Type Of Toys Should I Give Them To Play?

We already know that hamsters are quite playful pets. But, you have to know their habits and instinct in case of giving them the perfect toys. The toys we have reviewed above, all are suitable for the most types of small pets like hamsters.


Finding the right and best hamster toys could be a bit difficult if you’re going to buy them without knowing the above-said factors and reviews. But, you’re all set and nothing to worry as you have read the entire content.

It’s because we have discussed many things in it from the product review to buying guides and frequently asked questions about the best hamster toy.

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