Best Dog Food for IBD [Reviewed 2021]

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best dog food for ibd

Your pet’s frequent upset stomach is not something which may be ignored. Maybe your pet has seen the vet and got the diagnosis of IBD, inflammatory bowel disorder. Since IBD may have serious health effects on your pet, such as fat reduction, decreased muscle mass, and a poor coat, you are going to want to do what is needed to nurse your puppy back to wellness. Your first step will almost certainly be to alter your dog’s selection of meals.

With all these selections to choose from, you might not be certain that pet food will help alleviate your pet’s IBD symptoms. That is why we’ve assembled a detailed collection of the best dog food for ibd. We rated each dog food and comprised pros and cons lists.


5 Best Dog Food for IBD

1. Purina Hypoallergenic Veg Dog Food

We urge Purina Hypoallergenic Vegetarian pet foods as the best overall product for relieving your pet’s IBD symptoms. This item offers complete and balanced nutrition when addressing your pet’s unique digestive troubles.

Formulated for dogs that suffer from IBD and related digestive problems, Purina provides a hydrolyzed protein supply, higher digestibility, and medium-chain triglycerides. This dry dog food is totally vegetarian. Regardless of what you might assume about puppies eating veggies, we discovered that many dogs enjoy the flavor.

Although this new Purina includes a high price tag, many puppies significantly gain from ingesting it. Although we found a couple of episodes where the dog didn’t like the flavor or gain outcomes, many pet owners report success using this item.


  • High levels of easing IBD symptoms
  • Complete and balanced nutrition
  • Formulated to Deal with digestive and IBD Problems
  • Most dogs enjoy the taste


  • Expensive

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2. Solid Gold – Sunday Sunrise – Grain-Free

It is possible to begin to work on what’s tripping IBD on your puppy by feeding on them the diet of Solid Gold Sunday Sunrise.

Key Features

  • Has two animal proteins
  • Includes high levels of Organic Produce

Solid Gold Sunday Sunrise only contains lamb and Sea Fish meal as the main protein sources, that can be equally lean in fat. As this diet simply uses two animal proteins, then you need to be able to see whether your pet’s IBD flares up, and if it does then you’re able to stay away from both animal proteins within this diet plan.

If your dog doesn’t have flare-ups, then they could continue to appreciate this holistic diet packed with more than 20 superfoods which will offer your pet with all the perfect degree of nourishment that they should keep a healthy body.


  • Offered in 4 and 24-pound luggage
  • Includes 22 percent of protein
  • Includes 12 percent of fat


  • Includes peas, which a few have claimed to be contentious pet food components

By feeding your puppy Solid Gold Sunday Sunrise, it can possibly decrease IBD symptoms and permit your puppy to have a regular tummy.

3. Wellness Core Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Original Turkey & Chicken

Grain-free goods are easier to digest for dogs with IBD because they can irritate your puppy’s gastrointestinal organs. Grain-filled products frequently also contain cheap or simple carbs which don’t have any supplements and serve no real health benefits for the furry friend.

Wellness Core’s Organic Grain-Free Dry Dog Food isn’t just free from these types of ingredients, but it also concentrates on balanced nourishment.

This dog food includes a premium excellent protein that comes out of turkey and poultry and is packed with essential vitamins and nutrition. Additionally, it has prebiotic and probiotic bacteria which is very good for the intestine and encourages wholesome digestion, a requirement for dogs with IBD. The particular formulation employed in its diet doesn’t have any creature by-products and synthetic preservatives.

Wellness Core food also includes healthful plant extracts and antioxidants that are beneficial for your dog’s overall health. It features zero milk, which can be reassuring since creature by-products can frequently irritate creatures living with IBD, also lead to diarrhea and nausea.

This food is excellent if you would like to present your pet with safe foods that will not make him ill, but also give him the vital nourishment that he wants to be as wholesome as you can.

Together with Wellness Core, your puppy will have the ability to live like any other puppy, and his IBD symptoms are going to be under management.


  • 100 percent grain-free.
  • Includes prebiotics and probiotics.
  • Contains herbs.
  • Rich in omega fatty acids and antioxidants.
  • Uses turkey and poultry as the most important source of protein.
  • Doesn’t includes any creature by-products and preservatives.

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4. Halo Natural Dry Dog Food, Small Breed Chicken

This is just another ideal pet food for IBD. This organic dog food unites entire chicken, chicken liver recipe and grains, such as fatty acids. The exceptional protein bundle strengthens your pet’s muscles whereas the fatty acids offer your pet with a lustrous coating.

This item isn’t just intended for mature dogs but additionally puppies or small breed puppies. The kibbles are little and flatly formed to readily fit into your little man’s smaller mouths and also find a simple passage to his gastrointestinal tracts. This entire chicken’ dog meal could keep your pet’s bowel healthy.

When eating has been a problem for the puppy, we can guarantee you that this dog food could appeal to his desire. Meaning no more picking food; no longer weight reduction; no longer shedding. For this, your puppy would likewise be the one to remind one about mealtime always.


  • Includes a premium protein bundle of a whole chicken and chicken liver recipe
  • Helps calm the intestines and enhances metabolism
  • It’s smaller kibbles ideal for dogs and small breed puppies.


  • Not great for puppies sensitive to poultry and grains.

5. Nature’s Recipe

For dogs with IBD, the poultry, sweet potato, and pumpkin recipe out of Nature’s Recipe is your very best. But if your dog is allergic to poultry, you can choose the salmon or lamb recipe instead. This is why we recommend it:

The pet food contains poultry, lamb, or poultry as the primary ingredient, based on which bag you pick.

It’s totally organic and is fortified with vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional supplements.

It’s grain-free. Additionally, it doesn’t have any soy, corn, by-product meal, or synthetic colours.

The meals promote strong bones and enrich joint health.

Its 4.5percent fiber material guarantees easy digestion.

The food was formulated especially for mature dogs. If you’re interested in finding a recipe for dogs, we advise you to take your vet’s advice.

Things to Think about to pick the best dog food for IDB

Purchasing pet food for IBD is something that must be carefully done. In reality, you have to think about some variables before you are able to decide that specific dog food will be best for your pet. Here are a few of the variables

Your pet’s allergy

The simple fact that your pet food is tagged”healthy”, “tasty” and”advocated for IBD” doesn’t make it optimal for the dog. You’d be amazed to know that your pet is allergic to a significant range of meals. The meals he’s allergic to could be among the components used in the formulation, which means you’ve got to be watching out for recipes with this kind of food.

Discovering the meals (s) your pet is allergic to requires careful monitoring. This is because food allergies may happen at any period of life. The most astonishing is that your furry friend can begin to be allergic to the identical food he’s been eating for quite a while. Thus, when you detect itching and irritation, understand what your pet is responding to.

Dog food Ingredients

Dog foods such as IBD have a unique and one of a kind blend of different ingredients. Quite numerous superfoods are mixed together to function as a nutritional supplement for those items your’special needs’ puppy can’t eat.

Besides having the major ingredient, there are a few other inherent ingredients along with the principal ingredient. From the excitement to have a fantastic meal to their puppies, the majority of people neglect to cross-check these inherent components, focusing just on the principal ingredients.

Having understood the foods that your dog is allergic to, you need to check the recorded ingredients used in creating the formulation. Make sure you proceed through the package carefully to be sure the recipe has no sensitive components which may upset your pet’s gut.

Natural components

When buying pet food for IBD, make sure the one you’d be likely for has’natural ingredients’ said on its own pack. You wouldn’t wish to aggravate your pet’s health state, do you?

Dogs with IBD have significantly more sensitive stomachs. Therefore, everything your”special needs” dog could take in should be organic, that isn’t any chemical additives or additives should be contained.

Even though some would say minimum additives wouldn’t do any damage, we urge that there should be no additives.

Dog’s life span and strain

Is your puppy a pup or an adult dog? As the intestinal tract of a human adult is more powerful than a baby, therefore it’s in dogs also. Ensure that you are becoming the perfect dog food to the point that your dog is.

Additionally, the puppy’s food doesn’t all arrive at exactly the exact same size. Some have large kibbles which won’t fit into bigger mouths. Dog food with large kibbles is created for mature dogs while those with smaller kibbles are created for puppies or tiny dogs.

Asides your pet’s life period, you also will need to think about the breeds. Dogs are of various strains. There’s a small strain, moderate strain, and big breed. The tiny strains are capable of managing only smaller kibbles due to their short digestive tracts.

Flavor taste

Apart from understanding the foods that your pet is allergic to, additionally, observe the types of food that he likes. This would steer you in buying the ideal food for him. Possessing a meal which has his favourite taste would stimulate his desire and allow him to eat more.

Wet or dry kibble

In addition, you will need to take into account the type of kibble that your dog would like to possess. Some kibbles are created dry while others are moist. Kibble preference fluctuates in puppies. When some dogs enjoy their kibbles moist, a few like them tender. But if the food which fits your dog’s requirements is just one with dry kibbles, it is possible to make it moist yourself by soaking in warm water.


Yes, We all know you love your little friend so much but don’t overdo yourself. Go to get a puppy food inside your budget one you can afford to purchase every two to three weeks, based on how much your pet eats. You will find ideal ones at inexpensive rates.


Many times, the best approach to take care of IBD in dogs is via dietary therapy. Except he’s been diagnosed with chronic IBD that needs antibiotics and anti-inflammatory therapy, obtaining a tasty dog food advocated for IBD might help heal the illness.

Mind you; your puppy may require a while to become accustomed to the new formulation. Thus, you should keep tabs on him.

We hope that information on Vetguru helps you in deciding the best food for your pet. Comment below to let me know which one is your choice.

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