Best Dog Food for Belgian Malinois [Reviewed 2021]

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The lively Belgian Malinois demands large-breed formula puppy food with standard carbohydrates. This smart working dog thrives on a high-protein diet suitable because of the age, size, activity level, and health. Food price also drives new selection.

The subsequent buying guide gives a synopsis of five of the greatest dog foods that will assist you to determine the way to best dog food for Belgian malinois.

Knowing A Belgian Malinois’ Diet Requirements

Belgian Malinois dogs are muscled. They have high energy requirements and are traditionally functioning dogs, spending their days running the farm and herding creatures. Foods that do not have dense nourishment are not likely to have the ability to keep up with their high energy requirements.

Even though your queen is not a formal working dog, this breed frequently becomes destructive if not contested or exercised correctly. It is very likely your Belgian puts out a great deal of energy playing running or sports agility classes. You are pushing your widescreen to be as busy as possible, and therefore you don’t come home to a ruined home.

Let us look at some things that you need to search for along with your Belgian Malinois meals and what sorts of items are best to prevent. Even when you are not sure what brand to purchase, these tips should provide you with a good notion about what to search for.


Protein should be on the list. Belgians have thick muscle so protein helps maintain that mass and also encourages bone construction. Protein helps your Belgian feel complete and maintain energy in more stable quantities.


Another portion of the equation is fat. While low fat might be acceptable for many people, it is not great for working breed puppies. Fats give dogs lots of electricity and encourage healthy brain acts.

Fats also offer protection against electricity and might help to support both joints and skin. In case your Belgian seems lethargic during the day, it is very likely that there is not a fantastic blend of fats and protein from the recipe.

Protein should come from an excellent source and rather be complete, labeled meat on the list like deboned chicken. Meat meals are frequently utilized to supply more protein daily, but you need to be certain the meat foods are tagged. By way of instance, “chicken meal” is okay, but only”meat ” isn’t.

Vitamin and minerals

Additional concerns could be entire fruits and veggies that will help supply fiber and crucial vitamins. There’s some debate on whether dogs are in reality carnivores or if they are omnivores, however, most dog foods don’t include some kind of vegetables and fruits.

These components might help regulate your pet’s systems, but do not dismiss all-meat diets.

Holistic ingredients could assist your Belgian round out nutrient necessities. These could be nutritional supplements for joint health such as glucosamine and chondroitin for encouraging healthy joints or omega fatty acids for skincare. Probiotics will help smooth digestion and boost the immune system.

5 Best Dog Food for Belgian Malinois

1. Ziwipeak Lamb Recipe

Ziwipeak is a distinctive, meat-based formula which includes a lot of proteins and fats to assist your queen to maintain power and muscle tone. It utilizes a distinctive air-drying procedure which safely lowers the ingredients into some shelf-stable food without sacrificing nutrients to heat.

It is a more substantial investment, however, the serving sizes are smaller compared to inexpensive kibbles, and you will probably spend less in the future not needing to visit the vet too frequently.

The recipe is 96% beef, and also the air-drying procedure removes harmful germs while generating food that is as close to raw food as you can. If you have struggled to get the opportunity to prepare raw foods, then it might be a superb choice option for you.

The components are entire carrot and carrot organs such as nourishment, also excellent fats to encourage mental health, skin health, and a healthy coat.

Holistic ingredients deliver other essentials to encourage the immune system. There are no additives or potatoes without a carbohydrate which could interfere with digestion.

It ought to offer your Belgian lots of power and focus throughout the day without adding extra calories or empty fillers.


  • Restricted ingredients,
  • Meat-based formula with carrot and carrot organs,
  • The most exceptional manufacturing process gets your pet closer to raw


  • Larger investment,
  • A few dogs might not like the feel

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2. Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Key Features

  • Dry dog food perfect for small, medium, and large dog breeds
  • Recommended for adult-sized Belgian Malinois
  • Grain-free and fermented diet

In case you’re seeking the best dog food for the Malinois, we do not hesitate to recommend Taste Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. This recipe boasts all of the great nutrients your canine wants — vitamins, protein, and minerals in the proper quantities. Prebiotic support and extra antioxidants boost wellness and well-being.

Accessible as sterile food, this formulation perfect for adults, big breed puppies are readily stored and retained without the fear of spoilage. We love how this dog food can also be made right here in the United States where our food security protocols are among the very finest on earth.


  • A protein-rich diet comprising real Steak, roasted venison, bison, and beef parts
  • Well-balanced nutritional supplement abounds antioxidants, antioxidants from real Vegetables and Fruits
  • No grain, corn, fillers, or artificial flavorings used in this recipe
  • Locally made in the United States


  • Not available in additional food formats

3. Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Recipe with Real Chicken & Freeze-Dried Raw Pieces Dry Dog Food

Healthy Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Meal, Peas, Chicken Fat, Tapioca, Herring Meal

Key Characteristics:

  • Vegetables and fruits are grown in the US
  • Grain-free
  • Cage-free chicken
  • Great for all life phases

Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Recipe with Real Chicken & Freeze-Dried Raw Pieces Dry Dog Food is full of animal protein sources, which makes it ideal for a busy Belgian Malinois dog. It’s produced out of cage-free chicken and contains pieces of uncooked meat also.

The carrots, cranberries, and blueberries are non-GMO and developed in the U.S. and Europe. There’s another vitamin A nutritional supplement added into the mixture.

It doesn’t have any corn, grain, corn, wheat, or soy components. Nor does this utilize by-product meal, synthetic preservatives, or colors.

It’s been formulated to fulfill the nutrient levels of the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all strains at the maintenance level for most adult life phases. The bag has a resealable closure to keep freshness.

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4. Original Dog Food By Orijen

Initial Dog Food from Orijen comes packed in four handy bag sizes varying in weight from 12 ounces to 25 lbs. The brand uses 85% complete animal ingredients, such as beef, cartilage, and bone. This grain-free product promotes a”biologically appropriate” formulation intended for the high-protein demanding Belgian Malinois’ nutritional needs.

Initial Dog Food from Orijen is suitable for all life span of Belgian Malinois.

Orijen uses fresh ingredients supplied directly into its DogStar kitchen in Kentucky.

Orijen additionally has Regional Red and Six Fish types of pet food.

5. Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Lamb Dog Food

  • First 5 components: Lamb, Lamb Heart, Lamb Tripe, Lamb Liver, Lamb Kidney,
  • Form: Grain Free
  • Layout: Air Dried
  • Best for: Small, medium, and Massive breeds
  • Age Range: all ages

Ziwi Peak is among the greatest businesses on the market that offers premium dog food that is fresh. This Air-Dried Lamb Dog Food is 100 percent single-sourced free-range and grass-fed. Among the numerous advantages concerning this particular recipe, is the fact that it’s a natural source of chondroitin and glucosamine.

This is very good for the Belgian Malinois since it supports joint health. It’s also packed with high-protein, which usually means you’re able to serve smaller amounts every day.

We highly suggest including Ziwi Peak in your pet’s nutrition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have recommended some fantastic foods, but let us look at some questions that you might have concerning the way to feed your puppy the ideal way. Below are a few answers to some burning questions.

How Can I Feed My Belgian Malinois?

The actual dosage size will change based on a couple of unique aspects, however, one thing to keep in mind is it may be harmful for your own cop to overeat too fast. Because bloat is this kind of a risk variable, dividing portions involving two or three smaller foods might help lessen the chance of bloat and maintain your Belgian’s energy up during the day.

How Frequently Can I Exercise My Belgian Malinois?

The solution is all of the time. Belgians are working dogs, and their exercise demands are high.

It is not only about the physical area. Belgians excel in mental tasks so incorporating an agility element is a fantastic way to promote your Belgian’ natural curiosity and meet both the physical and psychological requirements of your distinctive working dog.

How Can I Change Foods Into Your Premium Food?

Even when you’re transitioning to superior food, then a sudden change may upset your Belgian’s gut. It is important to present any fresh Belgian Malinois food gradually in order for your pet to have time to correct.

Start by adding a small amount for your dog’s recent food. Daily add just a tiny bit of new food and lessen the old food till there is no old food left in every serving. This provides your pet time to get used to the taste and the nourishment of their food that is new. You will be less likely to have problems in such a manner.

Why should Foods Be Grain-Free?

There is not a great deal of consistency at the signs, but if you become aware of your Belgian has difficulty digesting grain, then eliminate it. We would not fret too much. Provided that your ingredients are healthy and the top quality protein is the first ingredient on the list, many puppies do just fine on meals with just a small bit of grain.


Building the bases of your pet’s wellbeing and well-being begins with a fantastic Belgian Malinois food. Ensure the protein source stems out of complete such as quality beef. Belgians also gain from these wholesome fats. Otherwise, your main concern is making certain your dog gets enough exercise and mental stimulation to not be harmful. Fantastic food asserts the essential power to do this and will help keep the brain sharp into old age.

Your Belgian is a wonderful, loyal companion with royal appearances and particular grace. Confirm that with the best dog food for Belgian malinois from our recommendations in Vetguru, and you’re going to have a companion for life!

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