Pomskies – A Complete Guide to the Pomsky Dog Breed (Cost, Attributes, Care + More)


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have noticed that Pomskies have been taking social media by storm in recent years. With their cute, fluffy appearance mixed with the features of a wolf, this designer breed is incredibly good-looking and playful too. Wondering if a Pomsky puppy is the right decision for you? This … Read more

Sarabi Dog – A Complete Guide to the Iranian Shepherd/Persian Mastiff Breed


ContentsIntroduction to the breedHistory and origins of the Sarabi dogPhysical appearance – What does a Sarabi dog look like?Temperament and behavior – are Sarabi dogs friendly?Training a Sarabi dogHow much exercise does a Sarabi dog need?Grooming a Sarabi dogCommon health issues of a Sarabi dogAre Sarabi dogs good as family pets?Are Sarabi dogs good with … Read more

Can Rabbits Eat Pineapple? Is it Good for Them?

can bunnies eat pineapple

Rabbits are herbivores. It means that their diet is mainly vegetables and plant-based foods. Rabbits in the wild primarily feed on grasses, leaves, and certain kinds of fruits. You may therefore wonder, can rabbits eat pineapple? It is a fruit, right? Rabbits are known to have a sensitive digestive system. Hence, you shouldn’t just give … Read more