My Dog Ate a Disposable Razor! What Should I Do?

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Every dog parent fears coming home to discover their furry friend has eaten something that they shouldn’t.

No matter how well you think you’ve hidden potentially dangerous items away from little paws when you leave them unattended, dogs tend to find a way of getting their paws on things that they shouldn’t.

If your dog ate a disposable razor, read on to find out what you should and shouldn’t do.

Why would a dog eat a razor blade?

Dogs love to chew things. As parents to a lab, golden retriever or other breeds know, dogs tend to chew anything and everything that they come across. Canines are also naturally inquisitive and like to explore the world around them with their mouths. Boredom, hunger and teething are other reasons why dogs eat plastic or other objects found around the home.

Why would a dog eat a razor blade?

What to do if your dog ate disposable razor?

Before taking any action, you should speak to your vet and follow their advice.

1. Firstly, check your razor and make a note of which parts are missing. Is it just one razor blade, or several? Is the rest of the razor, razor head and handle in one piece? This important information will help your vet decide what steps to take and if your dog needs to go to an animal hospital for medical assistance.

2. Next, check your dog’s mouth for any cuts or blood. Make sure nothing is blocking their airways and your pup is breathing normally. Only remove objects from your pup’s mouth if it’s safe to do so without injuring your pet further or hurting yourself.

3. It’s possible that the razor blade will pass through your dog’s digestive tract without causing any long term damage. High fiber foods such as pumpkin puree can be given to your pooch to help coat the blades as they pass through a dogs stomach and intestines. The cotton ball trick is believed to help cushion sharp objects that your dog has ingested as it passes through the digestive system.

Cotton balls soaked in water are given to your dog to eat. It’s important to note that this is not a proven medical procedure and you should discuss all options with your vet first. If your dog manages to pass the disposable razor out of his body, it will look exactly the same as when he ate it because a dog’s digestive system can’t break down plastic or sharp items. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see the razor in the dog poop as it may be tucked in the middle.

4. If your dog hasn’t pooped out the razor blade within 3-4 days, consult your vet to find out what your options are. Your vet may suggest performing an x-ray to check that the razor hasn’t caused damage or a blockage in your dog’s body. Alternatively, an endoscopic examination may be conducted on your pup. A camera that is attached to a flexible tube is inserted into the dog’s mouth or rectum to allow the vet to examine inside the organs. Surgical removal could be an option if the razor blade is too large or dangerous to be pooped out.

5. Once the razor blades have passed through on their own or been removed via surgery, your four-legged friend will need lots of cuddles and reassurance after his experience.

What to do if your dog ate disposable razor?

What not to do if your dog eats a disposable razor?

Never try to make your dog throw up in the hope that the razor will reappear. Inducing vomiting is likely to cause significant harm unless done correctly by a vet. A sharp item such as a razor could do some serious damage to the throat and mouth if it was forced back up a dog’s body.

Don’t use your fingers to poke around in a dog’s mouth or throat to try and find the razor. Unless you can clearly see the item and can remove it without causing any more damage, leave it where it is and take your pooch to a professional who can remove it correctly.

Although it’s easy to say, try not to panic. Your pup will need you to stay calm so you can make rational decisions. If you feel yourself start to panic, take a few deep breaths before continuing and speak to your vet for advice and reassurance.

Signs that your pup needs emergency care

If your dog has eaten a razor blade and is showing any of the symptoms below, take your pet to the nearest emergency vet clinic.

• Frequent vomiting
• Vomiting blood
• A firm, distended abdomen
• Blood in stools
• Fever
• Lethargic

How to stop dogs from eating things they shouldn’t?

One of the most common reasons dogs chew then eat things is boredom. Make sure you have some dog-safe chew toys in different rooms of your house so your pup can easily find them.

Teach your dog simple commands when you’re at home such as ‘leave’ or ‘drop’ to train your pet what he is allowed to touch and what should be avoided. Reward your pooch every time he follows your instructions.

How to stop dogs from eating things they shouldn’t?

Dogs and disposable razor blades

In most cases, if your own dog swallowed a razor, your pup will poop it out. But it can be a long, agonizing wait for dog owners. If you know your lab ate something sharp such as a disposable razor, you should closely monitor them and speak to your veterinarian for advice. Keep sharp and dangerous household items in a locked cupboard or high up out of reach of your pets to prevent the possibility of them chewing and swallowing them.

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