Kennel Cough in Dogs: Symptoms and Treatment

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Kennel Cough in Dogs

Treatment of kennel cough in dogs is not too difficult, but there should be a reasonable method for effective treatment. Basically, this is a quite dangerous disease that causes death to the dog, so it is necessary to observe in great detail the symptoms for the most timely and effective treatment.>

Cause of kennel cough in dogs

The cause of Kennel cough is variable and the most common is the flu virus.

Dogs can become infected by one or more pathogens, most of the case is caused by many pathogens in the dog’s body.

For the bacteria, Bordetella Bronchiseptica is the most common pathogen. The incubation period is 2-14 days after exposure, and if there are no complications caused by other factors, symptoms usually resolve after 10 days. If the people do not observe the dog’s behavior, they still discard bacteria for 6-14 weeks and it can infect other sensitive animals.

The cause of kennel cough in dogs
The cause of kennel cough in dogs

Symptoms of kennel cough

Dog kennel cough has quite recognizable symptoms. You should pay attention to your dog if they have the following symptoms:

– The dog has a dry cough and sometimes dry vomiting.

– The cough is notorious and extremely uncomfortable, tired.

– The nasal discharge may appear to be wet.

– In some slight cases, the dog still eats and works normally.

– In severe cases, dogs start to have a fever, stop eating and in very severe cases, the dog could die. Most severe cases occur in immunocompromised animals or puppies that are not fully vaccinated.

The symptoms of kennel cough in dogs

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What is the treatment for a dog with a runny nose?

Dogs that are coughing and often accompanied by symptoms of gagging should be paid to get the most suitable and quickest treatment.

Isolate when the dog is coughing like choking on a bone

Why you should isolate dogs which have running nose and dry vomiting? Because this is a very contagious disease. Because every time a dog coughs, germs can spread through the air, spreading the disease. Therefore, when they show the first signs of kennel cough, you need to isolate them immediately.

Besides, it should notice as follows:

  • Do not take an infected dog for a walk.
  • Other dogs living in the same house are also at risk, so stay away from sick dogs.

Bring your dog to see a doctor right away

These are the common treatment activities which a doctor can perform and treat sick dogs:

  • Give your dog a fluid and electrolyte replacement, and energy.
  • Injecting antibiotics against secondary diseases.
  • Supportive, respiratory support, and care for dogs very special.

What should be noted during the treatment of kennel cough?

  • Isolate an infected dog from a healthy dog ​​during treatment and for at least 1 week after treatment.
  • Feed it with soft foods.
  • Provide adequate water.
  • Avoid exposure to loud noises that will adversely affect the dog’s health.
  • A cough suppressant or antimicrobial medication that has been consulted with your veterinarian can be given to your dog before visiting a doctor.

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Give your dog antibiotics if necessary

The veterinarian can prescribe an antibiotic or not. If it must take antibiotics, you should follow the below instructions:

  • Veterinarians need to do a subclinical examination to examine and accurately distinguish each case of the dog’s disease.
  • If the dog has a dry cough or has a fever, and shows signs of congestion in the chest, then it is very difficult to cope with the infection. In these cases, doctors may prescribe antibiotics for them.
Give your dogs antibiostics if necessary
Give your dogs antibiotics if necessary

Rest your dog and take cough medicine

  • Give your dog a break, avoid them from vigorous exercise and high-intensity movements.
  • Stay away from cold wind and dust, as the dog will struggle to breathe. This can make the situation much worse.
  • You can use some children’s cough medicines to relieve the coughing attack.
  • You should discuss with your veterinarian before giving your dog a human cough and cold medicine. Because the ingredients and active ingredients in the medication can cause many serious health problems for your dog.

Soothe irritation in the throat for dogs

To help treat kennel cough quickly, with better results you can take note to soothe irritation in their throat by giving them a homemade solution. Typically a mixture of 3 teaspoons of honey mixed with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice mixed with warm water.

  • If your dog coughs a lot and shows signs of irritation, you can give it every hour.
  • Avoid using this solution for dogs with diabetes as it is not good for their health.

Improve the immune system for dogs

In order for your dog to limit sickness and fatigue, you should improve the dog’s immune system. You can consult your veterinarian about adding vitamin C or other essential nutrients in food to strengthen your dog’s resistance.

If not being detected early and treated promptly, the Kennel Cough in Dogs will lead to death. Hopefully, with this article, you have a better understanding of the disease as well as a cure if your dog encounters it. Do not forget to regularly follow Vetguru to update much useful information to help care for your pets!

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