Can Hamsters Eat Bananas? Are they Safe and Healthy?

It’s crystal clear why hamsters are one of the most common pocket pets in any part of the world. They’re low-maintenance and they’re not hard to feed. One of the most common questions hamster owners have about their hamster’s diet is, can hamsters eat bananas?  For humans, bananas are a treat and it’s understandable why… VIEW MORE

Best Teddy Bear Hamster Cage: A Full Buyers Guide

Teddy bear hamsters are excellent pets for both new and experienced pet owners to have. However, hamsters cannot roam around the home, so they need their own pet cage to stay safe, play, eat, sleep, etc.  Many new pet owners often buy the wrong kind of cages for their new teddy bear (syrian) hamster. The… VIEW MORE

8 Facts About Panda Hamster

Panda hamsters are one of the most famous breeds of pet hamsters. They are cute, intelligent, interactive, friendly and sensitive animals that like to cuddle, play and develop a bond of love with you and your family. In this article, we will explore some of the interesting facts about them, how you can take care… VIEW MORE

The 5 Best Hamster Water Bottles in 2021

Hamsters are sweet little pets that demand some extra level of care. Their habitat, diet and water supply are the most important aspects of taking care of your hamsters. If your hamster is deprived of diet and especially clean water supply, his health can go down in a couple of days. Hamsters are nocturnal animals… VIEW MORE

How to Take Care of a Baby Hamster Without Mother

Caring for a hamster baby with or without a mother is not an easy task. Even with mothers, there are chances of them eating their offspring due to various reasons such as stress, lack of diet and bad health of the mother or newborn. Without a mother, there are very few chances of survival of… VIEW MORE

8 Reason Why Do Hamster Eat Their Babies

Hamsters can be great pets and can bring you great moments of pleasure, develop a certain bond with your family. They are sensitive little creatures but at times the female hamsters can be very cruel towards their newborns. It may sound extremely horrific but the females while killing her young ones are guided by her… VIEW MORE

The 5 Best Syrian Hamster Cages 2021

Not all pets have to be high maintenance and messy. Hamsters are adorable, loving and very easy to take care of. You just need to make sure they have a nice cage to live in. What makes a good cage? Well, the answers are intuitive. Space, ventilation, comfort to start off with. Thinking of these… VIEW MORE

The 4 Best Dwarf Hamster Cages in 2021

A dwarf hamster is an adorable pet that you and your kids will love. You just need to find the right habitat for it in order to keep it comfortable. Here are some excellent dwarf hamster cages that cater to the specific needs of this animal. Top 4 Best Dwarf Hamster Cages 1. Hamster & Small… VIEW MORE

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