Can Hamsters Eat Snow Peas?

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Hamsters love to munch on almost everything that you give them. If you don’t make them stop, they will just keep on eating and burrowing. You might be wondering if your hamsters can eat snow peas as well. This article will guide you through everything that you need to know about snow peas and their effect on your furry friend.

Can Hamsters Eat Snow Peas?

Yes. Hamsters can eat snow peas in small quantities only. Even if they are already small, you may want to divide them in half to make sure that it does not block your hamster’s throat. Also, the amount that you should give your hamster should depend on its size and species.

Snow peas offer a lot of health benefits such as calcium, dietary fiber, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin. B6, vitamin C, and iron. However, it contains a high level of sugar, water, fat, and acidic content. Due to this reason, Dwarf hamsters should not be given any amount of peas.

Snow peas are flatter than snap peas or sugar snap peas.

Can Hamsters Eat Snow Peas

How Many Can Hamsters Eat? 

The amount of snow peas that hamsters can eat depends on their size and breed. A Syrian hamster, the largest type of hamster, can have at least 6 pieces a week. You can also give Syrian hamsters half a teaspoon of a snap pea pod. Robo hamsters can have at least 3 per week.

Dwarf hamsters, including Russian hamsters, Chinese hamsters, and Campbell, should not be given any amount of snow peas or snap peas. It’s not just about the size that you should be concern about. It’s also about the nutritional content of snap peas. 

Winter whites dwarf hamsters are also prone to have diabetes and obesity. You can give your Winter White hamsters 1/3 of a snap pea pod or one snap pea just once a week.

Is Sugar Snap Peas Bad for Hamsters

Is Sugar Snap Peas Bad for Hamsters? 

Sugar snap pea, a variation of the snow pea, can cause harm to your hamster if given a very huge amount. Obesity can happen if hamsters eat snap peas too much. It can also result in diabetes because of its high level of sugar. Choking is also possible especially if the sugar snap peas are too big for your hamster.

Too much sugar snap peas can also cause bloating and other health issues. Snap peas are also known to contain too much water as well. In return, your hamster will be at risk of diarrhea and it can turn your hamster’s poop softer and runny.

If they eat large amounts of snap peas, they will have no space for other nutritious food as well. Be careful when choosing what kind of fruits and vegetables you include in your hamster’s diet. It can either give them nutrients or cause diseases and eventually cost their life.

How Do I Prepare Snow Peas for My Hamster? 

If hamsters eat snap peas that are unclean or very big in size, they can experience different kinds of digestive tract problems. Before giving your hamsters some snap or snow peas, you have to wash it first with running water to make sure that it is free from chemicals and some bacteria.

How Do I Prepare Snow Peas for My Hamster

Slice the peas into two to prevent blocking your hamster’s airway or esophagus. After cutting the peas into two, you may now give them to your hamster. Only give them 1 to 2 pieces at first and observe their reaction whether they’re liking it or not.

Make sure that even if your hamster likes it, just give it as an occasional treat. Giving them a treat from time to time can create a stronger bond between the two of you. You have to make sure that your hamster is near you when giving the treat.

Can Hamsters Eat Raw Snow Peas?

Hamsters can eat raw snow peas. Giving plain and unsalted peas would be better for their health. Salt and processed juices can cause harm to your hamster.  You just have to defrost it if you are going to give it to them raw. If it is too hard, they wouldn’t be able to chop it and will end up not liking it.

You can also give them dried snow peas or dried snap peas. If it is their first eating it, observe their reaction before giving them more. Too much dried peas will not be good for your hamsters, too.

Can Hamsters Eat Raw Snow Peas

Can Hamsters Eat Cooked Snow Peas?

Though cooked peas can be softer and more digestible, there are some risks when feeding your hamsters some cooked snow peas. Pea soup will go straight to your hamster’s body which can be a bad thing.

Another reason why you should avoid feeding them cooked snow peas is the presence of food additives and preservatives in your meal. Your hamsters cannot digest everything that you can digest. Ingredients, such as salt in great amount, can cause them harm.

Can Hamsters Eat Cooked Snow Peas

Can I Feed Snap Pea Pods to My Hamsters?

You can give your hamsters snap pea pods in moderate amounts. Remember to keep an eye on them while eating it, though.

You can give your hamsters raw snap peas, blanch, or slightly cooked without too many food additives.

Will Snow Peas Make My Hamster Sick?

Yes, snow peas can make your hamster sick if you give peas to them in the wrong way and in the wrong amount. They have so many health benefits, such as protein, vitamins, antioxidants that remove free radicals, and fiber. You should also take note of their negative effect on your pet.

If you give your hamster peas according to their breed, size, nutritional needs, and health condition, you will lessen the chance that they may get sick because of these. For example, your Syrian or Robovski hamsters should be given different amounts.

Since peas have high water content and sugar content, you don’t want to mix them with other food with the same consistency. Doing this may result in several gastrointestinal issues that your hamster may not be able to handle. So make sure to prepare this food properly and give it to them in small portions to make sure they still have a well-balanced diet.

What Can I Feed My Hamster Instead of Snow Peas

What Can I Feed My Hamster Instead of Snow Peas?

As an alternative, you could feed your hamster some broccoli spears, carrot tops, cauliflower, and some cabbage. Similar to snow peas, you just have to make sure that you give these veggies to them as a small part of their healthy diet. Watch how your hamsters react to it before giving them more.

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