The 4 Best Dwarf Hamster Cages in 2021

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Best Dwarf Hamster CagesA dwarf hamster is an adorable pet that you and your kids will love. You just need to find the right habitat for it in order to keep it comfortable. Here are some excellent dwarf hamster cages that cater to the specific needs of this animal.

Top 4 Best Dwarf Hamster Cages

1. Hamster & Small Animal Home/Cage


  • 50cm wide, 36cm deep, 47cm tall
  • 5mm bar spacing
  • Multiple connected ledges
  • Compact design

This is a great cage if you have just one hamster that you want a home for. Your hamster will have a lot of levels to explore. This can make it feel more comfortable in its surroundings.

You will notice that your hamster won’t take much time getting used to this cage. This is because it will have enough room to mark its territory and find a comfortable space for itself.

The 8.5 mm bar spacing is also a nice touch because it will prevent your hamster from escaping. Hamsters are quite mischievous after all, and you don’t want your pet getting out.

However, this cage does not have very good ventilation due to the thin bar spacing. Also, the anti escape measures are less useful when you consider that this cage has been rather shoddily made. It is not very durable, so the bars can be chewed through over time.


  • Enough space for one hamster
  • Multiple levels to play in
  • Secure bar spacing
  • Convenient design


  • Not enough ventilation
  • Flimsy; not very durable

2. Lixit Animal Care Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage


  • Multiple accessories included
  • Multiple ledges and platforms
  • Wire mesh cage
  • Solid bottom
  • Dimensions: 5x20x20

This cage has been given the top ranking in our list because it is the complete package. You get a solid base to prevent bumblefoot, a number of accessories to keep your dwarf hamster happy and healthy, and a chew proof wire mesh that lets a lot of air in.

You also get a wide and spacious arrangement that is benefited by the platforms instead of becoming cramped, unlike the Kaytee CritterTrail 2-Level Habitat.

The only thing that might prevent you from buying this product is the fact that it is more expensive than a few other products on this list. However, we believe that the asking price is worth it.


  • Solid base keeps hamster’s feet safe from harm
  • Lots of tunnels to play around in
  • Platforms increase space rather than reducing it
  • Complete package with all accessories included
  • Wire mesh is chew proof, durable and provides excellent ventilation


  • Rather expensive

3. Ferplast Hamster Cage, Black


  • Two floors
  • Wire net cover
  • High bottom
  • Dimensions: 23.6×14.4×11.8

This is an airy and spacious cage that your hamster will love. It has an extended bottom that is meant for collecting feces, and is a space where your hamster can urinate without dirtying its living environment.

The wire mesh is very durable, unlike the one in the Hamster & Small Animal Cage at number 7. This can help you rest easy knowing that your hamster can never chew its way free.

The spacing is also quite narrow which is a good way to prevent escape.

The lower level is a great feature but it has some confusing access points. There is essentially a hole in the floor that your hamster can fall through and injure itself.

Also, the built in water bottle is not as efficient as it should be, the water comes out in a very slow trickle.


  • Cleanliness maintained with extended bottom
  • Airy and well ventilated design
  • Wire net is chew proof and durable
  • Wire spacing narrow enough to prevent successful escape attempts


  • Confusing lower floor access
  • Inefficient water bottle

4. Aquarium Tank, Glass, 20 Gal


  • All glass aquarium
  • Dimensions: 24x12x16
  • 20 gallon capacity
  • Leakproof

This is clearly not a traditional hamster cage, but it is still a unique and surprisingly useful way to house your dwarf hamster.

The all class construction means that the cage is very easy to clean, and it is spacious enough to create an entire habitat for your hamster.

Also, since the glass is see through, you will find it very easy to keep an eye on your dwarf hamster and make sure that it’s safe.

That being said, the glass construction does not let a lot of air in, so you might have to add accessories to improve ventilation.

Glass is also quite fragile, even if it is very strong. If this tank gets knocked over it could cause severe injuries to everyone around it, as well as the hamster that is living inside it.

As long as you are careful, though, this can be a great home for your pet.


  • Easy to clean
  • Allows you to create a habitat
  • Easy to keep an eye on your hamster
  • Nice and spacious


  • Bad ventilation
  • Topless design makes it easy to escape

Things to Consider when Choosing a Dwarf Hamster Cage

There are a lot of things you should consider before buying a cage. This buying guide will help you find one that would keep your little critter happy. Here is what you need to look for in your dwarf hamster cage.

The Right Size

The first thing you should consider is the size of the cage you are buying. Dwarf hamster cages should be relatively spacious so that your pet can move about and get some exercise.

It should also be able to just generally play around and have fun. The minimum size for a dwarf hamster cage is 24 inches long by 24 inches wide, and it should have a minimum of 12 inches depth to it as well.

This will ensure that your hamster does not end up feeling cramped or uncomfortable. It will also let the hamster relieve itself far away from where it sleeps.

Easy to Clean

This depends a lot on the material your dwarf hamster cage is made of. Another thing to consider is the way the cage is shaped.

The ideal combination is a wire mesh cage with a flat tray at the bottom made out of plastic. Plastic is relatively easy to clean, and wire mesh does not trap a lot of dirt.

The flat shape of the bottom will also prevent dirt from accumulating in deep corners which would be difficult to clean.

Modular Design

A modular cage is different from a wire mesh plastic base cage because it has a lot of tunnels and ledges and other accessories. These are important because they can give your dwarf hamster plenty of things to do.

While such a cage does help your hamster stay entertained, it will also be difficult to clean. This is because there are a lot of tight spaces where dirt can accumulate.

Since these areas are hard to reach, cleaning them is going to be a bit of a chore. It is important to find the right balance between a modular and flat base cage.

Secure and Safe

Since dwarf hamsters are so little, they are known for squeezing through the spaces between bars and escaping. This is dangerous because there are a lot of things that could injure them outside their cage.

The ideal bar spacing is a quarter inches. This will ensure that your hamsters stay secure without stifling them in their cage. Other aspects of security and safety also come into play.

If you are getting a modular cage you need to make sure there are no sudden drops and that the tunnels are fully secure. The cage doors also need to be double checked to make sure they aren’t easy to unlock.

Well Ventilated

The key to ventilation is the perfect wire or bar spacing. Wire mesh cages are the best when it comes to ventilation, and other types of cages are generally going to pose problems in this regard.

Modular cages especially block a lot of air and lock in too much moisture, leaving the cage feeling humid and stuffy.

However, if you are keeping the cage in a relatively windy area, wire mesh cages might not be suitable. This is because they tend to let too much air in. Modular cages would be better in such situations.

Deep Bottom for Bedding

A flat plastic panel is obviously not a very fun place for a hamster to lie down. You need to put bedding into the cage in order to make it more comfortable. This can only be done if the bottom tray is deep enough to be padded up.

If it is not deep the bedding might poke out of the wire mesh and potentially damage it. It is also more comfortable and stable if it is placed inside a deep surface.

Hamster Wheels

This is an all important feature that can make your hamster really happy. These wheels can help your hamsters use up all of their extra energy.

They need to have flat, solid surfaces and no spokes or cross bars because your hamster might get caught in them and seriously injured. The hamster wheel also needs to be the right size.

Your hamster should be able to run in it comfortable without having to bend or twist its back at an angle. This can injure your hamsters back in the long run.

Chew Proof

One of the most common problems that people face with hamsters is them chewing the wire mesh of their cages. Some parts of your cage might be jutting outwards.

This is where your hamster will start chewing first until they finally have a hole big enough to let them out.

A lot of hamsters don’t have the strength or stamina to chew all the way through a cage, but if you buy a cage with a flimsy wire mesh they might just be able to chew their way out.

You should be sure to regularly check your cage to see if your hamster has been chewing in certain places, or just buy a cage with wire mesh strong enough to prevent chewing.

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