Best Dog Food for Urinary Crystals of 2021

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We all know the basic idea of what urine is. It is one of the products that our body disposes of. However, there are what we call urinary crystals in dogs, and this is something you should know of.

Urinary crystals are formed mostly due to a high ion concentration in the kidneys which causes struvite crystals to fall out, mixing in the urine as they flow out the body.

Urinary crystals are also referred to as calcium oxalate or struvite. Some struvite stones come from a bladder infection which is caused by an enzyme known as urease which is typically produced by bacteria.

Things You Should Consider When Buying Dog Food for Urinary Crystals

Your dog’s gastrointestinal tract and urinary system are the systems that you should consider when purchasing your dog’s food. Always keep in mind that the food you want to buy prevents any stone formation or can reduce existing bladder stones.

Therefore, you want to consider these things before shopping:

  • Purchase foods that have a high moisture content as this make your pet’s urine diluted. This is considered to be one of the best ways of dissolving stones and preventing them from forming.
  • Although we are focusing on the dog’s urinary system, it is still essential for your pets to have the nutrients their body needs. Purchase food with high-quality animal protein levels, but make sure to feed them in moderate amounts.
  • Buy foods with whole vegetables, fruits, or grains. Fresh and natural ingredients provide natural enzymes that will help the bladder and kidneys in the process of filtering out the stones. You should also avoid food made of artificial flavors and preservatives.
  • Always check the best by dates of the dog food. Foods that are nearing their expiration date can cause bladder and gastrointestinal problems.
  • Your dogs also need certain minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium in their body. However, when given too much of these minerals, bladder stones might form. While it is essential for your dog’s diet, you should control the number of minerals he consumes carefully.
  • Look for natural preservatives and ingredients. Avoid too much fat in your pet’s diet and make sure to see if the ingredients are balanced amount in amount and should provide essential vitamins and minerals.

Best Dog Foods for Urinary Crystals

Blue Buffalo Natural Diet Kidney Support

The Blue Buffalo natural diet kidney support dog food is made of chicken meal and pea fibers as well as guar gum and cassia gum.

It contains the necessary B vitamins, calcium, protein, and minerals that your dog’s body needs as he grows older.

It also has a high moisture content which supports getting rid of the bladder stones and crystals.

It is formulated to support your dog’s kidney while giving him a controlled level of protein and minerals necessary for his growth.

It also contains L-Carnitine and omega-3 fatty acids which can make your dog’s skin and coat healthy.

Royal Canin Diet Urinary Dry Dog Food

This dry dog food from Royal Canin contains a high moisture content and controlled levels of protein, minerals, and carbohydrates.

Its main ingredients consist of chicken meal, chicken fat, vegetable oil, and calcium sulfate.

It also features the RSS methodology or the relative supersaturation methodology which reduces the ion concentration and prevents the formation of struvite or calcium oxalate crystals.

The controlled amount of protein and minerals ensure your dog’s health as he grows.

The royal canin diet urinary dry dog food also has ingredients that support the dog’s gastrointestinal tract.

Merrick Lil’ Plates Wet Dog Food

The Lil’ Plates dog food made by Merrick has been gaining much attention not only because of its ingredients but also because of its eccentric packaging.

This wet dog food is formulated with real deboned beef and is balanced with a limited percentage of minerals and prebiotics to aid your pet’s digestion.

It is fortified with the essential vitamins, minerals, and chondroitin which are healthy for your dogs.

It also has a high moisture content which can reduce crystal-forming ions in your dog’s urine.

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Formula Canned Dog Food

The Purina Pro Plan wet dog food is formulated to help nourish the gastrointestinal tract of your pet dogs.

It contains high-quality ingredients along with prebiotic fiber and healthy antioxidants.

It has a high moisture content that ensures your dog’s hydration.

It is also formulated to support the dilution of struvite stones and crystals in your pet’s urines.

Lastly, it features medium-chain triglyceride or MCT vegetable which is designed to promote total digestibility and nutrient absorption.

Hill’s Prescription Diet Digestive Care

This canned dog food made by Hill’s Prescription Diet is a digestive care food that is formulated with limited high-quality protein and low protein.

It builds and repairs the dog’s tissues and protects them from gaining calcium oxalate crystals.

The prebiotic fibers present in this dog food help grow beneficial bacterias which are essential for the protection of your pet’s digestive and urinary system.

It also contains omega-3 fatty acids to help keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy.

Honest Kitchen Organic Grain Dog Food

Honest Kitchen’s organic grain dog food is formulated with minimally processed and dehydrated garden-produced ingredients like a chicken meal.

It contains a controlled amount of protein, minerals, and carbohydrates.

It is also proven to be free from any GMO ingredients, artificial preservatives, and products that can be harmful to your dog’s health.

This whole grain and chicken recipe also helps with your dog’s digestive and urinary system as it helps in filtering out urinary crystals.

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream

The Taste of the Wild Pacific Steam contains real salmon, ocean fish, and other high-quality protein ingredients which help in developing a strong muscle and immune system for your dogs.

This dog food is proven to be free from any artificial preservative and color which makes it a healthy meal for your pets.

It also contains berry ingredients like blueberries and raspberry which are the primary suppliers of antioxidants.

These antioxidants provide support for your pet’s urinary health needs while improving their immune system.

American Journey Dry Dog Food

The American Journey Dry Dog Food contains nutritious ingredients that perfectly supply a balanced diet and healthy system for dogs.

Its main ingredients consist of deboned salmon fish which supplies protein and healthy amino acids and sweet tomatoes to balance the taste of the food.

The proteins are used for developing strong and leaner muscles while the Omega fatty acids support the development of their body as well as their brains and eyes.

The American Journey dry dog food is formulated to contain antioxidants that will filter out the calcium oxalate from your dog’s body.

The high moisture level of dry food also helps in regulating and preventing more struvite stones from forming.

Hill’s Prescription Diet Urinary Care

Hill’s Prescription Diet is one of the few who have developed dog food that mainly focuses on dogs’ urinary health.

It contains ingredients that help reduce the possibility of your dogs having struvite and calcium oxalate stones.

It also contains a controlled level of protein, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium which ensure that the health of your dogs would not be compromised.

It also has a rich amount of antioxidants and moisture levels which can help in the reduction of urinary crystals.

Lastly, it contains potassium citrate and Omega-3 fatty acids which both help in the digestion of food while keeping your dog’s skin and coat healthy.

Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet

The Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet is formulated to have three different versions of the diet: Lamb, Salmon, and Turkey.

All of these recipes offer a diet that is both healthy and nourishing to dogs; the only difference being the meat meal they used which will be the primary source of protein.

This dog food product is also a grain-free recipe and is proven to be free from any artificial preservatives and coloring.

The high moisture content of these meals helps in the improvement of your dog’s urinary system while preventing it from suffering from any type of infection.

It also contains antioxidants and minerals that are essential for your pet’s growth.

First Mate Australian Lamb Meal Formula

The First Mate Australian Lamb Meal Formula contains lamb meal which is the product’s main source of protein.

The lamb meal is free from any antibiotics, and no artificial preservatives or flavoring were added which eventually prevent allergies and possible skin issues.

This lamb meal formula contains berries like blueberry, raspberry, and cranberry which increase palatability and improve the digestive and gastrointestinal tract of your pet.

The high moisture content and controlled levels of protein and phosphorus help in keeping your dog’s urinary system free from possible infections.

Castor & Pollux ORGANIX

The Castor and Pollux Organix is known for being a grain-free dog food product that contains farm-produces vegetable recipes that helps dogs gain a healthy and natural diet.

It also contains organic meat products that contain a controlled amount of protein and minerals, preventing crystals from forming.

The organic ingredients contain high levels of moisture and natural nutrients which would help your dogs grow stronger and healthier.

It also contains Omega fatty acids to aid their gastrointestinal tract.

Holistic Select Dog Food

Holistic Select Dog Food products are known for using healthy white meat in most of their products, and this one is no different.

It also contains Anchovy, Sardine, and Salmon Meal recipes that are mixed with antioxidants, glucosamine, probiotics, and taurine which can be beneficial for your dog’s digestive system.

This product is formulated to contain vital ingredients that will produce a controlled amount of protein and minerals.

It is also developed with a high moisture content to help with the prevention and reduction of the crystals in the dog’s bladder and urinary system.

Addiction Salmon Bleu Dry Dog Food

The Addiction Salmon Bleu Dry Dog Food is formulated to contain hypoallergenic ingredients that provide the optimal essential nutrients for your dogs to develop a good and healthy diet.

This product contains a high moisture level that helps with the reduction of urinary crystals.

It also has berry ingredients that help with the gastrointestinal tract of your pets giving them the optimal comfort they deserve.

The Addiction Salmon Bleu Dry Dog Food is also proven to be free from any artificial preservatives and flavoring.

Purina Pro Plan Kidney Function Formula

This dry dog food made by Purina pro plan is formulated in ensuring your dog’s healthy kidney function.

It contains a restricted percentage of high-quality protein and minerals which is made as a precautionary measure.

It is also formulated with healthy antioxidants and a reduced amount of sodium.

The antioxidants act as a support system in filtering out urinary crystals and prevent them from reoccurring again.

The Purina Pro Plan veterinary kidney function formula is crafted by the best nutritionists, researchers, and veterinarians.

Blue Buffalo Urinary Care

This weight management and urinary care dry dog food made by Blue Buffalo is formulated from the finest natural ingredients.

It contains an ideal level of fat and calories which is essential for managing your dog’s weight.

It also has a controlled amount of minerals and fiber which can be good for your dog’s urinary system.

It is made from natural ingredients and is proven to be free from any grains which are great for dogs with a sensitive appetite.

Hill’s Prescription Diet Multi-Benefit Dog Food

Hill’s Prescription Diet has formulated multi-benefit dry dog food that has chicken as its main ingredient.

It is specifically made to provide your dogs with balanced nutrition and a healthy digestive and urinary tract.

This prescription diet also helps in maintaining your dog’s normal glucose levels while reducing the risk of calcium oxalate crystals.

It also has high levels of L-carnitine which increases the energy metabolism of your dogs.

The featured S+OXSHIELD helps reduces the risk of developing any urinary tract infections.


The urinary and gastrointestinal systems are one of the most important systems in our dog’s bodies. As such, it is only proper to care, protect, and nourish them to ensure our dog’s good health.

Food products that are made of natural ingredients supply good and natural nutrients like phytochemicals and antioxidants to our pet’s body.

These nutrients are the ones that will support and help cleanse their bodies until they are free from any urinary crystals.

The urinary crystals are known to endanger the lives and health of your pets, so it’s only natural to choose the right food to lessen and reduce their risks.

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