Top 6 Best Dog Food for Akitas (Update 2021)

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Akitas are little balls of adorable fluffy, fun, and loving dog breeds. They bond deeply with family and are always eager to shower them with love and affection.

They are quite sensitive and therefore have unique nutritional requirements. To set them on a successful path, Akita owners must choose a high-quality diet that incorporates excellent ingredients.

The diet should be well balanced to meet the specific needs of these sensitive love bugs.

Being prone to health problems such as bloat, allergies, sebaceous adenitis, and hip/elbow dysplasia, a good diet can help exacerbate these conditions.

For these reasons, owners need to understand and choose the best to do foods that can be used to prevent these health problems.

Best Dog Food for Akitas

Now Fresh Large Breed Puppy Food

All dogs love fresh food. That’s why the Now Fresh Large Breed Puppy Food has been formulated with 100% fresh duck, turkey, and salmon.

You can be sure that your Akita will also get the highly nutritious omega 3&6 oils from coconut and canola in this dog food.

Even better, the Now Fresh Large Breed Puppy Food incorporates fruits, vegetables such as spinach, lentils, carrots, alfalfa sprouts, peas, pumpkin, and wholesome berries such as cranberries and blackberries. This dog food contains no gluten, grains, rendered meats, corn, soy, or artificial preservatives.

The Now Fresh Large Breed Puppy Food is best for puppies between 2-15 months and 50+ pounds in adulthood.

The quantity of food that is ideal for your puppy will vary depending on its exact age and breed, the activity level, and the climatic conditions. You should always adjust the amount of food you give to your puppy depending on its weight.

To maintain a healthy weight, make sure your puppy gets enough exercise too.

Key benefits

  • This recipe is not just gluten-free, it also has zero by-product meals, artificial preservatives, and rendered meats.
  • Your puppy’s vision and heart development are supported well with the taurine added to the mixture.
  • To suit your dog’s active lifestyle, fats and proteins have been added from duck, salmon, and turkey.
  • You can be sure that your Akita’s digestive health is taken care of by the pre and probiotics in the Now Fresh Large Breed Puppy Food.
  • The pure coconut oils in this food have antioxidants that boost and support your dog’s immune system.


  • Food type; Dry food
  • Brand; petcurean
  • Breed; large and giant breeds
  • Net weight; 25 pounds
  • Special diet; no corn, wheat, soy, or GMO. 100% gluten and grain-free.
  • 29% protein.
  • 379 kcal/cup

Instinct Raw Boost Large Breed Grain-Free Puppy

If you want to serve your dog with tailored nutrition, then Instinct Raw Boost Large Breed Grain-Free Puppy is the way to go.

Throughout the high-protein and boosted nutritional features lies freeze-dried meat that your puppy will surely enjoy.

This delicious mixture is specifically made to help puppies unlock their thriving potential by serving all the benefits of raw nutrition in every single serving.

The first ingredient is cage-free chicken which provides every puppy with the right amount of energy for growth and play.

The natural DHA found in Instinct Raw Boost Large Breed Grain-Free Puppy is sourced from the best ingredients from around the world.

It is recommended that in addition to dry food, adding wet or raw food provides enough water for your pet’s growth.

Remember to introduce a new food over several days by slowly increasing the amount of Instinct Raw Boost Large Breed Grain-Free Puppy with the food that your pet is currently eating.

Key benefits

  • For all the large-breed puppies, the high-protein kibble and freeze-dried raw will provide maximum nutritional benefits.
  • The first and most important ingredient is cage-free chicken that gives your puppy enough energy to support its growth needs and an active lifestyle.
  • The poultry, fish, and meat mixture is balanced out to provide maximum health exposure to all the necessary proteins. The natural DHA found in the chicken eggs also aid in eye and brain development.
  • This meal is not only preservative-free but also grain-free. It has no grains, wheat, corn, by-product meals, or any artificial colors.
  • The Instinct Raw Boost Large Breed Grain-Free Puppy is made in the USA with ingredients sourced from all over the world.


  • Stage; puppy
  • Size; large and giant breeds
  • Food type; dry and freeze-dried food.
  • Brand; natures variety
  • Special diet; grain and gluten-free, high-protein, no corn wheat or soy, made from all-natural ingredients.

Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed Puppy

If you are looking for a well-balanced nutritious meal that scores all the points when it comes to the needs of Akitas, then look no further than the Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed Puppy. This food is specifically made to meet the needs of large puppies.

It focuses on building an immune system that is healthy by incorporating supplements and ingredients that are full of all the necessary fatty and vital amino acids.

The carbohydrates found in Holistic Select are taken from vegetables and fruits that are high in fiber and not from grains.

Flaxseeds have been added to this powerful mixture to help in the development of healthy skin and a smooth coat.

In addition to these, optimal digestion is supported by the digestive enzymes that have been incorporated into the mixture.

This feature makes Holistic Select one of the best diet options for Akitas that may have sensitive stomachs.

It has no artificial colors, preservatives, fillers, or flavors. It has no corn or by-products.

Key features

  • Has fatty acids to help puppies grow a healthy coat and smooth skin.
  • The recipes are healthy, delicious, and nutritious to please every puppy’s taste.
  • Has antioxidants, taurine, probiotics, and glucosamine that improves heart health.
  • Made from multiple ingredients that help with the overall digestion of puppies.
  • The ingredients have been sourced from all over the globe. The food has been manufactured using the highest quality processes in the USA.

Main ingredients

  • Lentils
  • Potatoes
  • Lamb and chicken meal
  • Chickpeas


  • Food type; dry food
  • Stage; puppies
  • Breeds; large and giant breeds
  • Contains 27% protein.
  • Calories; 453kcal per cup.
  • Grain and gluten-free.
  • Weight; 24 pounds.
  • Brand; WellPet.

Nulo Freestyle Puppy Food

Every puppy deserves a healthy start. That’s exactly what Nulo Freestyle Puppy Food gives.

The 80% protein it contains comes from meat so that you can sit pretty knowing that your lovely puppy gets all the essential amino acids it needs for muscle growth and faster growth.

Brain development and good eyesight are supported by DHA fatty acids. The high calcium levels in Nulo also promote the growth of healthy teeth and strong bones.

Your puppy will come running to this bowl of peas and salmon recipe that is 100% grain-free.

If you have a pregnant or nursing dog, then Nulo will provide the extra nutritional requirements needed for the mothers and the puppies’ good health.

Feed the pregnant dog with 50% more food depending on their body weight.

When you first introduce your pet to Nulo, make sure the transition is made slowly over several days, probably 5-7.

This will reduce the risk of digestive problems that can come from a rapid diet change.

Key benefits

  • This diet is not only grain-free but it is also free of egg and chicken protein.
  • Calcium, phosphorus, and ingredients low in glycemic index are meant for healthy bones and the strongest teeth.
  • Growing puppies need DHA and animal-based proteins for healthy growth. Nulo Freestyle Puppy Food contains 80% of these important nutrients.
  • Your pup’s immunity will get a sure boost from the vegetable and fruit mixture in this delicious diet.
  • For brilliant skin and a smooth coat, this puppy food is packed with Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids.


  • Stage; puppies
  • Size; small, medium, and large breeds.
  • Weight; 24 pounds
  • Form; dry food
  • Diet; grain and gluten-free, low glycemic, high-protein.

Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy

If you want to start your puppy right, then this superior nutritional diet is the right brand for you.

The Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy has an improved superfood formula that guarantees probiotics for overall health and proper development of your dog.

Made with real lambs as the main ingredient, this dry food also incorporates vegetables and fruits such as peas, papaya, coconut, and beans.

Sure, your puppy will be provided with enough minerals and proteins for excellent growth.

For healthy skin and smooth coat, and overall-nose-to-tail health, Diamond Naturals is infused with antioxidants and omega fatty acids.

If you want your puppy to achieve a diet that is balanced and holistic then you need to trust Diamond Naturals.

If your pet has a sensitive stomach, you should extend the food transition period to 10-14 days.

Key benefits

  • The combination of pure pasture-raised lamb and whole foods provides balanced nutrition and helps with the development of stronger muscles.
  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are incorporated in this recipe which helps your pup to grow healthy skin and smooth coat.
  • The real fruits and vegetables in this natural recipe with powerful antioxidants support the overall health of Akita puppies.
  • The natural DHA improves brain development and improves the vision of your canine friend.
  • Not only is this food highly digestible but it is also rich in proprietary probiotic nutrients for better digestive health.
  • Has no wheat or corn, artificial colors, preservatives, or fillers.
  • Made from the most scientifically advanced protocols that meet the highest levels of food safety.
  • Made in the USA by a family-owned business.


  • Food type; dry
  • Breed; large and giant breeds
  • Weight; 40 pounds
  • Special diet; no corn, wheat, or soy.
  • Stage; puppy.

American Journey Chicken & Brown Rice Adult Dry Food

Your adult Akita probably loves adventure. You need to fuel their active lifestyle with a meal that will keep them healthy as they explore their fun-filled life.

Every bit of the American Journey Chicken & Brown Rice Adult Dry Food is well balanced starting with protein as the first and main ingredient followed by highly nutritious vegetables such as carrots and sweet potatoes.

Every serving provides an exact blend of antioxidants and nutrients that supports the overall well-being and immune system of your adult Akita.

Omega-three fatty acids support the growth of healthy skin and a smooth coat.

Brown rice and barley are also part of the wholesome diet providing fiber for improved digestive health.

This mixture has no artificial ingredients nor does it have any wheat, soy, or corn.

You can always be confident as you fill your adult Akita bowl knowing that their health came first in the mind of the manufactures.

Key benefits

  • This balanced diet having deboned chicken as the first ingredient provides a 25% quality protein to your adult Akita.
  • The precise blend of nutrients and antioxidants in this mixture boosts the immunity and overall health of your dog.
  • Sweet potatoes and carrots enriched with fiber make the American Journey Chicken & Brown Rice Adult Dry Food easily digestible and rich in antioxidants.
  • The omega 3 and 6 fatty acids help in the growth of soft skin and a lustrous coat.
  • Free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.
  • Has no wheat, soy, or corn neither does it have poultry by-product meals.


  • Weight; 28 pounds
  • Stage; adult
  • Form; dry food
  • Diet; no corn, wheat, and soy.
  • Breed; small, medium, large.

What should you look out for when looking for the best foods for Akitas?

Proteins should be the first and the most important ingredient in the list. Meat should be the primary ingredient. Whole meats should be the priority but meat meals can also do the trick.

There should be no additional chemicals, flavors, fillers, or mystery ingredients. They add nutritional value to your Akita adult.

Helpful supplements and probiotics should be part and parcel of every meal. Supplements are beneficial. Look out for pre/probiotics, chondroitin, glucosamine, and DHA.

All nutritional requirements of the AAFCO should be met. If it doesn’t have the AAFCO seal of approval, then it might not be good for your puppy.

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