The 5 Best Bedding For Chinchillas 2021

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If you’re in search of the best bedding for Chinchillas then here it ends up. We’re here with the top five of them after hours’ long web research. These bedding are as soft as absorbent. So, they help your pet promoting exercise and they remain healthy and happy.

The bedding usually should be odor absorbent and urine soaking. Also, the made materials of the bedding should be free of dangers to your pets. In the US market, you’ll find several brands and types of chinchillas bedding that has made with different materials.

That’s why it’s a bit tricky to select the right bedding. But, if you follow our review, you’ll be very confident to ensure the top one. Because we’re here not just with top five bedding for chinchillas, we also have included a buying guide and a section of Frequently Asked Question.

Top 5 Best Chinchilla Bedding

1. Kaytee Soft Granule Blend Bedding

Kaytee is a famous brand for the chinchillas bedding because of their soft bedding with granule blend. This is a type of bedding that’s very absorbent and can hold its weight up to 3X.

This is why it’s the right product for the bedding of your chinchillas. So, it’s very preferable for long use with more comfort.

If you’re one of them who are with very sensitive noses then this one is the perfect choice for you. Not just because it has no scent, also because of it’s 100% free of dust.

Thus it’s the first choice for the people with the issue of allergies. Also, the item offers nice smells and that’s very natural and it makes the space fresh.

As every product has some downsides, this bedding is also not an exception. It has just one downside that the fur of chinchilla often gets stuck with it.

Some people think it as a very irritating issue. But, so many people love it to use for their chinchilla because it comes with orange and lavender scent version.

The scent of this product is indeed very attractive to many people as it can control odors. But, some users report that it makes irritation for their chinchillas and they don’t like to use it for them.

However, the issue is very rare and you’ll find a lot of happy users that are using the item without any complication.


  • Highly absorbent
  • 100% free of dust
  • Nice smell
  • Hundreds of happy users


  • Simply get stuck to the fur

2. GuineaDad Fleece Liners

Although it has made for the bedding of guinea pigs, it’s very perfect for your chinchillas as well. This is the fleece and bamboo fiber-made liners.

That’s why it’s not just waterproof, it’s also nice to absorb. At the same time, the fleece is as soft as warm that keeps your pets comfortable as they need.

You’ll find a hole-pocket with this fleece that will make it more enjoyable to your chinchillas when they need to rest in and snuggling down.

Besides, it’s very easy to clean the liner because it’s washable and reusable. Thus, you’ll be able to clean the cage of your chinchillas with a simple effort and quickly.

When it comes to clean the cage, you just need to throw the liner in your washing machine. And you can replace it with a clean one that’s a simple process to clean and use again.

If you use this liner, you’ll find them free of dust. Also, it’s anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial, so your pets are fully safe.

If you provide safe and comfortable bedding for your chinchillas, they’ll feel great with this type of bedding that’s free of some other issues like an allergy.

As the bedding is super absorbent, it locks the odor pretty well and it keeps your pets in a fresh-smelling environment. So, it’s your best alternative to invest in.


  • Washable & reusable
  • Very Absorbent
  • Made with soft material
  • Best investment


  • Not the good for dealing with odor

3. Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding

You might be known about Carefresh that has targeted for guinea pigs and rabbits. But, the bedding is suitable for your chinchillas as well.

Any type of this brand is the right option for your pet because it has made from domestic waste pulp. As a result, the product is very safe for your smaller pets.

The bedding also comes with a pillow-type of texture and soft as well, so it’s perfect for your pets to rest in and snuggle down.

Since chinchillas need very comfortable bedding, you can choose Carefresh as the right fit. They’ll find the bedding is good for their respiratory system because it’s free of dust and the issue of allergy.

Besides, it can hold over 2X moisture than timber shaving. This is why you’ll find it very effective for mopping liquids.

Moreover, it ensures your pet’s great dry surroundings to reside. If you use this bedding you’re free of the stress of odors for about 10 days. So, the chinchilla’s home remains fresh for a long time.

Apart from being safe, the fibers of the bedding are more than 25% larger than some other varieties. As a result, it’s much easier to make nests using this bedding.

It’s because it’s very big for the chinchillas as well. In this case, you can choose the bedding from a large diverse like 23L to 30L and even 50L to 60L.


  • Incredibly soft material
  • Very absorbent
  • Fibers are large
  • Recyclable


  • Might be a slightly dusty

4. Kaytee All Natural Aspen Bedding

This is the Kaycee Aspen bedding along with litter that’s manufactured with the natural-type of Aspen shavings.

It’s especially has processed to eliminate wood debris and dust that you’ll find in many other beddings. As the major part of the chinchillas don’t prefer to chew this Aspen, it’s an as your pet’s bedding.

This material is not just very soft, it also washable. As a result, you can use it several times that’s a good way to save some money.

When you choose a liner, you have to avoid if it’s very fluffy type blanket liners. It’s because you need the type of material that gets swept easily, but the fluffy liners are very difficult to clean.

Also, you should use the fleece that comes with some more absorbent layers. Otherwise, you have to look for the added towels under this fleece that will help you to absorb the moistures effectively.

If you clean it on a higher temperature, fleece is likely to shrink. So, you have to wash it carefully in the washing machine.

If you wash it in the washing machine, you must ensure that you have set it on the cold settings. If not, it might be coming out in smaller pieces.

So, it’s better to make a hand wash for the best result. Also, it’s highly recommended that you must use a scentless washing deodorant because it makes less irritation to the skin of your chinchillas.


  • Easy to wash
  • Very soft
  • Reusable
  • Affordable


  • Difficult to wash in a washing machine

5. Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding

You love chinchillas because of these small pets ad some companionship and joy in your life. Being a devoted pet owner, you always look for ways to keep these smaller pets’ long and healthier life.

This is why the brand of Small Pet offers you 100% natural beddings for the small animals like chinchillas and some others.

This product is very safe for your little friends along with higher comfort that absorbs waste. In the same way, it reduces odors to protect their small eyes and feet.

This is a rectangular bag that goes through a highly compressing process to make it easy storage. When you open it, you’ll find it expendable up to 3X.

You’ll be able to fill 12 double XL litter boxes in one bag of 178L where every bag is more than three inches fluffy and soft bedding.

As it’s designed for smaller animals like chinchillas, this bedding offers a comfortably soft environment where your small friends will live in peace having no more issues.

The product is completely is free of added dyes and additives. As a result, it’ll not make an issue like irritation and its fibers are made greatly that are free of dust up to 99%.

That means your chinchillas will get bedding that’s as 100% natural as safe without any fillers. It’s very suitable for your little mates all the way.


  • 100% natural & safe
  • Very soft
  • Better absorbency
  • Comparatively dust-free


  • Not very protective to odors

Things To Consider Of The Best Bedding For Chinchillas

As a chinchilla lover and owner you know it comes with soft fur that’s very sensitive as well. It means that you must keep your little buddy in the cage with bedding and cushion. When you look for the best chinchilla beddings, you must ensure them one hundred percent natural material and very soft ones.

It’ll help them keeping free of odors and liquid absorbent. Thus, there are many more things to consider while shopping for bedding for your chinchillas. Let’s know some of them below:


This is a very significant thing to consider when you’re seeking the best bedding for your little mates. You must ensure the fiber-made beddings along with a suitable size. It’s because if you buy a larger one then it can hurt their sensitive skin.

Also, with the big size of the bedding, the chinchillas might be confused and can feel uneasy. There are some more issues with the smaller ones like they can make mistake to get the food that served for them. Besides, if you buy the small one, it can hinder their regular activities, such as the “chinchilla wheel.”


Material matters much as it’s one of the very important things to consider before you buy a chinchilla bedding. You’ll find a wide range of made materials for your pet bedding. But, you always should choose the one that comes with a flexible soft texture and that’s nice to feel when touched.

Thus you can ensure that your little friends are enjoying their nest very much. However, don’t forget to pay special attention to the unpleasant-smelling from the bedding. If you’re not sure about your chinchilla’s habit, you can try out some different types of materials.

It’ll help you to find out which types of materials are suitable for your pets. Even the manufacturers might provide you some degree of guarantee that their bedding has made with the right material.

Absorbency Rate

It’s another crucial part of the things that you have to consider while purchasing a bed for your chinchillas. The rate of liquid absorbency is the factor that determines what type of environment your pet is going to reside in.

You might have a chinchilla that likes to get a tropical-type climate. So, you should ensure it providing the material that can absorb and hold a large volume of liquid. Thus it can keep pace with the expected humidity level.

It’s a simple rule to know that if you buy softer products then you’ll find them better liquid retaining affordability. But, don’t forget one cellulose-based thing fibers will not be able to absorb a higher volume of liquid other than the 100% natural materials.

Other Things

Apart from the quality, material, and absorbency rate, there are some more things to consider. These include dust-free bedding that’s also free of toxic materials. It’s because these two things can make a great issue with the respiratory system of your chinchillas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Tiles For My Chinchilla’s Bedding?

Yes, this is a nice idea to use tiles in the inner part of the cage of chinchillas. But, you must avoid making it for the main bed of these little guys. Instead, you can choose anyone from our reviewed products that all are suitable for your chinchillas.

What Is The Number Of Bedding Should I Provide My Chinchilla?

It’s important to ensure that the cage of your chinchillas has been covered by some type of dry and clean lining. These may include shredded aspen, fleece, or some other confetti bedding. And you should not forget one thing that bedding works like an absorbent that keeps the surface comfortable for your little pets.

Can My Chinchillas Be Living On Their Effort?

Yes, they can. But, they can do it much better way when they’re in some small groups or pairs. It’s because chinchillas are very social animals. So, if you bring up just one of them then you should make sure to offer some degree of additional attention.


Proper caring of the chinchillas involves keeping their cage safe and clean with the right product of bedding. Its true regular cleaning is very essential, but it helps you to go some levels higher while choosing the right bedding for them.

When you’ll be able to choose the suitable and best bedding for chinchillas, it’ll ensure you a higher absorbent with the odor-controlling way. Also, make sure buying the bedding that’s as soft as comfortable and safer for your smaller friends.

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