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Good news! has acquired the site, to help us of growing our site and covering all aspects of the pet industry.

North Star Rescue is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to the welfare of small companion animals.

North Star Rescue are the only rescue organization in the San Francisco Bay Area specifically dedicated to all species of pet rodents and rabbits. North Star Rescue is a no-kill rescue, which means they do not euthanize animals when they have been at their rescue for a long period of time, or for treatable medical conditions. Their goal is to end the unnecessary euthanasia of small companion animals in the San Francisco Bay Area, and to provide welfare and care information to pet owners everywhere to try and improve the lives of small animals and their owners alike.

North Star Rescue provides a variety of services to help small companion animals, including:

  • Rescue and Foster Services for California Shelters
  • Public Adoptions of Small Animals
  • Behavioral Advice
  • Educational Events
  • Free Care Information for Small Animals
  • Intake of Shelter Surrendered Animals

Unlike a traditional shelter, North Star Rescue has no central location, instead relying on private foster homes and public adoption outposts with locations in Pacifica, San Jose, Sonoma, and Santa Rosa. They are a network of foster homes run by dedicated volunteers who have united under the common goal of keeping small animals from being euthanized when they have nowhere else to go.

They offers information on how you can adopt your next small pet, care information for a variety of species, and up to date information on current projects with their rescue and news about small animal welfare.

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