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Ferret Litter BoxLitter training is one of the most difficult instances and requirements of raising baby ferrets, and that’s when you might need to choose a good ferret litter box.

After all, ferrets tend to be the lazy type, and unless you build their routine from the start, they won’t do their business in your litter box.

Choosing the litter box is a challenge because ferrets need to go somewhere comfortable and easily convenient for them.

With that in mind, you can’t keep them doing their business forever in a small corner and have to change the bedding frequently (or clean it up). That’s why litter boxes exist to keep your pet space tidy and less smelly.

With this guide, we hope you find out how to choose a ferret litter box should you have to litter train your ferret during the baby stage.

We list down some of the tips in finding a litter box that is suitable for your ferret, as well as the other things you’ll need to set up your litter box properly.

How to choose a ferret litter box

Choosing a ferret litter box is a little different from buying one for a rabbit.  If you decide to look for a litter box for your ferret, you should know about and/or look for the following:

A litter box with a low side

Ferrets are naturally lazy when you potty-train them. To help correct this problem, make the litter box more comfortable by buying one that has a low side.

This will help them get in and out of the pan/box quickly. They will not have the lazy excuse because they have easier access to the litter box.

If you want to get a litter box for your ferret, make sure it is easily accessible. The entrance to the litter box should be low so that your ferret will not feel awkward when stepping inside.

One feature that will turn off your ferret and make them not go into the litter box is if the step is too high.

There are different designs for the entrance area of the litter box that’s commonly found in the market today, such as the following:

Solid design

A solid design is the most common for most litter boxes. They may either be straight or curved depending on whether the litter box is a triangular type or an oval type.

While this design is okay for most ferrets, it can be tedious and awkward if it is too high. However, the advantage of this design is that you have less risk of accidents due to a solid design.

An indention in the middle

Most people prefer a ramp indention in the middle of the ferret litter box entrance. This allows a convenient entrance for your ferret when they need to go. However, there’s a chance of getting caught in the corners, so make sure it has a smooth design.

Nonetheless, it has a good advantage of keeping the litter contained inside the box while still allowing easy access due to the low part.

Consider two litter boxes for multiple pets

If you have more ferrets, you should add another litter box to their space. When you do consider multiple litter boxes for your pets, make sure they are placed differently to avoid confusion. You may want to place them on different levels of your cage (if applicable).

Look for a high-back design

A high-back design usually has a triangular look to help ferrets stay safe while doing their business. This design will help keep the litter box stable while also help them keep their privacy. It will also contribute to limiting the spill of urine elsewhere.

Here are the different types of high back designs depending on how the litter box was made:

Straight or curved back

You will see this back design in most common litter boxes for ferrets and other small pets. They are easier to clean, but when it comes to supporting, they’re a little inferior to folded designs.

Folded back

This design is common in triangular litter boxes for ferrets. Although they are a little tricky to clean due to the folded design, when it comes to added support, they’re better than a straight or curved back.

This is why many pet owners prefer a ferret litter box with a triangular design.

An easy-clean design

Look for a litter box that’s less tedious to clean, especially if you have more than one ferret in the house or cage. One feature to look for is a plastic grill with a sliding tray at the bottom. This will catch your ferret litter, so it will be easy to clean.

However, when you do consider the grill and sliding tray platform, make sure that the grill is not too harsh on your ferret’s feet so it won’t hurt them in the process.

Any small animal won’t feel comfortable when sitting or standing for a long time over any non-solid ground.

Attachable to the cage

The best time to litter train your ferret is during their time in the cage. Therefore, it makes sense for a litter box to be easily attachable to the cage for added security.

When choosing a litter box for your ferret, it also pays to go for a simpler setup for this cage attachment mechanism.

Like your water bottle, food bowl, and other possible toys for a cage, ferret litter boxes can be attached as well, thanks to an attachment screw mechanism. Just pop it in between the cage grills, and you’re good to go – no complicated setup needed.

Having an attachable ferret litter box to the cage eliminates the possibility of toppling over, especially if your ferret is quite a troublemaker and has two or more ferrets in the cage.

Durable material

When choosing a quality litter box, always consider tough material.

Even though we know that nearly every litter box in the market today is made of plastic, a couple of items are made with durable or reinforced plastic to make sure it doesn’t easily get broken or moved aside, causing spillage.

Odor-free and stain-free material

When your ferret does their business, you wouldn’t want the pee and poop smell to get attached to the litter box, would you? That just makes it more difficult to clean up.

Plastic is a porous material in general, and it takes a special kind of plastic to avoid absorbing the bad odors that will put anyone off.

Non-toxic material

Ferrets are known for being curious and like to chew anything new they see. Therefore, it pays to have a pet-friendly litter box in terms of construction materials.

Do consider a litter box that you know is made without harsh chemicals to avoid causing health problems to your ferret in the long run. After all, ferrets are known for having sensitive tummies.

Best Ferret Litter Box Reviews?

There are many litter boxes for you to choose from. If you want to know what is the best ferret litter box out there, we want to suggest a couple of must-try ones just for you:

Marshall High Back Ferret Litter Pan

Made with a high-back design, the Marshall High Back Ferret Litter Pan is a litter box that’s ideal for homes with multiple ferrets since it comes as a 2-pan set.

Measuring 12 x 14 inches, this ferret litter box has a low entrance, so it will be easy for your pet to do its business.

The material is made of thick and durable plastic that your curious pet won’t easily gnaw. Due to the smooth corner, it will cause less likelihood of accidents for your ferret.

Ware Manufacturing Lock-N-Litter Small Pet Pan

If you prefer a litter box with added grills for easier cleaning, the Ware Manufacturing Lock-N-Litter Small Pet Pan is for you. It is made with odor-resistant and stain-resistant plastic, so your pet home doesn’t have to smell so bad.

Moreover, plastic and other materials are quite durable in construction.

In addition to that, it has a lockable design to keep spills at bay. Measuring 12-3/4 x 9-1/4 x 6 inches, this litter box for ferrets has a plastic guard and wire floor to maintain cleanliness when your pet does their business.

Due to the attachable design of this litter box, keeping it secure to your ferret cage won’t be a challenge, and it will be easier to clean in the long run.

To keep your pet secure, it has a tall back design so that it won’t tip over easily, keeping your pet safe when they have to go.

Ware Manufacturing Lock-N-Litter Bigger Pan for Small Pets

If your ferret is quite bigger than most, the Ware Manufacturing Lock-N-Litter Bigger Pan for Small Pets is for you. This litter box is also ideal for multi-ferret cages to avoid overcrowding when the need arises.

Made with quality plastic, the litter box measures 16-1/2 x 10-1/4 x 8 inches, so it has a deeper design that allows you to store more inside, lessening the times that you need to clean it up.

Like many ferret litter boxes out there, it has a mechanism that lets you secure it to the cage to keep it from turning over.

Likewise, it has a sliding design that makes cleaning efficient and simple. The plastic used for this jumbo-sized litter box for ferrets is odor-resistant and stain-resistant.

Linifar Pet Potty Corner Litter Box

Made with smooth edges to keep your ferret safe and sound, the Linifar Pet Potty Corner Litter Box has a spill-free design and solid construction. Moreover, it has a screw at the bottom so that it will not easily topple over.

Aside from that, the litter box comes with a fastening mechanism to keep it attached to the cage.

Due to the grills and the tray at the bottom, it will be easier to clean. The litter box measures 16 x 11.8 x 4 inches.

Although the manufacturer mostly markets it for rabbit use, it will also fit ferrets and other small animals. BPA plastic is used for the material to avoid absorbing odor and stain.

Another plus point that keeps the litter box from spilling is the smooth railing and the high back design. Aside from the litter box, it even comes with freebies, such as 50 pads, a small dustpan, and a brush set.

Kaytee Long John Litter Pan

If you want a basic litter box for your ferret, the Kaytee Long John Litter Pan is also a great choice. It comes with hooks to attach your litter box to the ferret cage conveniently.

Moreover, it has a high-back design that keeps the litter from scattering while also protecting your ferret while they do their business.

This 11.25 x 9.5 x 7-inch litter box has a smooth design thanks to its durable plastic, which won’t cause accidents for your pet. What’s more, it has odor-resistant and stain-resistant qualities that won’t get affected by your pet when they need to go.

In addition to that, the design of the litter box was made specifically for a ferret’s body due to the contoured design. This helps them get less lazy when it comes to potty training.

Can I use a rabbit litter box for a ferret?

That depends on the size of the litter box and its features. Keep in mind that generally, rabbit litter boxes are designed differently.

If the litter box was designed for most small pets in general, you could use it for a ferret, so long as it is easy to get into (with a low design and a high back).


To wrap it up, a ferret litter box should contain quality litter while also having a good and convenient design to motivate your little furry friend.

After all, litter training them is always a handful, especially if they have a stubborn or lazy attitude. To help speed up their litter training process, it pays to invest in a quality ferret litter box that’s safe for them as well.

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