Kennel Cough in Dogs: Symptoms and Treatment

Kennel Cough in Dogs

Treatment of kennel cough in dogs is not too difficult, but there should be a reasonable method for effective treatment. Basically, this is a quite dangerous disease that causes death to the dog, so it is necessary to observe in great detail the symptoms for the most timely and effective treatment.> Cause of kennel cough … Read more

How to Treat the Sarcoptes Scabies in Dog (Sarcoptes Scabiei var Canis)

Sarcoptes Scabies in Dog ( Sarcoptes Scabiei var Canis) is a disease caused by Sarcoptes Canis parasitize under the epidermis of the skin. The disease causes atopic dermatitis nodules, a chronic progression accompanied by itchy, uncomfortable symptoms, and hair loss. Disease characteristics The cause of Sarcoptes Scabies in Dog is scabies Sarcoptes Canis parasites below … Read more

Eczema In Dogs: Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments

Eczema In Dogs

Eczema in dogs is an inflammatory process in the superficial layers of the skin, accompanied by a diverse rash. Eczema is characteristic of the formation of primary and secondary exanthema, along with a tendency to recurrence which often met in dogs and cats; Less common in horses and horned animals. Overview of Eczema in Dogs … Read more

Calcium Deficiency Seizure in Dogs and Cats ( Before and after giving childbirth)

Calcium deficiency seizures in dogs and cats, although not a common disease, can seriously affect the health of animals if they are not treated promptly. The disease manifests itself as a symptom of seizure due to a decrease in blood calcium content; occurs before and after childbirth, even until weaning. With the characteristics of a … Read more