Can Dogs Eat French Toast? Is it Safe or Healthy?

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French toast is a really tasty breakfast treat for humans. You’re probably not surprised to learn that you’re not the first to wonder if you can feed some to your dog. Let’s jump right into it then, ‘can dogs eat french toast?’

Can Dogs Eat French Toast?

How Much French Toast Can Dogs Eat

No, dogs should not eat standard french toast. That is, the type that you might eat yourself. This is because it contains some ingredients that are harmful to dogs such as flour, gluten, and syrup. So, it is a good idea to avoid giving it to your pooch altogether.

Technically your dog could eat french toast, but it won’t benefit them, might harm their long-term health and could even lead to short-term discomfort.

If you prepare it especially for your dog, French toast can be enjoyed by then and is perfectly safe to give them as a treat. You need to ensure you follow a natural recipe that does not contain any harmful substances for dogs. Any recipe you follow should be free from artificial sweeteners, sugars, and maple syrup, as this can be toxic to dogs no matter how small the quantity. 

How Much French Toast Can Dogs Eat? 

French toast is okay for dogs, but they are not necessarily healthy for them. French toast does not offer any nutrition for your dogs. Yes, it is delicious, but there is nothing in French toast that would significantly help boost the health of your dogs.

French toast is OK as an occasional treat for your dog, especially if it’s prepared in a healthier way, but experts would not suggest giving them as part of your dog’s diet.

Some of the ingredients in French toast that are good and safe for dogs are milk and eggs. These ingredients are not bad for dogs and maybe good in small doses as they are rich in protein and healthy fats.

However, it is best to be careful and observant of your dog’s reaction. Lactose intolerance is common among dogs and others have food sensitivity issues with eggs. You should ask for advice from your veterinarian to check if your lovely pet has these conditions to be sure.

If prepared especially for them (without any harmful ingredients) we recommend feeding your dog French toast in moderation, either as a treat for a special occasion such as their birthday or Christmas or as a small snack once a month. Feeding your dog French toast regularly (more than three times per week) is usually not advised as it can cause your pooch long-term health problems such as excessive bloating, flatulence, and, in some cases, kidney failure. 

There are plenty of nutritious and healthy snacks on the market for your dog to enjoy, such as bananas and peanut butter. French toast should only be given to your dog as a rare treat and in small quantities. 

You shouldn’t feed your dog much. Bread can also cause severe bloating in dogs as it is very dense. Because of this, you should only feed your dog a small amount of French toast as a rare treat. A small slice, no bigger than a crust, is absolutely fine, but a whole slice is too much. 

If your dog eats more than a whole slice, you should contact your vet as a priority. 

How Do I Prepare French Toast for My Dog

Can French Toast Kill Dogs? 

No, french toast is unlikely to kill a dog. French toast is not harmful if given in small amounts. However, it is good to avoid extra carbohydrates and fats in your pets’ diet because dogs are carnivores and the diet that best suits them is raw meat and bones.

Is French Toast Bad for Dogs? 

French toast is safe for your dog to eat, but it won’t provide them with any health benefits. If anything, it’s certainly not healthy for them to eat every day. 

Because French toast is loaded with carbohydrates, it can contribute to weight gain and obesity if your dog is over-fed, so keeping it to a minimum is best. 

Can Dogs Eat French Toast

How Do I Prepare French Toast for My Dog? 

It’s really easy to make dog-friendly French toast. Follow our steps below to give your dog the occasional perfect treat:

  • Take one piece of bread and slice it into small strips 
  • Take an egg and mix it together with two egg whites until well mixed
  • Add in milk to the egg mixture (we recommend coconut milk as some dogs can be allergic to cows milk)
  • Spray a non-stick pan with cooking spray and heat lightly
  • Dip bread segments into the mixture and fry in the pan until golden on both sides
  • Remove from the pan once cooked and top with bananas and peanut butter for a more nutritious snack

Will French Toast Make My Dog Sick?

Although French toast won’t usually upset your dog’s stomach, some dogs may become poorly or vomit after eating some. Just like any food, French toast has the potential to cause stomach issues depending on your dog’s sensitivities. 

If your dog suffers from a bout of vomiting or diarrhea after consuming French toast, particularly if it happens more than once, it is possible they are allergic to some of the ingredients from your recipe. Should you suspect your dog is allergic to anything, it’s best to take them to your local vet to check it out and rule out anything more serious. 

Will French Toast Make My Dog Sick

What are the ingredients in French toast that can be harmful to dogs?

We have mentioned from the very beginning that there are certain ingredients in French toasts that are not good for dogs and may upset our best friend’s stomach. But what are these exactly? It is the syrup and what is on the bread itself.

The syrup is one of the components needed to have a completely delicious French toast experience. It adds an extra sweet and savory taste to it. However, this syrup is not ideal for dogs. Syrups, especially those that are commercial ones with artificial sweeteners, can be harmful to dogs.

In general, dogs should not be given food with high sugar content. Artificial sweeteners are even worse.

Our dog’s stomach is not able to easily digest these sugary contents. If dogs eat these sweeteners, it could upset their stomach and may even lead to vomiting or diarrhea.

The bread itself can be toxic to dogs. Bread contains yeast that can create gas in our pet’s digestive system. It also contains gluten that dogs are very sensitive to.

Gluten may cause skin irritation in dogs. Other ingredients that you should avoid are nutmeg and other dairy products.

Can Puppies Eat French Toast?

No, we wouldn’t recommend feeding french toast to puppies. their stomachs are more sensitive than adult dogs, and you should always make sure puppies have as healthy a diet as possible. This means avoiding any foods that are excessively fatty or high in sugar.

Is French Toast Bad for Dogs

What are Other Ingredients in Bread that are Not Good for Dogs?

You know of nutmeg. It adds a pleasing taste to the bread. You might think of adding this to your French toast, but it is a big no.

Nutmeg can cause seizures in dogs and may even lead to death. Raisins are also bad for dogs. There is an unknown compound in grapes that can cause kidney complications in dogs.

Chocolates, artificial sweeteners, and sugary compounds are also dangerous for your dogs.

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