Best Food for Newfoundland Puppy [Reviewed in 2021]

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The Newfoundland dog originated from Newfoundland, Canada. A male Newfoundland weighs up to 150 pounds and can stand as high as 29 inches while a female can weigh as much as between 100-120 pounds.

It is for this reason that the Newfoundland proves to be one of the distinguished and distinctive dog breeds. The Newfoundland is a giant, working dog. It can either have grey, black, and brown or have a mixture of black and white colors.

Feeding a Newfoundland puppy and adult dog can be quite an intriguing experience. This is because Newfoundland dogs are giant muscular breeds built for work.

Feed your Newfoundland a steady meal of fat and protein for muscle development and energy from a young age.

By feeding the puppies with proteins you set the stage for strong muscle development, and it helps the Newfoundland puppy to maintain stout body weight.

Understanding the meal of a Newfoundland puppy

To feed your dog well, you must first understand the nutritional requirements needed. Understanding the right diet to feed your puppy for healthy muscles and energy is important.

Proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals are very crucial during the developmental stages of your puppy.

Likewise, ordinary proteins from chicken and turkey, lean protein works well because of the presence of amino acids.

You can use plant-based proteins such as peas but they have low nutritional value.

You need to understand the number of carbohydrates to feed the Newfoundland puppy since carbohydrates give more energy.

Since the Newfoundland puppy moves and plays a lot, serve your dog high-calorie content food.

Be careful not to overfeed your dog on carbohydrates as it can cause the dog to bloat. Obesity can also occur when you feed your puppy too many carbohydrates.

As a dog owner, it is very crucial to add fats to your puppy’s meal. Fats improve immune support and keep the skin healthy and shiny.

A proper ratio of calcium and phosphorous is ideal for healthy strong bones and teeth.

Read through the article to know the best foods to feed your Newfoundland puppy.

Best Food for Newfoundland Puppy

Earthborn Holistic Coastal catch grain-free dry food

The ingredients for the Earthborn dry food include; vitamins A, D3, and E supplements, pea fiber, potatoes, spinach, oatmeal, carrot, amino acids, fermentation products, copper, manganese, zinc proteinate, and folic acid.

Being large dog breeds, it is necessary to feed the Newfoundland’s with huge amounts of nutritional supplements.

We recommend the use of earthworm holistic coastal grain-free dry feed for your dog’s food.

This is because it contains the right ingredients and supplements to offer full growth and strong bones since the Newfoundland’s are prone to some heavy work.

The earthborn holistic food is highly concentrated with protein for optimum growth to keep the puppy looking healthy and strong.

Also, the food package is grain and gluten-free proving as an essential food substitute to cereals. The food package also contains fibers from fruits and vegetables.

They aid the puppy during digestion as well as offering favorable conditions for optimum nutrient absorption.

With whitefish, salmon, and herring meal playing the chief role of supplying proteins, your puppy is guaranteed a high protein supply.

The protein formula helps to develop lean body mass and muscles. Furthermore, it helps in supplying and sustaining energy requirements.

Besides, L-carnitine plays the crucial role of transforming fat into energy keeping the puppy’s body in a healthy state. It is also crucial I maintaining lean body mass.

Finally, a balance of omega 3 and omega 6 acids mixed in the right ratios helps to establish the phospholipid barrier to the skin keeping your dog’s skin healthy and smooth.

Feeding instruction

As a pet lover, caring for your dog’s overall health starts with a proper meal. Feed your puppies solid food from as early as 3 to 4 weeks.

Maintain the earthborn holistic until weaning is over. Always have fresh water for the puppies available at all times.

American journey salmon & sweet potato recipe grain-free dry dog food

Additives for this nutritious and delicious dog food include; chicken meal, dried beet pulp, salmon oil, folic acid, extracts of rosemary, salt, carrot, mixed preservatives, supplements of vitamin B12, copper, zinc, iron sulfate, and dried kelp.

The nutritious and tasty American journey grain-free dry foods are produced using high heat energy and pressure.

The food supplements are made with feed-grade additives that are unsuitable for human consumption.

It contains synthetic ingredients as well as chicken peas and potatoes as anti-nutrients.

Lastly, the American journey dog feed also contains limited ingredients such as natural flavor and crispy beet pulp.

The American journey dog food is a standard dog food that is very economical.

It is a cheap dog feed that supplements the Newfoundland diet with the right ingredients. Use the dog feed to feed your puppy for lean muscle formation.

The grain-free dry dog food also boosts the puppy’s food taste as the deboned beef contains tasty amino acids and proteins.

Also present in the dog food are fibers from vegetables and fruits such as carrots that give antioxidants thereby boosting the immune system.

The food provides the essential amino acids from proteins and omega acids for a healthy coat and skin. All the foods are grain and gluten-free to help subtle puppy avoid fillers.

Also, the American journey dog feed further has a moist food feature. This feature combines the meat from chicken and healthy giving carrots that stew in broth for puppies to enjoy.

When using the American journey dog food, consult wider to avoid causing heart-related problems to your Newfoundland dog puppy.

Merrick grain-free real Texas beef & sweet potato dry dog food

Looking for better ways to feed your puppy? Worry no more? Merrick grain-free dry dog food is produced directly by farmers.

It is for this reason that dry dog food is very popular among many pet owners. The Merrick grain-free is produced by a mixture of fat additives and proteins through a natural production process.

The ingredients for this amazing dog food include; potatoes, peas, deboned beef, lamb meal, vitamins, and minerals.

It is efficient to use Merrick’s dry food for both mature and younger Newfoundland’s. It is composed of 70% meat products, 30% minerals and, vegetable products. The dog food further is gluten and grain-free.

Measure 423kcal per cup to feed your dog and notice an increase in energy and general growth. This effect is brought out by the manufacturer combining 70% proteins and fat supplements.

Also present are the omega and fatty acids that help maintain smooth skin. The presence of chondroitin and glucosamine helps to boost hip and bone development.

Canidae-all life stages multi-protein formula dry dog food

The all-life stages feed contains numerous proteins as the name suggests. It is particularly manufactured for all ages, sizes, and breeds of dogs.

Its name can be confusing but it is designed primarily to be used for large breed puppy.

Large breed puppies like Newfoundland grow to bigger sizes requiring food that sustains their 50 pounds and above weight.

Canidae has higher concentrations of omega 3 fatty acids that are ideal for lowering joint inflammations.

Adding to the benefits of omega-three fatty acids is fish, turkey, and chicken protein nutrients. The result of using the supplement on your puppy is the added dense nutritional formula.

Canidae is veterinary-developed distinctively for dog breed of all age and size which means you can use it throughout your puppy’s developmental growth stage.

As a result of the addition of exceptional ingredients, minerals, and vitamins the resulting puppy meal is tasty and nutritious.

A tasty and nutritious meal for the Newfoundland puppy ensures faster and stimulated growth. Not only does the Canidae dry foods contain health supplements but also has the omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants that work as probiotics for your puppy.

Finally, Canidae dry foods are not made from chicken products meaning that it is gluten and grain-free.

Canidae dog food is free from additives, flavors, hormones, and preservatives.

Orijen purple large dog food

Ingredients used to make Orijen purple large dog food include; whole eggs, beans, peas, sunflower seeds, spinach, kale, deboned chicken, sea salt, mustard seeds, omega acids, calcium, phosphorous, and zinc proteinate.

Newfoundland puppy is technically a large breed dog and the thing with big-bodied dogs is that they require a direct protein meal.

A protein-rich diet is necessary to maintain their peculiar muscle mass and healthy body weight.

Mixing ingredients such as deboned chicken, eggs, and fish results in a wholesome meal that is delicious for your growing puppy.

The Orijen large dog feed is affluent with proteins for muscle development to reduce undue pressure on growing joints and bones.

Not only does the Orijen dog food have 38% healthy-giving proteins but also possesses 21% carbohydrates to nurture large breeds like Newfoundland in line with their biological and growth demands.

Since the Orijen dog meal is prepared from a third of dried chicken and turkey, the resulting protein is a nourishing wholesome meal.

For your puppy’s nutrients needs for proper growth use 2/3 of fresh meat, bones, and cartilage. The addition of liver-dried infusions into the Orijen package makes it tasty and palatable to your puppies.

Feeding directions

Your puppy is distinctive and its feeding demands may vary from time to time. The feeding requirements may also change with the activity, age, and environment.

We suggest that you begin with the guidelines present in the animal feed from the manufacturer and then gradually introduce your new formula if need be.

Feed your dog two times a day and ensure that clean water is always available. Watch the weight as it changes and eventual optimum growth of your puppy.

Blue buffalo life protection formula puppy chicken & brown rice recipe dry dog food

The gluten-free dog formula contains ingredients that are essential for the robust growth of your puppy from a small age.

The blue buffalo life protection company that produces this dog meal is based in America.

They understand the dog business well that’s why they are producing premium-level foods for the growth and development of the pets.

The leading ingredients include; fish meal, barley, deboned chicken, chicken fat, zinc sulfate, sweet potatoes, vitamin B12, D3, B5 supplements, turmeric, rosemary oil, potassium, and amino acids.

This product was manufactured for the well-being and general fitness of the puppies. Since the early stages of a puppy’s growth are important, the manufacturer pays attention to the ingredients.

Proper addition of the ingredients by the manufacturer makes this meal support the proper growth and healthy development of your Newfoundland puppy.

The key benefit of the blue line dog food is that it is a growth-enhancing feed. For instance, phosphorous and calcium are crucial for strong teeth and bone formation.

Also present in the package is ARA and DHA that is ideal for the development of a healthy brain and eyes. Premium proteins present to allow for proper muscle development.

As you noticed the presence of fish meal as one of the ingredients serves its purpose well to promote a healthy skin coat from the amino acids and omega acids present.

Use antioxidants, chelated minerals, and vitamins to promote the proper immune system.

The best thing with blue line dog food is that it does not contain wheat, starch, and chicken feed products. Isn’t that good for your dog?


As I pen off, caring for the giant Newfoundland puppy should not be a thorn in your flesh anymore.

Pay attention to the specific energy, body, and muscle growth requirements for your dog. Ensure to increase food portions as your puppy grows.

You must supplement every dog feed with vitamins and minerals to ensure proper bone and muscle formation.

Feeding the Newfoundland puppy should now be an easy task for you.

The above list of dog food will guide you as you feed and care for your puppy! Remember to consult your veterinary officer in case of any food poisoning.

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