Best Ferret Cage: A Ferret Housing Guide

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best ferret cage

Among the necessities that a ferret need is a home – choosing the best ferret cage for them can be challenging if you don’t know the specifics. This is why we wrote this guide to help you out.

Ferrets have a great need for space to play, sleep, and fool around. They also love to jump a lot, so they need room for that as well.

With that said, they should also not be left alone around the house, and a cage will serve as a protective barrier for them so that they don’t mess around with your things.

Subsequently, it will also keep them away from unwanted accidents when you’re outside or out of the house.

By choosing the right cage for your ferret, you are giving them a comfortable place to live, play, and sleep. It will also make them feel comfortable and refreshed.

To choose the right cage for your ferret’s needs, you should know what cage size to look for, any considerations before buying, and other features.

What cage size do I need for a ferret?

The best cage to look for when it comes to a single ferret is 36 x 24 inches while having a 24-inch height for extended room to jump around. However, that’s not the exact standard, as you may need a different size of cage for the following conditions:

More than one ferret

If you own 2 or more ferrets, consider 42 x 30 inches of a room with a height of 30 inches to jump around. Moreover, if you like to add more ferrets, you should add about 6 inches more for the cage space.

Your ferrets should have sufficient room to roam around, whether they need to play, sleep, do their business on the litter box, and eat.

Do not go out of the cage

Do get a larger cage if your ferret doesn’t like spending outside at all or barely goes outside of the cage. This is also applicable if your ferret is too afraid to go outside. That’s because they need room to exercise more often, and having a small cage won’t do the trick.

Consider multi-level cages

A multi-level cage will benefit ferrets because it will help them play around with more space to roam around. Have at least 2 to 3 levels for a ferret to run, climb, and jump around.

After all, ferrets are known to be very playful, so they need a lot of room to move around.

Aside from that, a multi-level cage is very recommended for multiple ferrets. If you have two or more ferrets, have at least 4 levels so that they will feel less awkward with each other.

If the cage is still empty, consider putting ramps so that your ferret will have less difficulty when going between levels.

Cage materials

Avoid painted cages because they contain toxic chemicals that might get into your ferret’s system and cause health problems later on. Pressure-treated cages are also not ideal since they also contain toxins that would harm your ferret later on.

Cage security

A good cage should be one that has security all over it. For instance, the bars should have only 1 inch or less of space between them.

Ferrets might escape easily if the bar gaps are too wide for them. This is especially the case if you want to take care of baby ferrets that are curious little ones.

For added security, you may also want to wrap chicken wire. Using chicken wire helps retain the breathability of the cage so that your ferret will still feel comfortable inside while keeping them from becoming escape artists.

Moreover, look for a lock type that has good strength. The locking mechanism shouldn’t be easy to pull or latch. Do consider a door mechanism with added binder clips or other security features if your ferret is quite smart.

Cage bottom

When choosing any ferret cage, always make sure that it has a solid bottom.

If your cage doesn’t have lining or if it has wire floors, it will cause feet problems for your ferret, and it will also become a risk for accidentally getting their paws stuck in between or even get cuts.

Unfortunately, if the cage you bought doesn’t have solid flooring, you can remedy that by putting on padding or carpeting. Ensure that it covers the floor entirely and that it fits securely to avoid budging away and exposing the wire flooring.

Our Suggest for the Best Ferret Cage

If you want to know what is the best ferret cage out there, here are some of our suggestions to get you started:

Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage

Made with 2 floors or platforms, the Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage is a 23.6-pound rolling ferret cage with 3 plastic ramps, a hammock, and a grille.

With dimensions of 31 x 20 x 54 inches, this ferret cage has a set of hinged doors that will keep the escape artist at bay.

Each platform measures 20 3/8 x 7 7/8 x 3/4 inches, while the ramp measures 15 1/4 x 5 x 1/8 inches. Due to the thin 7/8-inch wire spacing, it will be difficult for your ferret to escape or get stuck.

We like that it has a space-saving shelf where you can put your ferret accessories, such as treats, toys, and other items.

As for the finish, it was made with pet-safe and non-toxic powder-coated steel mesh. Mobility is also a plus point with this ferret cage due to the rolling casters at the bottom.

It has a mid-level floor that separates the two levels. Each of the levels has separate doors for easy access while cleaning or attending to your pet whenever needed.

It is also quite durable due to the Hammertone finish and wrought iron construction. Moreover, it has a debris tray at the bottom with a wind-bell lock for convenient cleaning.

MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Ferret Nation

Yet another cage with two levels, the MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Ferret Nation, is a 93-pound ferret home that’s also equipped with casters at the bottom.

It has 2 adjustable shelves and 2 pans that were made to be leak-proof. With 3 plastic ramps that allow your pet to play around, it even has 3 ramp covers to keep your ferret’s feet safe and protected.

The cage measures 25 x 63 x 36 inches. Since the casters are lockable, they will stay in place and have less likelihood of accidents. We like that the shelves are adjustable due to their attachment design.

Like many dual-level cages, it has two doors for convenient access to your pet from all levels. There is also a bottom tray that measures 9.25 inches high to place various items such as ferret supplies.

Ferplast Ferret Tower Two-Story Ferret Cage

Also, with rolling casters, the Ferplast Ferret Tower Two-Story Ferret Cage is a 52-pound ferret home with 29.5 x 31.5 x 63.4 inches of dimensions.

It comes with nearly everything you need to get started for a ferret home, such as a litter pan, food bowl, 2 ramps, 3 platforms (adjustable), a hammock, a water bottle, and 2 play tubes (adjustable).

Each of the levels has an access door, and there’s even a rooftop door that allows more freedom for cleaning and accessing your pet.

Unlatching the cage’s wire portion allows you to clean the pans easily. Due to its unique latching system, the pans are easy to set up and take out for cleaning.

Since it comes with nearly every basic need of your pet ferret, it is a great gift for someone who just got their ferret and is only starting to take care of their pet.

Since the bases are at 6 inches each, it will allow more room for the ferret to do their burrowing business without the bedding getting out of place and spilling everywhere.

AVEEN 3-Tier Cage Playpen Box

Best for ferrets that need a lot of room to play, the AVEEN 3-Tier Cage Playpen Box has 2 front doors for convenient access plus a free hammock for playing around and hiding.

Measuring 40 x 24 x 17 inches, this ferret cage has 3 floors, so it will be ideal for multiple pets.

Among the features we like about this ferret cage is the rust-proof quality of the construction. It is easy to set up in just 5 minutes, and it includes rolling casters for portability.

Like many ferret cages out there, it has a locking latch on each door to keep your pet from escaping. The plastic pan at the bottom is also leak-proof for easy cleaning. We also like that this ferret cage is foldable for transport needs.

go2buy Metal 3 Doors Ferret Cage Playpen

Yet another 3-floor cage, the go2buy Metal 3 Doors Ferret Cage Playpen, has 0.9-inch bar spacing, which will keep your ferret safe from getting stuck while also preventing unwanted escapes.

Measuring 25.2 x 16.9 x 51.6 inches, it comes with multiple platforms, and each level has a door that comes with a latch for safety and easy access to your pet.

The cage has casters at the bottom for mobility and portability, while it also comes with various basics for your ferrets, such as a 6.4-inch food bowl and a 7.9-inch water bottle.

Like many ferret cages, it already comes with a ramp for your pet to use. It has a unique tier design that goes alternately, forming a total of 6 tiers or levels.

A powder-coated finish is given to this cage to prevent it from getting corrosion and thus, being safe for your pet.

Prevue Pet Products Adult Ferret Home

Perfect for traveling, the Prevue Pet Products Adult Ferret Home is also ideal for a single ferret at home or areas with limited space.

It measures 27 x 17.5 x 23 inches with 1-inch wire spacing, so it is only suitable for adult ferrets. It comes with a large front access door and a tubby base for more room for burrowing for your pet.

With a wire latch locking mechanism, it keeps your ferret secure inside. It also has a snap-on mesh inside the cage. Due to the lightweight design, this ferret cage will be convenient for taking your pet to the vet or while you’re on vacation somewhere.

Cage accessories

After you choose the appropriate ferret cage, here are the accessories that you will need for your ferret’s home:

Food bowl

The ideal ferret food bowl is a ceramic type, but you should consider one that is heavy or locking. This will ensure that even if your ferret messes around while playing, they will not accidentally spill or budge the bowl out of its place.

You can find special bowls that have combination locks to keep them in place inside your ferret cage. Combined with a locking mechanism, a heavy food bowl is ideal for ferrets that like to play around, especially cages with multiple ferrets.

Water bottles

A water bottle is an important accessory on a ferret cage so that your pet can have easy access to drink. Always change the bottle every 2 days and make sure that each level of the cage has a water bottle.

Litter box

A litter box or pan should be placed in one area of the ferret cage. Consider dust-free and unscented litter and clean it properly daily.

Comfortable bedding

During the cold season, ferrets do well with added blankets and other clothing items to help keep them warm. There are also special bedding accessories online and in pet stores that are suitable for a ferret.


Overall, a ferret cage should have all the necessary features to keep your pet satisfied, comfortable, and safe. Remember that the cage is their home, so they need to have privacy and comfort inside.

Consider a cage that is durable yet allows your ferret to play around easily with sufficient space. By having a quality cage that’s suitable for your ferret(s), you’ll keep them satisfied.

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