Why Do Dogs Foam At The Mouth?


There’s nothing more startling than going in to cuddle your canine companion, only to discover a track of foam falling from their mouth. While there is certainly a terrifying stigma surrounding this occurrence, we’re here to tell you that it’s not always a massive cause of concern. In this article we’ll break down the common … Read more

Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis (HGE) In Dogs

hge in dogs

HGE in dogs is a fairly common veterinary emergency that frightens dog owners due to its shocking symptoms. Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis will often come on quickly, causing the need to act fast in order to nurse your pup back to health. In this article we’ll dive into the details of this condition, the symptoms to look … Read more

How to Get a Urine Sample From Your Dog

How to Get a Urine Sample From Your Dog

Whether it’s your first time or the 31st time, no dog parent ever wants to hear their veterinarian tell them that they need a urine sample from their dog. You’re either thinking, “How in the world?”, or “Great, here we go, again!” Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how much you’re dreading it, sometimes it’s necessary to … Read more

Heat Stroke in Dogs

heat stroke in dogs

It might not be something on the forefront of your mind if you’re like me right now, wrapped in the middle of winter. But heat stroke in dogs is something that all dog parents should know about as it isn’t just an issue that occurs in the warmer months. Heat stroke in dogs can happen … Read more

Why Do Dogs Dry Heave?

As dog parents, I think we’ve all experienced the 3 am wake-up call from our best friends-the dreaded sound of your dog dry heaving. Will you be cleaning up vomit shortly after or is it something else? While dogs may vomit fairly regularly as a result of an indiscriminate appetite, such as last week’s garbage, … Read more

Apoquel for Dogs: A New Medication for Your Dog’s Itchy Skin

Springtime means new beginnings; new plants, baby animals, and insects buzzing. It can also mark the beginning of your dog’s incessant scratching due atopic or allergic dermatitis. If your poor dog suffers from seasonal allergies, food allergies, or other environmental allergies, it may be time to look into Apoquel. Atopic Dermatitis in Dogs If you’ve … Read more