5 Best Dog Food for Corgis 2021

Corgis are fun-loving and short-legged dogs. They are fairly sturdy dogs that love to run and chill. However, they are still a small breed that needs a specific diet suited for their needs in order to thrive. Not all dog food is made equal, and the wrong type of dog food can be bad for… VIEW MORE

What Fruits and Vegetables Can Dogs Eat? A Complete List

Fruits and vegetables: love them or hate them, there’s no denying the many health benefits of eating your five a day. But do the same health benefits apply to dogs? Should you give your dogs fruit and vegetables in addition to their normal dog food?  Some fruits and vegetables can actually help to strengthen a… VIEW MORE

Can Dogs Eat Jasmine Rice: Why is Jasmine Rice OK for Dogs?

Most dog owners rely on dog food and a meat diet to provide nutrition for their dogs. While it’s been the case for a long time, people have recently started considering grains as an occasional food for canines because of their nutritional properties. While dogs are rarely allergic to grain, there are still many things… VIEW MORE

Can Dogs Eat Grapes? Are they Safe or Healthy?

Dogs can have many types of human food, especially certain fruit and veg. Some fruits and vegetables can be really healthy for them. However, that does not mean all types of fruit and veg are safe for dogs to eat. Pet owners need to be careful of what human foods they give to dogs. So,… VIEW MORE

Can Dogs Eat Hummus? Is it Good for Dogs?

Hummus is a healthy and nutritious food that is a key part of both the Greek and Middle Eastern diets. It’s a great food to add to your snack list if you need to keep your blood sugar levels in check, or if you’re trying to lose weight. We certainly know that it’s safe for… VIEW MORE

Can Dogs Eat Lobster? What Happens if a Dog Eats Lobster?

Since dogs love meat, it would make sense that they can and should eat lobsters as well, right? Not necessarily. Dog’s digestive systems are very different to ours, so it’s important to choose which foods you give them, and in what form, very carefully.  Here, we look at all the benefits and side effects of… VIEW MORE

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