{5+} Best Food for German Shorthaired Pointer (Reviewed in 2020 USA)

Best Food for German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer puppies need a quality puppy food or all life stages food. As with other puppies, the recommended calcium to phosphorus ratio should be about 1.2 parts calcium to 1 part phosphorus, though there is some slight room for variation (such as 1.5:1). Most puppy foods should have a calcium to phosphorus ratio in this neighborhood. It’s also important that dog and puppy foods do not have an excess (or deficiency) of calcium since this can affect bone growth. In this article, we review the best food for the german shorthaired pointer. We hope that it will help you to determine a perfect product to buy among numerous brands on the market.

How Much Can German Shorthaired Pointers Will Need To Eat?

Based on age and activity level German shorthaired pointers call for a well-balanced diet, specially made for very active dogs.

Mature German shorthaired pointers that are active and healthy should eat between 3,000 and 3,500 calories every day. Dogs desire, on average, 1,250 calories per day to maintain a wholesome bodyweight.

Puppies and teen German shorthaired pointers must be fed with a diet designed especially for their needs two times per day, morning and day. Ordinarily, 2-5 cups of meals per day are sufficient for many German shorthaired pointers; nonetheless, dogs that are more energetic and frequently exercised might require 3-6 cups of food every day.

Top-Rated Food for German Shorthaired Pointer

PreviewProduct's nameEditor's ratingPrice
Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Dry Dog Food4.9 Check Price
The Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Chicken Recipe4.8 Check Price
Merrick's Grain-Free - Actual Buffalo, Beef, and Sweet Potato Recipe4.8 Check Price
Taste Of The Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Adult Dry Food4.7 Check Price
Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon & Rice Formula4.6 Check Price

The Best Food for German Shorthaired Pointer

1. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Dry Dog Food – Best Food for German Shorthaired Pointer in budget

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Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

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Just because you are looking for the very best dry food for the puppy does not mean that you can not also get loads of worth –that is the reason why we’re a lover of the Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula. You will observe that the very first ingredient in this recipe is actually deboned poultry, which may offer your Pointer together with the protein and wholesome fats that he wants to remain healthy.

Speaking of ingredients, this formula can also be chock full of protein and chondroitin, which may keep your GSP’s coat and skin. The recipe also includes a mix of seven different ingredients which should include lots of nutrient value, but not remove from the flavor.


  • Comprises Tons of antioxidants
  • Chock-full of glucosamine and chondroitin
  • Employs real deboned poultry as the primary ingredient
  • Does not contain soy or corn


  • Not fully grain-free

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2. The Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Chicken Recipe

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The Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Chicken Recipe

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Should you would like to maximize your German Shorthaired Pointer’s nourishment, think about a dried dog food such as The Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Chicken Recipe. This recipe comprises 14 1/2 lbs of free-range chicken in every box with 5 loaves of yogurt, over 2 bunches of carrots, along with myriad other components.

It’s produced out of digestible polyunsaturated fats in addition to other superior natural ingredients. This recipe is totally free of low-fat grains and additives in addition to GMO ingredients and synthetic additives.

Additionally, it’s protein-rich for lean muscle mass with sufficient fat to hold up your pet’s high energy demands. Overall, it’s a fantastic product for any dog.


  • Dehydrated to maintain nutritional ethics
  • Free-range poultry as first components, whole carbohydrates, fresh veggies and fruits, chelated minerals
  • Rich in protein with moderate fat


  • Many dogs dislike the dried feel
  • No probiotic supplements

3. Merrick’s Grain-Free – Actual Buffalo, Beef, and Sweet Potato Recipe

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Merrick’s Grain-Free – Actual Buffalo, Beef, and Sweet Potato Recipe

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Top 5 Ingredients:

  • Deboned Buffalo
  • Chicken Meal
  • Turkey Meal
  • Deboned
  • Sweet Potatoes

This actual meat and fish recipe is grain-free and is very good for picky eaters and packs the nourishment also.

It includes glucosamine and chondroitin for elderly dogs or adults with poorer bones and joints, and it contains enough fatty acids to keep your buddy happy and lively.

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4. Taste Of The Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Adult Dry Food – Best Food for German Shorthaired Pointer in total

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Taste Of The Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Adult Dry Food

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Most Popular Food: In case you are not certain which dog food will be ideal for your German Shorthaired Pointer, then you may always go with a favorite recipe such as this Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Adult Dry Food. This recipe includes protein-rich roasted meats such as buffalo, venison, lamb, bison, and beef to get a protein-packed and yummy recipe. It includes grain-free carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes and legumes for optimum digestibility with prebiotic fibers and probiotics for digestive aid. This recipe is full of essential fatty acids for energy in addition to coat and skin support, plus it has a lot of glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints.

Experts: Several high animal proteins, digestible grain-free carbs, fresh fruits, and vegetables, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, chelated minerals, prebiotics, and probiotics
Disadvantages: Main supply of fat is plant-based (canola oil), comprises several plant proteins (potato and pea protein)

5. Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon & Rice Formula

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Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon & Rice Formula

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Healthy Ingredients: Fish, Rice, Barley, Fish Meal, Canola Meal

Key Features:

  • Perfect for dogs with skin allergies
  • Easy to digest
  • Helps develop lean muscle
  • No wheat, soy, or corn

For another salmon-based choice, contemplate Purina’s Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach meal choice. As soon as it isn’t wholly grain-free as a result of the addition of rice, it’s a fantastic solution for pet owners concerned about their pet’s skin problems.

Additionally, it doesn’t include corn, wheat, or soy products. The salmon center protein assists pointers maintain their athletic body.

This formula is great for not irritating the gut since the oatmeal and rice make for effortless digestion. The recipe also has a valuable combination for puppies that struggle with nausea, which frequently happens thanks to loopholes within their diet. Many picky eaters don’t appreciate this for mealtime but do not be surprised if your puppy ends up being the one.

Besides adapting gut difficulties, the Purina Pro Plan recipes comprise lots of Omega fatty acids such as skin and fur wellness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I feed my German shorthaired pointer?

The frequency of how often the header ought to consume will depend on their age. Younger dogs often need several meals every day, normally between three and four till six months old. As soon as they reach half a year, it is possible to change to 2 meals every day.

Most mature pointers will probably be fine with one meal every day, as long as it’s sufficient calories for their action. Based on your dog’s character, they might prefer two smaller parts during precisely the exact same day.

Do German shorthaired pointers have allergies?

As a complete, German shorthaired pointers do not have some frequent food allergies among the strain. But, that does not mean that your dog can not have allergic reactions to foods. Many times in puppies, grains may be the reason behind adverse reactions. You may try switching out portions of the diet to find out whether there’s a change, and you could also seek the advice of your vet for assistance.

When should I change my German shorthaired pointer from puppy to adult food?

Puppy foods have loads of advantages for young dogs, however, they should not eat these kinds of kibble permanently. Approximately one year old is when you need to update mature dog food to your pointer.

You could even base the change to fat if your pointer is increasing quickly; the typical adult weight for men is fifty-five to seventy pounds, whereas females are more moderate to sixty pounds.

What should I feed my puppy when they are overweight?

For dogs which are in danger of becoming obese, you need to switch to a lower-calorie food. In this manner, they could shed weight without missing out on additional crucial nutrients in their diet.


Without careful consideration in regards to meals, you might wind up feeding your pet something which is not suited to their way of life or does not supply the nourishment they require. With so many available choices, it is vital to comprehend the demands of your puppy’s breed.

German shorthaired pointers require lots of carbs and proteins to keep up with their athletic way of life. As you will want to do the job of figuring out exactly what flavors they enjoy and the number of calories is ideal for your puppy, the options on this listing all come highly-reviewed, which means that you can depend on them.

As soon as you discover the appropriate match after reading reviews on Vetguru, you may rest easy knowing your German shorthaired pointer’s foods are helping them remain healthy and happy.

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