Marijuana And Dog Treatments

Medical marijuana is just one of many nature’s gifts. This is precisely why there has been so much pressure lately on the government to legalize the use of medical marijuana for treating serious diseases. Understanding the effects and benefits of marijuana is a lot easier when you have some fact straight, so we will try to give a short overview of the reasons why marijuana is actually great for treating certain medical conditions for both animals and humans and how it can be used in treating illnesses that affect not just humans but animals as well. Marijuana is often mistaken for a drug, mainly for its hallucinate properties, but it is just one side of this amazing gift of nature. Also, taking into consideration how bad sugar is for you, it can be said that sugar kills more people per year than marijuana, but let us explain how it actually affects the body of humans and animals.

CBD Tincture And Hemp Oil

CBD tincture or hemp oil is of much use in medicine and it has many advantages. First of all, it allows the use of medical marijuana or cannabis in medical use and it seems to be the preferred way to consume medical marijuana. CBD oil is in fact extracted from cannabis, and it contains tetrahydrocannabinol or THC which is the substance that can help with many medical conditions. This substance is also produced by your own body, and human body in fact has two types of receptive cells for cannabinoid, which are known as CB1 and CB2 receptors.

The cannabinoids attach themselves to these cells, and make it possible for its properties to be absorbed into the body. Commonly these two cells regulate some of the properties in your body that can make it easier for you or animals in general to deal with pain and illness. CB1 receptors are located all over the body and in the brain and are to do with movement, coordination, but also emotions, appetite, thought processes and most importantly pain. As for CB2 receptors they mostly deal with inflammation and pain, reducing the inflammation and pain in the body. For these properties of THC, it is often regarded as a natural and easy way to ease the pain, make some of the most painful diseases easier to handle and regulate appetite, mood and though processes.

Dogs And Medical Marijuana

Dogs And Medical MarijuanaJust like with people, medical marijuana, or CBD tincture can be used with animals, of course with the consultation with the veterinarian and in the right dosage. That being said, the conditions for which this CBD tincture should be used are basically the same as with humans, cancers, painful conditions and illnesses that can be made easier with the use of natural THC. The dogs who are suffering from really painful conditions could find some peace and relief with the use of CBD tincture or hemp oil, and it could help them with the most difficult conditions without using chemically made sedatives or pain killers.