Can Dogs Eat Whipped Cream: What You Need to Know

It’s natural to want to find fun and yummy treats for your dog. However, dog’s digestive systems are very different to humans, so you need to be wary about what foods they give your dog.  So, what about whipped cream? Is it safe? Let’s find out… Can Dogs Eat Whipped Cream? Yes, dogs can eat… VIEW MORE

Can Dogs Eat Mango? What Kind of Mangoes Can Dogs Eat?

Most dog owners like to give their pets some variation in their diet. It’s also tempting to just give your dog a bit of what you are eating sometimes, right?  When it comes to human foods, and fruits, in particular, it’s important to check that it’s not going to harm your dog before giving them… VIEW MORE

Can Dogs Eat Blackberries? Are They Safe for Dogs?

It’s great to be able to give your dog a variety of foods. While dogs are primarily carnivores, they can have some other food groups to stay healthy and happy. However, dogs are not like humans, so what kinds of food they can eat? So, what about blackberries? Are blackberries safe for dogs? Do they… VIEW MORE

Do Dogs Get Tired of Barking? And How to Stop it

No matter how much you love your furry friend, a dog that barks excessively can become exhausting. It is particularly stressful if you don’t understand why your dog is barking and so can’t help to make it stop. However, this is simply a case of learning more about your dog and its needs. Just like… VIEW MORE

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