How to Treat the Sarcoptes Scabies in Dog (Sarcoptes Scabiei var Canis)

Sarcoptes Scabies in Dog ( Sarcoptes Scabiei var Canis) is a disease caused by Sarcoptes Canis parasitize under the epidermis of the skin. The disease causes atopic dermatitis nodules, a chronic progression accompanied by itchy, uncomfortable symptoms, and hair loss. Disease characteristics The cause of Sarcoptes Scabies in Dog is scabies Sarcoptes Canis parasites below… VIEW MORE

Eczema In Dogs: Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments

Eczema in dogs is an inflammatory process in the superficial layers of the skin, accompanied by a diverse rash. Eczema is characteristic of the formation of primary and secondary exanthema, along with a tendency to recurrence which often met in dogs and cats; Less common in horses and horned animals. Overview of Eczema in Dogs… VIEW MORE

Rabies in Dogs and Cats – Diagnose and Treatment

Rabies in dogs and cats is an acute infectious disease that is common to many warm-blooded animals and humans. It is caused by a neurotransmitter. The virus affects the brain so the animal has neurological symptoms such as madness, confusion, polio and death. Epidemiology Rabies was known and described as early as 2300 BC in… VIEW MORE

Causes of Teeth Grinding (a.k.a. Bruxism) in Cats

Cats have all kinds of quirky behaviors that make us shake our heads- sleeping belly-up, headbutting your face, or chattering at the birds out the window, to name a few. One behavior that shouldn’t be cast off with a smile and a headshake but should instead alert you that something is wrong is teeth grinding.… VIEW MORE

Why Does My Dog Sleep with His Eyes Open?

Watching our pups sleep can be very peaceful, and may make you feel like taking a nap as well. However, if you’re watching your dog snooze, you may notice something interesting. Your dog may not actually have their eyes fully closed while they are sleeping. It is quite common for dogs to have their eyes… VIEW MORE

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