What Do Your Cat’s Sleeping Positions Mean?

Cats are considered the connoisseurs of comfort. That’s why you’ll often seen them lazily sprawled out snoozing in a sunbeam or cozily curled up in a fur ball on the couch. It seems that cats can sleep nearly anywhere, anytime, and in any position. In fact, cats may sleep 16 or more hours a day,… VIEW MORE

Cat Trilling: Why Do Some Cats Trill and Others Don’t?

Cats aren’t a one-noise-fits-all type of critter. As any cat parent knows, they’re quite the opposite. Along with the regular meow, cats may purr, cry, hiss, yowl, growl, and trill. Especially vocal kitties may even have a combination of any of these. Why do cats need so many different ways of expressing themselves? Just like… VIEW MORE

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My name is Veronica Jones, owner and the writer of VetGuru. For as long as I can remember I have had pets! I have had so many pets during my lifetime, and many more to come I hope. For the most part, I will be writing about dogs and cats, but I also have experience with other pets as well.

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