Can Cats Eat Cucumbers? Are Cucumbers Good for Cats?

Does your feline friend show a keen interest every time you are in the kitchen chopping cucumber? Should you share your healthy green snack with a kitty? Can cats eat cucumbers? Let’s find out… Can cats eat cucumbers? Yes, cats can safely nibble on the odd bit of cucumber. Cucumbers are an excellent source of… VIEW MORE

Can Cats Eat Lemon? EVERYTHING You Need to Know!

If you’re one of 42.7 million U.S. households that own a cat, you’ll know that cats are curious creatures who love to jump up on high surfaces such as worktops to see what their owners are doing. Exploring new things is an instinct that helps kitties survive in the wild, but can this trait cause… VIEW MORE

Can Cats Eat Whipped Cream? Is It Safe?

Whipped cream is useful, sweet and really tasty. However, the digestive system of animals, and cats in particular, are very different to humans. So, can cats eat whipped cream? Is it safe? Let’s find out..  Can Cats Eat Whipped Cream? No, generally, cats can’t eat whipped cream. Small amounts of whipped cream on a rare… VIEW MORE

Are Your Cats Playing or Fighting?

Cats are playful creatures throughout their lifetime. They’re willing to chase, bat at, or wrestle with anything, including you and each other. This will ring true if you’ve ever made a midnight trip to the bathroom only to have your ankles viciously attacked in the darkness. While a friendly wrestling match between your kitties may… VIEW MORE

What Do Your Cat’s Sleeping Positions Mean?

Cats are considered the connoisseurs of comfort. That’s why you’ll often seen them lazily sprawled out snoozing in a sunbeam or cozily curled up in a fur ball on the couch. It seems that cats can sleep nearly anywhere, anytime, and in any position. In fact, cats may sleep 16 or more hours a day,… VIEW MORE

Smells That Your Cat Hates

Cats are sometimes known for wanting things a certain way. They may not like it when you sleep in, make too much noise while they’re napping, or don’t get the right flavor of cat food. There are also certain smells that they don’t like. Since their noses are extremely sensitive, do your cat a favor… VIEW MORE

Cat Trilling: Why Do Some Cats Trill and Others Don’t?

Cats aren’t a one-noise-fits-all type of critter. As any cat parent knows, they’re quite the opposite. Along with the regular meow, cats may purr, cry, hiss, yowl, growl, and trill. Especially vocal kitties may even have a combination of any of these. Why do cats need so many different ways of expressing themselves? Just like… VIEW MORE

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