How To Clean Your Dog’s Ears

Cleaning your dog’s ears at home is easily done when you know how to do it. Even though some people think they could not do it themselves, it is really easily done. However, if you are not experienced with cleaning your dog’s ears, perhaps you could also visit your vet and let them do it. With these tips you will certainly be able to do it yourself, so read the tips that follow and you will easily clean your dog’s ears.

Have Someone To Help You

Your dog might not find the whole experience of cleaning their ears very pleasant, so make sure that you have someone who will help you do it properly. One person should hold the dog in place, gently holding their snout and the other person should really gently as possible clean the dog’s ears using the following method.

Cotton Ball

Take a piece of cotton and roll it into a ball. Soak it in water or a solution and gently clean the outer parts of the ear, lifting the ear up and taking away the debris that found its way to dog’s ear. With gentle movements you will be able to remove the most of debris, just make sure that you do not push the cotton ball too much into the dog’s ears and stick to the outer part of the ear.

Solution 1 – One Part Vinegar, One Part Water

Once you have cleaned successfully the outside part of the ear, you can use the following solution to gently pour a few drops inside the ear canal, for better cleaning of the ear canal. Mix one part apple vinegar with one part water and gently pour it inside the ear canal of your dog’s ears. Make sure that the water used is lukewarm, so that the solution is at the right temperature, otherwise your dog might not be as excited for having their ears cleaned.

Solution 2 – One Part Hydrogen Peroxide, One Part Water

You can also use an alternative solution for cleaning your dog’s ears, which you can also easily make yourself, using one part hydrogen peroxide and one part water. Again, make sure that the water which is used for making this solution, and the solution itself, is lukewarm and pleasant for your dog. Drip a couple of drops inside the ear canal for best effects.

Once You Have Used The Solution

Once you have dropped a couple of drops of one of these two solutions inside the ear canal of the dog, then make sure that you gently massage the area of the ear so that the solution can enter the ear canal and clean it from the inside. Gently massaging the area should give the best results.

Q-Tip / Cotton Swab

Clean Your Dog’s EarsIf you are afraid of using a q-tip for cleaning dog’s ears, then perhaps you should not use it at all. However, once the solution has cleaned the ear sufficiently, you could also use a q-tip and remove the excess debris from the ear. Just make sure you do not go too far into the ear, and stick to the outer parts of the ear, removing the debris. The solution will take care of other debris which are too deep into the ear for you to reach it with a q-tip.

Praise The Dog

Once you have completed the ear cleaning, make sure your dog gets enough praise and a treat for being such a good boy or girl and having their ears cleaned successfully!